On Thanksgiving Eve, CareOne Management CEO Daniel E. Straus Praises Team Members for Resident Care, Mutual Support in Hurricane Aftermath

pan>)--Note to Editors/Reporters: CareOne Management CEO Daniel E.
Straus today distributed the following message to the more than 4,000
New Jersey-based CareOne employees:
Dear CareOne Team Member:
As Thanksgiving fast approaches, I wish to thank each and every one of
you for your extraordinary efforts in recent weeks as you have dealt
with the many adverse impacts of Hurricane Sandy on both your
professional and personal lives.
Throughout these weeks you have time and again shown a steadfast
dedication to meeting the highest standards of safety, care and services
for CareOne residents. You have achieved this despite the fact that many
of you faced serious obstacles either at your homes or those of your
loved ones caused by the storm.
Throughout, you have been highly supportive of one another and your
communities, while all the while making the care of our residents your
top priority.
As we celebrate the beloved tradition of Thanksgiving, I know you will
all be mindful, as am I, of the many in our communities still facing
daily struggles and the fact that they will need our continued aid and
support in the coming weeks and months.
Please accept my deepest thanks to you and your families. Happy
Daniel E. Straus
CareOne Management is a family-owned company with more
than 45 years of health care experience; CareOne operates 29 healthcare
centers throughout New Jersey.

Information Source: Business Wire