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The New York City Housing Authority continues to restore power, heat and hot water to developments currently without service due to the storm. During the past week NYCHA has returned heat and hot water to many buildings across the city and is working with the utility companies and other government agencies to restore these essential services to every NYCHA resident as quickly as possible.

• On Thursday, November 8, 2012, because of actions we took, the lights came back on for approximately 2,500 residents of 18 buildings in 3 NYCHA developments. That means that today, power has been restored to nearly 87 percent of all buildings where it went out after Sandy.

• In addition, yesterday, we were able to get heat and hot water restored to 511 residents of 1 building. That means today that these services have been restored to nearly 71 percent of all buildings that lost heat and hot water during the hurricane.

Below is the list of developments where we restored power and/or heat and hot water yesterday:

• Ocean Bay Apartments (Bayside) – power restored to 10 buildings housing approximately 1,500 residents
• Ocean Bay Apartments (Oceanside) – power restored to 4 buildings housing approximately 500 residents
• Hammel – power restored to 4 buildings housing approximately 500 residents
• Coney Island I (Site 1B) – heat restored to 1 building housing approximately 500 residents

Current Status:


• After Sandy hit, there were 402 buildings without electricity housing approximately 79,000 people.
• 349 buildings housing approximately 69,000 people have had their electricity restored.
• Currently there are 53 buildings within 9 developments in Brooklyn (Coney Island, Gowanus and Red Hook) and Far Rockaway, Queens housing approximately 10,300 people where electricity is still out.

Developments without Electricity

• Coney Island- 4 out of 5 buildings housing 964 residents
• Coney Island I (Site 8)- 1 building housing 361 people
• Surfside Gardens- 5 buildings housing 1,167 residents
• O’Dwyer Gardens- 6 buildings housing 974 residents
• Red Hook East- 10 out of 18 buildings housing 1,393 residents.
• Red Hook West- 9 out of 14 buildings housing 2,242 residents.
• Gowanus –1 out of 15 buildings housing 320 residents.

• Ocean Bay Apartments (Bayside)-12 out of 24 buildings housing 1,878 residents
• Redfern- 5 out of 9 buildings housing 1,025 residents

NYCHA is bringing in additional generators working with OEM, city, state and federal agencies to provide power to these locations while service can be restored.


• After Sandy hit, there were 386 buildings housing approximately 77,000 people without heat and hot water.
• We have restored heat and hot water to 273 buildings housing approximately 56,000 people.
• Currently there are 113 buildings throughout 16 developments affecting around 20,800 residents without heat.

Developments without heat and hot water

• Carey Gardens- 4 buildings housing 1,642 residents
• Coney Island- 5 buildings housing 1,203 residents
• Coney Island I (Site 8) - 1 building housing 361 residents
• Coney Island I (Sites 4 and 5)- 2 buildings housing 1,075 residents
• Gravesend- 15 buildings housing 1,500 residents
• O’Dwyer Gardens- 6 buildings housing 974 residents
• Surfside Gardens- 5 buildings housing 1,167 residents
• Red Hook East- 8 out of 18 buildings housing 809 residents
• Red Hook West- 14 buildings housing 3,206 residents

• Gompers- 2 buildings housing 1,182 residents
• Lavanburg Homes- 1 building
• Lower East Side Rehab (Group 5)- 2 buildings housing 121 residents

• Carleton Manor- 1 building housing 379 residents
• Hammel- 14 buildings housing 1,816 residents
• Ocean Bay Apartments (Bayside)- 24 buildings housing 3,734 residents
• Redfern- 9 buildings housing 1,653 residents

We are bringing in temporary boilers to provide heat and hot water to all of these developments and expect them to come online over the next week. We have also established warming centers in several locations including Red Hook and have distributed blankets to residents in these locations.


• The City began its food and water distribution operation at NYCHA Developments beginning Thursday, November 1.
• There were 14 sites across the Rockaways, Coney Island, Staten Island, Chelsea and the Lower East Side of Manhattan with proximity to NYCHA developments in mind.
• We have since added new locations. The following locations are active:
Queens (Rockaways)
• Conch Playground
• Hammel Playground
• Redfern Playground
• Breezy Point parking lot (new)
• St. Francis De Sales (new)

• Coney Island(Surf Avenue Playground)
• Red Hook (Coffey Park)

• Chelsea Park
• Washington Square (new)
• PS 234 (new)
• Vladeck Playground
• Al Smith Playground
• Hamilton Fish
• Grand Street Settlement (water only)
• Confucious Plaza

Staten Island
• New Dorp (Parking Lot)
• Midland Beach

• Door-to -door operations servicing NYCHA’s homebound population has been on-going.
• The NYPD has provided security and volunteers have increased the capacity to see more residents each day.
• Each canvasser is equipped with a resident questionnaire to ensure the most important information is gathered and services are made available to them.
• All residents with pressing medical needs are addressed by NYCHA staff.
• Every homebound resident who requested food is accommodated that same day.

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Information Source: PressZoom