Sri Lanka orientates education to match structural genocide

Sri Lanka’s ‘terrorism’ professor Rohan Gunaratne was the foremost of the six “prominent professionals in the education field” cited by Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute in Colombo, as lecturing in a ‘National Conference on the Role of Education in Reconciliation’ hosted by the institute last Tuesday. The professor, lecturing on the “immense success” of Sri Lanka ‘rehabilitating’ ex-LTTE combatants despite their past engagement in the killings in the North and East and outside, stressed on the need of schools becoming “multi-ethnic” in the island, shedding ethnic and religious segregations. This means, there can be no more schools for Tamils, like that they can’t have a territory for them, and Tamil and Muslim children will eventually be ‘minorities’ subjugated in the Sinhala-Buddhist schools of the island, commented an educationalist in Jaffna.

President of India meets Anita Bai Narre of Madhya Pradesh to Appreciate her Stand against Poor Sanitation

Anita Narre is from the tribal-dominated Betul district of Madhya Pradesh. She married to Shri Shivram Narre in May last year, but returned to her parents house after discovering that her in-laws house lacked the facility of an indoor toilet. Her insistence on having a toilet at her in-laws place not only compelled her husband to take up the issue with the local Panchayat, but also made Sulabh International adopt Anitas village for its Total Cleanliness Drive. The Panchayat of her village came forward in organizing funds for the construction of the toilet. She returned to her in-laws place only after a toilet was built.

Probationers of Indian Information Service (IIS) Call on the President

Speaking to the probationers, the President said this Century is that of the Knowledge Society, and in a Knowledge Society, information is an important element. She said the work that the Officers would be doing, after completing their training was very important, as it directly deals with communicating the policies of the Government of India to the people.

Anand Sharma Invites Kenya to Invest in Textiles Sector Government Raises Issue of Higher Import Tariff on the Man- Made Fibre with Kenya

During the meeting Minister Sharma asked for the greater cooperation among the trade bodies and business chambers from both the countries will facilitate growth in textile trade. Major departmental stores, an importer and retail chain based in Kenya is welcome to participate in the next edition of fairs / exhibitions to be organized in India, Minister said.

Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Meets Minister of Trade Industry and Cooperatives, Uganda

The Minister welcomed the visiting dignitaries and recalled the friendly ties that India has with Uganda and gave an overview of institutional and policy framework for promotion of MSMEs. He further stated that National Small Industries Corporation Ltd. (NSIC), a PSU under the Ministry of MSME had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Uganda. However, the validity of the MoU has expired and assured Indias cooperation in the development of MSME sector in Uganda.

Growth of 11% in Policies and 22% Per Cent in Premium of Conventional Plans of Life Insurance

This information was given by the Minister of State for Finance, Shri Namo Narain Meena in written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha today.

Insurance Companies Mandated to Take Prior Approval of IRDA of their Products Before Launching

As per File and Use Guidelines, the insurance companies are required to launch products after allowing for 60 days for non-life and 30 days for life for clearance by the IRDA. Several times, however, the full details of the product, which are required in order to assess the product, are not furnished and consequently there is delay.

Central Government Releases Fund for Jharkhand to Award Post Matric Scholarship

The Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students Scheme is a single largest intervention by Government of India for educational development of scheduled caste students. It is a flagship Scheme of the Ministry, in operation since 1944, which provides financial assistance to Scheduled Caste students studying at post matriculation level in the country. The financial assistance includes maintenance allowance, reimbursement of non-refundable compulsory fee, Book Bank facility and other allowances. There is no upper limit on the number of scholarships and all the SC students fulfilling the eligibility criteria are covered under the Scheme. About 48 lakh students are anticipated to be covered during 2011-12.During X FY Plan, an amount of Rs. 1826.91 Crore was released to cover 113.82 lakh beneficiaries. It has increased sharply in XI FY Plan and Rs.6780.52 crore has been released so far to cover 196.16 lakh beneficiaries.

