Golden Leaves Offers Eco-Friendly Burial Plans

Many things, including funerals, can have negative effects on the environment. With eco-friendly funeral plans from Golden Leaves, people help loved ones leave this world peacefully while also minimising their impact on the environment.

[London, 10/5/2019] – Burying or cremating the dead are rituals that are so deeply ingrained in both cultural and religious history. Because of these long-standing customs, only a few people take a moment to question the practices that surround them. Recently, though, in light of statistics and other facts about burials and cremations, people have discovered just how environmentally unfriendly some of these practices can be.

Consider the toxic chemicals used for embalming, the emissions that come from a cremated body and the many natural resources that go into creating caskets – all multiplied by the millions of people who pass away each year – and the environmental impacts are quite astounding.

In a quest to be more environmentally conscious, people are now looking for greener ways to conduct burials. This is exactly what Golden Leaves offers. With funeral plans that have been carefully curated to minimise their impact on the environment, clients can send their loved ones off in a dignified and loving yet eco-friendly way.

Golden Leaves’ Green Funeral Plans: A Natural Way to Go

Golden Leaves’ green funeral plans include a range of eco-coffins made from high quality, sustainably-sourced materials like wood, willow and wool. What’s more, these coffins are all 100 per cent biodegradable. Clients can choose from six simple yet elegant designs, depending on the funeral plan they’re going to purchase.

As for the funeral plans themselves, clients have three choices: Glade, Meadow or Woodland. Each of these plans offers different services at different but affordable rates, but all of them have eco-friendly attributes. What little carbon footprint the plans leave, clients can offset by planting a tree.
hen selecting a plan, clients may also choose from memorials in the form of planting a tree, having a sapling donated for planting in a woodland or sponsoring the protection of a rainforest tree against commercial exploitation.

With Golden Leaves’ green funeral plans, the families or friends of the dearly beloved deceased can help minimise the environmental effects of their burial. Additionally, they can also leave a great legacy and set an admirable example for generations to come.

About Golden Leaves

Since 1984, Golden Leaves has been at the forefront of the development of funeral planning. Through their operations, Golden Leaves has been supporting the growing number of independent funeral directors. Today, they are one of the most trusted providers of quality funeral plans in Croydon, South London.

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