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Single storey houses are a viable solution to counter the unavailability of housing plots in Sydney. But how can you get the most out of designing a single storey home in a narrow block? Let’s find out.

15th May 2019, Sydney: It is no secret that Sydney is bursting at the seam thanks to the current population numbers. As a direct result, there is a shortage of adequate housing in the city, and housing plot prices are at an all-time high. You want to build your dream home in Sydney but cannot agree with the costs. Single storey houses are an excellent solution for all these problems. Single storey houses help utilise space and offer a roof over your head, on a shoestring budget.

If you have to invest in a narrow block of residential plot for your dream home, then rest assured, you have lost nothing. Single storey homes in small blocks are immensely economical, and you can still end up with an aesthetically designed modern living solution. Here is how:

i. The open plan living design

Open plan living accommodation is an immensely popular trend nowadays. Doing away with internal walls has become a trend for homeowners of every kind, and not just those residing on a narrow residential plot. Forward-thinking homeowners transform the open plan living design into a drawing-come-dining area alfresco.

ii. Illumination

A common misconception is that a small, cramped home means less light is entering your home. Most fear that artificial lighting may not be sufficient. However, this all comes down to the orientation of the home build, placement of doors and windows, etc. North-facing windows, bright-coloured paint and skylights further help illuminate single storey homes in a narrow block.

iii. Ceilings

Just because you are opting for a single storey home, it does not mean it has to be small. Vertical space has a lot of utilities too. Instead of allowing wardrobes and cabinets to occupy floor space, you can opt for wall-mounted alternatives. Small rooms in a single-storeyed home on a narrow block, look more prominent thanks to high ceilings.

iv. Garage space

If you are looking to build your dream home in Sydney, but afraid you might have to park off-site since you are investing in a small house- then do not worry. You can convert the entrance to accommodate a tandem garage. Or, you can have a rear garage if your home is in front of a two-way street.

So, it all comes down to skilful utilisation of space, and even a single-storeyed small block home can be elegant and luxurious!