Let the Wonders of Second Chances Captivate You in P.E. Fischetti’s Book “The Safety”

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The Safety depicts Guy Finellis (Gaetano Anthony Finelli) inner drug battle; his connection with the elusive drug lord (The Turk); the murder of his sweetheart, an FBI agent; and his stratospheric ascent to fame as the best safety to ever play football. When his football hero, Sean Taylor, was killed in his teenage years while protecting his wife and daughter, he was dealt a severe blow.

Guy Finellis character had to deal with a number of unfortunate events in his young life, which made it a difficult period for him to get through. The most upsetting of them all, was when he lost his love to a senseless murder when she was still pregnant with their child. He makes wise decisions in a matter of seconds and had to perform a C-section to save his child while he waited for aid.

Guy Finelli embodies both the runaway and the man who needs a break from fame or personal tragedies. The man who battles inside to match the success of a half-brother who has attained the top positions in both his personal and professional life.

But he also sees his physical and mental support in Alex Santucci. He has never let Finelli down.

Guy Finelli, however, is an inspiration to those who believe in the wonders of second chances because of his love, dedication, and his newfound love, whom he marries. Not to mention his precious love child, whom he kept keeping a beautiful past alive.

P.E.s second book, The Safety, was released in 2015. After The Big Trains Backyard (2013), Fischetti has authored some of the most powerfully written sports narratives that have effectively captivated his readers attention and hearts.

P. E. Fischetti, who was born and raised in the suburbs of Washington, DC, graduated from The University of Maryland with a B.A. after attending Walter Johnson High School. An M.S. in Criminology.

He and his wife currently reside in Silver Spring, Maryland. He started writing full-time in 2011, and his first book, The Big Trains Backyard, came out in 2013. He then published The Safety in 2015 and Ms. Pretty Please in 2020.

Fischetti, the youngest of four brothers, comes from a family that enjoys participating in athletics and sports. He is physically fit, loves to watch sports, and supports any team from the DC area.

Exploring the Wonders of Antarctica: A Photo Expedition to the Seventh Continent

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Antarctica can only be experienced; it can never be adequately

From being passionate educators to world explorers, Pat Chapman and Martha Ellis decided to take on a long journey to all seven continents across the world. Their travel bucket list includes the last continent, Antarctica, a vast, unspoiled landmass at the bottom of the globe, and what many adventurers dream of setting foot in. Although seemingly remote and perhaps dangerous to get to, Antarctica is now already accessible to eager travelers who want to experience its wild beauty. In February of 2014, their lifelong dream to travel to the seventh continent, at last, was fulfilled.

The authors’ official dream journey started in Peru’s Andes Mountain and Argentina’s sprawling plains. And just beyond South America’s tip is the highlight of their trip, the seventh continent. Before reaching their final destination, they need to embark and pass in different places, from Lima, Peru, the Machu Picchu, Punta Arenas to Ushuaia, Argentina. And there, they were greeted with the earth’s most protected and pristine place, Antarctica, where they rode a Zodiac (a small inflatable pontoon boat) to reach the landmass of ice. After a once-in-a-lifetime expedition in the Antarctic, Pat and Martha decided to share the grandeur of glaciers, sparkling sunlight, and hundreds of various wildlife. Although it can’t be adequately expressed, but must be experienced, the travel photography book is an attempt to capture its spectacular beauty.

“The Journey to the Seventh Continent” is a compilation of snapshots from the Antarctic exploration, a spectacular visual journey that will put readers in awe—discovering picturesque flight and travel. As you unfold every page, you’re presented with one of the most scenic landscapes on the planet: Antarctica’s splendor. Along in their daring journey, Pat and Martha experienced the beauty of coexisting different species—from sunbathing walrus, strolling, and diving penguins to predatory birds threatening their colony.

“Amazing photos and an inspiration for people of any age to have such experiences.” – Amazon Reader

With its glorious colored photographs and authors’ words, it’s a photo expedition that tries to capture the essence of Antarctica’s stunning landscapes and wildlife. Each page is a visit to majestic—an incomparable polar exploration for readers to read and see. A breathtaking compilation of the splendor of the seventh Continent, Antarctica, has to offer.

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Writers: Pat Chapman and Martha Ellis

Publisher: AEGA Design Publishing Ltd.

978-1-7398104-9-8 (Paperback)

978-1-7398544-1-6 (e-book)

978-1-7398544-0-9 (Hard Cover)

About the Authors

Pat Chapman and Martha Ellis, Louisiana natives who have spent most of their lives in the field of education as both teachers and counselors, have more recently broached their passion for knowledge and people using the world as their textbook, traveling to all seven continents. Current endeavors include authoring books using their travel photography to express the simple wonders of this world and its people.