Hong Kong: Exhibition to be held for 12th Inter-School Stamp Exhibits Competition (with photo)

Hongkong Post today (December 13) announced that an exhibition displaying the winning entries and other competition entries of the 12th Inter-School Stamp Exhibits Competition will be held at the Exhibition Gallery, Tuen Mun Town Hall, Tuen Mun, from December 28 to 30. The competition is organised by Hongkong Post and co-organised by the Education Bureau to promote philately among students.

The exhibition will be open to the public with free admission. A Hongkong Post sales booth with a variety of popular recent stamp issues will be available at the exhibition venue.

Hongkong Post will issue a souvenir cover, together with a special postmark and a cachet, to mark the event. Souvenir covers will be available for sale for $2 each at the 37 philatelic offices from December 14 to 30 and at the exhibition venue from December 28 to 30. A hand-back date-stamping service will be provided at the exhibition venue and 37 philatelic offices on December 28.

Information about this exhibition and the souvenir cover is available on Hongkong Posts website at www.hongkongpost.hk and the Hongkong Post Mobile App.