Jericho Systems Corporation Director Vince Cruz Honored at 237th Marine Corps Birthday Celebration at U.S. Embassy in Managua, Nicaragua

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pan>)--Jericho Systems Corporations Director of Global Operations and Cyber
Security, Vince Cruz, U.S. Marine Corps Colonel (Retired), was honored
in November 2012 during an official ceremony at the U.S. Embassy in
Managua, Nicaragua. Colonel Cruz was guest speaker at the event, which
marked the 237th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps and
recognized that services vital partnership with the U.S. State
“Our nation is in good hands. Happy
birthday and Semper Fidelis Marines.”
The Marine Corps provides security detachments at U.S. embassies and
consulates around the world. The MSGs, or Marine Security Guards, are
primarily responsible for the security of information and equipment, and
in extreme circumstances, of individuals and property within those
diplomatic posts.
During the ceremony, Colonel Cruz was recognized for his leadership as
Commanding Officer of Bravo Company Nicosia Cyprus from 2001 to 2003
and of the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group Quantico Virginia from
2007 to 2009.
In his speech, Colonel Cruz described the challenges and dramatic world
events he encountered during his service. He recalled the bravery and
quick thinking of then Sergeant Jeffery Guevarra as a watch stander in
Sanaa Yemen during a time of tension and violence against the U.S.
Embassy. Shortly thereafter, the U.S. Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan,
was struck by a car bomb that devastated the building and killed ten
people. Sergeant Michael Lambert, who was injured as a result of the
attack, quickly organized the defense until reinforcements arrived.
Colonel Cruz thanked U.S. Ambassador Powers and the U.S. Marine
Detachment Commander Gunnery Sergeant Jeffery Guevarra for allowing him
the opportunity to share those brief stories.
In attendance at the ceremony were Brynn Mow, Jericho Systems CEO, and
Deborah Peel, founder of Patient Privacy Rights Organization, both from
It was an honor to have this opportunity to celebrate our birthday here
in Managua, said Colonel Cruz. Our nation is in good hands. Happy
birthday and Semper Fidelis Marines.
About Jericho Systems Corporation
Dallas-based Jericho Systems Corporation supports national cybersecurity
through the development and implementation of fine-grained, policy-based
data filtering technology that provides dynamic, attribute-based access
control (ABAC). The company delivers enterprise-scalable access control
solutions, decision-making software, and privilege management solutions
to customers representing the Department of Defense, intelligence,
homeland security, and healthcare communities.
Jericho Systems flagship product, EnterSpace Decisioning Service
(ESDS) software and related professional services support
standards-based system interoperability, information security,
regulatory compliance, quality, and efficiency. ESDS improves
collaboration and leverages data by enabling timely and secure sharing
of sensitive information between internal groups and with external
EnterSpace Technology is covered by United States patents 7,779,247,
7,792,828 and 8,060,504. For more information or to arrange a product
demonstration, please call 972-231-2000, email,
or visit

Information Source: Business Wire