KDDI to Launch CDMA 1X WIN, High-speed 3G Service with Industry-first Fixed Packet Rates

KDDI (TSE: 9433) and Okinawa Cellular Telephone have announced the nationwide launch of CDMA 1X WIN, a new 3G service that enables high speed data communications of up to 2.4Mbps. The service, based on the CDMA2000 1x EV-DO network, will be available from November 28 in Kanto, Chubu and Kansai, and will be expanded to other major cities nationwide by end of March 2004.

CDMA 1X WIN will allow the popular 3G EZweb services EZMovie and EZ Chaku Uta(TM), a faster delivery. In addition, the service will host a new series of rich services dedicated to CDMA 1X WIN, including EZChannel, an innovative service that automatically distributes various genres of program, and Live Camera, a service that delivers desired video content in real time.

To support to the content volume that will grow with the availability of high speed data communications, KDDI will introduce EZ Flat, the first fixed packet communications service rate plan in the industry that will enable users of EZweb services, including email, to unlimited usage for a fixed monthly charge of 4,200 yen.

CDMA 1X WIN Handsets

Three types of handsets and devices that support CDMA 1X WIN will be available. They include the W11H (Hitachi) handset, the W11K (Kyocera) handset, a sequel to the au design project model, and the W01K (Kyocera) card dedicated to data communications.

KDDI, the leading carrier of 3G mobile services, will continue to develop and offer innovative and exciting mobile solutions, for, and with users, through the CDMA 1X line, already popular with its growing series of original services, and the CDMA 1X WIN line, the flag ship of au mobile services.

CDMA 1X WIN Features

CDMA 1X WIN is based on the CDMA2000 1x EV-DO network that enables high-speed data communications at low cost based on a simple network infrastructure for data communications. By taking full advantage of its functionality and progressive 3G services, the service provides attractive features in every aspect, including content, fees, and handsets.

CDMA 2000 1x EV-DO offers a standard, packet communication 2.4Mbps or less downlink, at 144kbps or more on a best efforts basis uplink. As CDMA2000 1x EV-DO is compatible with CDMA2000 1X and cdmaOne, seamless voice and data communications nationwide are possible.

Nationwide (due to the compatibility of the CDMA2000 1X and cdmaOne) At launch, CDMA2000 1x EV-DO area will include three metropolitan areas in Kanto, Chubu and Kansai regions (population coverage rate of 70% in these regions) By March 2004, all major cities nationwide are to be included (national population coverage rate of 70% according to plan.)

CDMA 1X WIN, the service brand name, consists of the first character of three words: We Innovate the Next - our statement that we are providing a next generation innovative service CDMA 1X WIN will construct and develop WIN-WIN relations with customers, content providers and other partners by sharing the benefits of the services.

The service brand also includes the CDMA 1X brand, as CDMA 1X WIN is based on CDMA 1X. The CDMA 1X WIN represents the collective result of all au 3G services.

New Services and Service Expansion Plan


CDMA 1X WIN offers high-speed access of up to 2.4Mbps, and provides fluid access to various EZweb content due to its high-speed high capacity. In addition, rich content services have been provided that have only been possible with mobile broadband services.


EZChannel is a program distribution service enabling users to enjoy a variety of heavy multimedia content (3 Mbps or less) as if they were TV or magazines. By selecting a program from a guide provided on EZweb and reserving them(*1), content that is updated on a daily or weekly basis will be delivered to users automatically at midnight or early morning(*2). The content delivered can be replayed until the next content arrives. (*3) Wireless access is not required, so content can be replayed in any environment.

At launch, KDDI will offer programs covering the latest in entertainment, including music, movies, and shows, and on-line books and learning courses, and will increase the programming in the future.
*1 Up to three programs will be eligible for one handset. (Depending on the handset specifications, the availability may vary.)
*2 Users will be charged packet communications fees. There may be additional charges.
*3 Cases where copyrights inhibit replays are exceptions.

New Features

CDMA 1X WIN supports SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language).

The EZChannel channel has adopted SMIL technology (*4, *5) for the first time in this occasion, to enable a larger freedom of expression combining movies, animations, still images, sound and text data. The expressiveness of content improved greatly. In the future, KDDI will provide content supporting SMIL for on-demand EZweb content other than EZChannel for CDMA 1X WIN users.

CDMA 1X WIN supports electronic publishing.

EZChannel supports the dedicated EZAppli (JAVATM) Viewer and various types of electronic book formats (*6) arranged to best suit mobile phones, enabling electronic magazines, cartoons, and other similar media on CDMA 1X WIN hasndsets. KDDI will also being providing electronic publishing content for on-demand Ezweb services in addition to EZChannel for CDMA 1X WIN users.

*4) SMIL player supports SMIL Basic as recommended by W3C as well as for expanded services of KDDI.
*5) Handsets come equipped with NetFrontv3.1 SMIL Player for KDDI, a SMIL Player made by ACCESS Co., Ltd.
*6) Electronic publishing formats supported at the service launch include CompactXMDF Plus (Sharp Corporation) and ComicSurfing (Celsys Co. Ltd.).


The downloadable content size of EZMovie, where users are able to view video content of various genres including movies, music, animations, sports and photo shots of super stars, will increased to up to 1.5 Mbyte or less. With this capacity, content replay time will extend from the current 15-30 seconds to approximately 3 minutes. In addition, the encode rate of movies will expand to up to 128kbps. For audio codec, the AMR standard adopted as a 3GPP2 standard, and the AAC standard that has a higher compression rate, are supported. With this addition, users are able to enjoy content that is more expressive and richer than before. EZMovie will support the streaming replay function, so waiting time till content replay has been shortened.

Live Video Distribution

EZMovie will be newly supporting live video distribution. Live Video Distribution supports VB series video network video camera by Canon and BREAD STREAM RT MPEG-4 network video camera by IO Data. With Live Video Distribution, content captured live via cameras in various locations will be possible, enabling users to check up on their mobile phone car traffic information, weather and tourist information of various places on a real time basis. KDDI will aggressively encourage Live Video Distribution services as well as applications for business solutions, taking advantage of a full range of CDMA 1X WIN features.

Communications Fees

CDMA 1X WIN will introduce EZFlat, the first mobile service scheme where communications fees for packet communications are fixed, enabling users to enjoy increases in the volume of content that the availability of high-speed data communications will encourage. A first in mobile services, EZFlat enables users unlimited access to EZweb services, including email, for a monthly fee of 4,200 yen.

Providers Supporting 2.4Mbps Packet Communications

CDMA 1X WIN provides high-speed Internet access of 2.4Mbps or less downlink. On launch of service, DION will support CDMA 1X WIN, followed by other ISPs.
Users will be required additional connection fees for services via these ISPs.

About KDDI

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Information Source: JCN Newswire