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The term lie edge refers to lumber that has been cut into pieces of the ideal thickness, rather than removing imperfections to make symmetrical sheets, those natural components are left flawless and just the bark itself is removed.

The furniture created at Chicago fabrications with live edge wood is coated with varnish just like all other furniture. Natural characteristics of the wood remain and knots are filled to avoid an uneven surface but remain visible. The raw beauty of the hardwood is maintained.
Most of the establishments across the country who love live edge furniture have contributed greatly to the live edge table market with their purchases

Where you should use live edge furniture?

Chicago fabrications live edge offerings include desks, bookshelves, dining tables etc. Shop exclusive rustic live edge furniture. Add live edge pieces to your bedroom, living room, and home or executive office and beautify every corner.

Why live edge furniture?
The Live Edge furniture is so popular these days not only because it is so sturdy, but because its rugged elegance just can’t be matched. The characteristic excellence of the wood in live edge dining tables, coffee tables, nightstands, is simply stunning.