Metro Rail between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar

Mr. Roy informed that a special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), Metro-link Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (MEGA) Company Limited, fully owned by the Government of Gujarat, has been incorporated under the Companies Act,1956 with the authorised share capital of Rs. 200 crore. No time limit has been fixed for the project.

DMRC to raise Rs.1586.00 under its Economic Model

Mr. Roy informed that the study to provide conceptual design for TOD for the stretch between Chattarpur to Arjangarh has commenced.

India-Zimbabwe trade Doubles in four years Anand Sharma Meets Vice-President of Zimbabwe

The Indian Minister requested the Zimbabwean side to ratify BIPPA which was signed in 1999 as it will help in increasing the investments in both countries. Indian side signed the Instrument of Ratification and the Ratification of the Agreement is awaited from Zimbabwe side .

Consultative Committee Meeting of Ministry of HRD held: one and a half years of RTE discussed

The Minister underlined that success of the RTE can be achieved through partnership between the Centre and State Governments, civil society, parents and teachers. He also underlined the need for curriculum and text books reform as it is seen that books are not always age appropriate. He underlined that the results of the RTE will be seen in about five years.

Documentation of Antiques

In a written reply in the Lok Sabha today she said, so far, against an estimated 70 lakh antiquities, NNMA has completed documentation of 3.5 lakh registered antiquities and about 5 lakh antiquities from different museums across the country. The Mission was provided for the period 2007-2012.

Kamal Nath Emphasizes PPP for Water & Solid Waste Management

He pointed out that it is equally important to prioritize wastewater management. He stated that one of the key objectives of JNNURM Phase-II would be to mainstream PPP Models. He said that there is also a proposal to launch an urban infrastructure fund for PPP with German collaboration, the corpus of which is expected to be 200 million Euros. He said that the pressure in percentage terms is more in smaller Municipal Corporations than in larger ones and therefore, it was imperative that special attention is given to smaller cities. The Minister also highlighted the need for reforms and capacity building in urban local bodies and water and sanitation utilities.

Rs. 716 Crore for Grameen Bhandaran Yojana

The Government has provided for an amount of Rs.716 crore under Grameen Bhandaran Yojana for 2012-13 to increase the capacity of godowns.

Paddy Production in Nalanda Surpasses Chinese Record

The Government of India has been providing financial assistance of Rs.3,000/- for organizing demonstration of 0.4 ha each on SRI under National Food Security Mission-Rice (NFSM-Rice) in identified districts of 16 States. Similarly, under the sub-scheme Bringing Green Revolution in Eastern India (BGREI) of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY), rice crop promotion programmes including SRI are being extended to the farmers in the seven States of eastern India. Besides, the farmers are being trained in the States by organizing Farmers Field School (FFS) at Panchayat level by the State Department of Agriculture of the concerned States. The Government is providing financial assistance of Rs. 17,000/- per training of 30 farmers under NFSM and other crop development programmes.

Hybrid Cotton Cultivation Reduces use of Insecticide

The Bt. cotton hybrids approved till date do not require any herbicide, in addition, to those required by their non Bt counterparts for enhancing the results. Also, Cotton farmers in the country are not required to sign any contract.

Rs. 1850 Crore allocated for Horticulture Sector in 2012-13

Government has declared 2012 as the year of horticulture to highlight the significant achievements of the horticulture sector and to give it a renewed thrust. Efforts will be made to create awareness among the masses and various stakeholders by organizing workshops / seminars conferences, Exhibitions, Kisan Melas etc.

Over 4000 Varieties of Crops Developed by ICAR

The research institutes of ICAR and SAUs have taken several steps to enhance their capacity to develop new varieties of different crops. All the institutes are upgraded in their infrastructure facilities particularly for biotech research, specific area of research, specific facilities have been developed for evaluation of germplasm for different traits including biotic and abiotic stresses and their seed quality research has been strengthened. Besides this, the major emphasis is to develop the hybrids particularly in rice and pigeonpea.

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