Hexavalent Chromium Contamination: Hinkley Homeowners Accept PG&E Buyout

According to ABC News, residents of Hinkley, California reached their deadline on October 15th to decide whether they wish to sell their homes to Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), the power company that polluted their town, or stay in their homes and have a free water treatment system installed.

Two-thirds of the eligible homeowners decided to sell their homes, while another 100 will continue to use bottled or filtered water.

After an investigation lead by law clerk Erin Brockovich, hexavalent chromium 6 was detected in Hinkley’s local wells. In 1997 PG&E agreed to a $333 million settlement; however, the determination of the areas affected by the chemical and the clean up process are still being disputed between Hinkley residents and PG&E.

The option to move or remain living in Hinkley was given to 314 homeowners within a one mile radius of the chromium 6 contaminated areas.

Currently, the clean-up of hexavalent chromium is taking place, but by-products from the clean up, such as arsenic, manganese, and other pollutants, are showing up in water supplies.

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