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31 January 2019 – MAXX Markets have written an article about the festival loans in India and how can you benefit from the best deals banks are offering.
If you are planning on buying something for you, for your home or your friends and families, then you should wait for that product to go on sale, because that is the best way to save lots of money on products you need. Only in case you need something very urgently, then you can buy it at a full price. In India, the best time of the year to make lots of purchases, from electronics to home appliances, is during the festival seasons. In this period, sellers and stores are lowering the price to the lowest levels possible. Unfortunately, for most of us, we do not have enough money during the festival season to buy whatever we wished for. In our assistance comes the banks, who usually provide very attractive loans during this season. MAXX Markets have written an article entitled “MAXX Markets Brings to You the Concept of Festival Loans”.
In the article, MAXX Markets describes all the offers by different banks. First of all, you have to understand that festival loans are quite different than personal loans. Usually, festival loans are more limited compared to personal loans. You can borrow from as low as Rs. 5000 to the amount of maximum four salaries. Furthermore, because the amount available is more limited, it is going be a shorter period for repayment. Usually it is restricted to 12 months. To make it easier, you can schedule repayments made through equated monthly instalments. Most banks have different variances of prepayment penalty and processing fees, and for that you will need to see the specifics of each bank. An alternative to bank loan is EMIs on credit cards, and you can benefit from zero percent interest rates on EMIs. Festival loans are great to buy products at lowest prices in any year, therefore, it is imperative to get a loan. It will be cheaper to pay for the interest that to buy products at a full price. For more information about the concept of festival loans read the full article.
Festival loans are perfect for getting merchandise at the lowest price on the market.
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