Hong Kong: LegCo Public Accounts Committee to hold public hearing this afternoon

The following is issued on behalf of the Legislative Council Secretariat:

The Legislative Council (LegCo) Public Accounts Committee will hold the third public hearing on Land grants for private hospital development (Chapter No.4) of the Director of Audits Report No.59 this afternoon (December 8) in Conference Room 3 of the LegCo Complex.

A total of 10 Government officials will be invited to appear before the Committee to respond to points raised in the Report and answer questions asked by members of the Committee.

The programme for the public hearing is as follow:

December 8 (Saturday)
Venue: Conference Room 3
2.30pm to 5.30pm

Land grants for private hospital development
(Chap. No.4 of the Director of Audits Report No.59)

Dr Ko Wing-man
Secretary for Food and Health

Mr Chris Sun
Head, Healthcare Planning and Development Office
Food and Health Bureau

Dr Constance Chan
Director of Health

Dr Fung Ying
Senior Medical and Health Officer (Regulatory)
Department of Health

Mr Paul Chan
Secretary for Development

Mr Thomas Chan
Deputy Secretary for Development
(Planning and Lands)

Ms Bernadette Linn
Director of Lands

Ms Rita Lai
Assistant Director (Headquarters)
Lands Department

Miss Ophelia Wong
Deputy Director (District)
Planning Department

Mr Wilson So
Assistant Director (New Territories)
Planning Department

The Public Accounts Committee is chaired by Mr Abraham Shek, and its Deputy Chairman is Mr Paul Tse. Other members include Mr Chan Hak-kan, Mr Alan Leong, Mr Wong Yuk-man, Mr Ng Leung-sing and Mr Kenneth Leung.