Round Table Pizza has built a reputation for excellence in its food, using only fresh ingredients, providing great service as a restaurant and becoming a good neighbor in the communities they serve.

[ATLANTA, 01/31/2019] — Round Table Pizza is committed to being “The Last Honest Pizza” because of its dedication to providing authentic food, quality ingredients, and an excellent customer experience. The restaurant says, “Customers love us because we’re the pizza they grew up with, the restaurant where they can go to escape another night of cooking and dishes, or to treat a hard-working Scout troop for a job well done.”

Round Table Pizza follows a similar approach to its franchise opportunity.

A Commitment to Heritage, Quality, and Innovation

Round Table Pizza offers investors and entrepreneurs an opportunity to benefit from an established pizza shop brand, which has over 60 years of experience in the industry. The pizza shop is different from the typical cheap and quick pizzas in the market, as founder Bill Larson focused on creating a pizza recipe that calls for only high-quality ingredients, with dough made from scratch.

The company adds, “We bring families closer together through our commitment to heritage, quality, and innovation. Round Table stays outside the playing field of $10 pizzas, kid-centric concepts where food is an afterthought, or adult-focused playgrounds. We own the family-friendly positioning in the pizza franchise space.”

A Strong Revenue Potential

In 2016, the traditional dine-in restaurants of Round Table Pizza garnered average revenue of $1,025,448. The amount came from 393 locations, which remained open for at least six months in the year ending on the 31st of December in 2016.

The revenue, however, varies per restaurant model of Round Table Pizza. The models include the following:
• Traditional dine-in locations: Franchisees can expect about a third of their revenue coming from delivery, a third by take-out, and a third by dine-in traffic.
• Non-traditional locations: This includes delivery/take-out only and Clubhouse. Each concept report different revenue averages.
The company’s franchise program offers accessible investments for owner-operators and empire builders. With its market recognition and commitment to quality products, Round Table Pizza lives up to its ethos of not cutting corners.

About Round Table Pizza

Round Table Pizza started out in 1950. Though a relatively new concept back then, the company’s founder Bill Larson saw the potential in the business and how it could improve. Today, the premiere West Coast pizza franchise has more than 450 restaurants in the US. Visit today for further details.