Release of Vision Document of Capacity Building Plan and launch of Training Modules of Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) under ‘Mission Karmayogi’

Union Minister for M/o Food Processing Industries, Shri Pashupati Kumar Paras today released Vision Document of Capacity Building Plan of Ministry of Food Processing Industries under Mission Karmayogi in the presence of Shri Adil Zainulbhai, Chairman, Capacity Building Commission (CBC), Smt. Pushpa Subrahmanyam (Secretary, M/o FPI), Smt. Anita Praveen (Special Secretary, M/o FPI), Dr. Balasubramaniam (Member- HR, CBC), Shri Praveen Pardeshi (Member-Admn, CBC), Shri Minhaj Alam (Joint Secretary, M/o FPI), Dr. Chindi Vasudevappa (Director, NIFTEM, Sonepat), Dr. C. Anandharamakrishnan (Director, NIFTEM Thanjavur), Shri Hemang Jani (Secretary, CBC) and Dr. Atya Nand (Director, M/o FPI).

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The Vision Document of Capacity Building Plan (CBP) of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries has been developed with the support of Capacity Building Commission. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries is the first amongst all Ministries and Departments to develop and implement Capacity Building Plan under Mission Karmayogi.

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The objective of the Capacity Building Plan of the Ministry is to enable employees to be more creative, proactive, professional, technology-enabled, efficient, accountable and citizen centric by providing them training in domain areas relating to Food Processing Sector. Nearly 150 employees of the Ministry will be given training to build and strengthen behavioral, functional and domain competencies.

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Various training modules for capacity building developed by NIFTEM, Sonepat and NIFTEM, Thanjavur were also launched during the event.



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New Year & Vision “I, Too, Sing America” SFBATCO’s Award-Winning Play Is Back By Popular Demand

In a class of its own, the show is for all audiences, who are ready for the soulful symphony of poetry, music, and movement that is I, TOO, SING AMERICA.

Creative Team:C. Chung, O. Jefferson, J.Yuen Shore

Creative Team:C. Chung, O. Jefferson, J.Yuen Shore






“Research shows the psychological benefits of looking forward to something is helpful!”

SFBATCO’S AWARD-WINNING I, TOO, SING AMERICA, filled with inspiration, hope, and drama, gives a full view of the BIPOC experience beyond pain and oppression.  The vibrant and hopeful I, TOO, SING AMERICA hits the BRAVA Theater Center stage in San Francisco from January 28th-February 13th, 2022.  It is just the spark of inspiration that gives one something to look forward to and research shows that is a good thing. In a class of its own, the show is for all audiences, who are ready for the soulful symphony of poetry, music, and movement that is I, TOO, SING AMERICA.

A theater ticket to I, TOO, SING AMERICA is a great way to put a positive event on the calendar for the New Year.  Internationally recognized relationship expert, psychologist, author, and TV expert, Dr. Brenda Wade, recently commented on the significance of art and theater. “Art is the expression of the soul and theater was the first form of psychological healing on the planet,” said Dr. Brenda Wade.

As the Omicron variant has emerged, the Huffington Post article “The Psychological Benefits of Having Things to Look Forward To (…)” is worth a revisit as experts reinforce the message of forward thinking and action.  “Research suggests that living in the present moment and practicing mindfulness can increase happiness. “However, during particularly stressful moments in time, like our current pandemic, it can be more beneficial to have something to look forward to,” said Atlanta therapist LeNaya Smith Crawford.

I, TOO, SING AMERICA is fun, vibrant, thoughtful, intriguing and exhilarating-just to give a few adjectives,” said Rodney Earl Jackson, Jr., Broadway actor and Co-founder of SFBATCO with Co-founder Marcelo Javier. “I had a great interview with Melissa Culross of KCBS Radio that aired Christmas Day, and I was able to underscore that our SFBATCO team has hired over 20 cast members getting artists back to work, and incorporated the work of African American, Latino and Chinese American poets.  That is all good economic news combined with the inspirational message the show delivers.”

I, TOO, SING AMERICA, conceived, and musically composed by Othello Jefferson, is directed by Jamie Yuen-Shore, with movement direction by Christine Chung.  It is an inclusive song of America. Celebrating the diversity of BIPOC American life featuring an ensemble of 20 performers from a variety of backgrounds, I, TOO, SING AMERICA brings the poetry of great American authors such as Langston Hughes, Frances Chung, and Vince Gotera to life through original music and contemporary dance.

The consistent narrative of mainstream media focuses on the oppression and misery of the BIPOC experience.  Little is seen of ambition, competition, triumph, tradition, joy, love, hope and reflection. I, TOO, SING AMERICA gives a perspective beyond the normal limited narrative.

“In finding and curating the poems for this piece, we thought carefully about the topics and themes we wanted to feature, with the goal of embracing and championing representation in every part of the process and product,” said Jamie Yuen-Shore, Co-Creator/Director. “We wanted to find works that resonated with us, and especially moments or ideas we related to that we don’t often see on stage or hear in popular narratives.”

Born out of inspiration from Othello Jefferson, I, TOO, SING AMERICA, began as a love letter  for his two daughters to show that their lives can be as large as the creation in which they were born.  In the 2018-2019 season, the play won three Theatre Bay Area Awards including Best Musical, Outstanding Direction, and Outstanding Choreography.

I, TOO, SING AMERICA, puts a song in your heart to inspire you over and over again.  Take action now and get your tickets to this show that has a history of sold-out performances. Ticket prices range from a family-friendly $15-$40. Tickets are still available.  Click here for your tickets to inspiration, joy, hope and more:

SFBATCO is a member of the Bay Area Arts Together ( Campaign.  To be involved with SFBATCO and Bay Area Arts Together is to promote the importance of the arts in the lives of performers, culture and the economy of the Bay Area.  SFBATCO is one of Over 100 arts and cultural organizations ( from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area that have joined forces to create #BayAreaArtsTogether to build confidence for the safe and healthy return to in-person performances, exhibits, and events.


Photo:I, TOO, SING AMERICA Creative Team: Christine Chung (Choreographer),

Othello Jefferson (Music Composer)
,  Jamie Yuen-Shore (Director)



SFBATCO, a Black, LatinE, & Asian led non-profit organization, produces compelling theater that builds community, fosters cross-cultural dialogue, promotes social justice and authentically reflects the experiences of communities of color and LGBTQIA+ people. Our theatrical productions address social justice issues from an intersectional perspective and present affirmative non-stereotypical representations of individuals and communities who are feared or ostracized for their gender, race, religion, sexual preference, socio-economic or immigration status.

It is PM’s vision to make India a significant player in global supply chains in Electronics. “ Local goes Global”

Inspired by the Prime Minister’s vision to increase exports and India’s share in global supply chains “Local Goes Global”, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology today released Volume-I of Vision Document on “Increasing India’s Electronics Exports and Share in GVCs”. This comes as a part of MeiTY’s Vision 1000 Days that sets a target of achieving $1 Trillion Digital Economy for Atma Nirbhar Bharat.

The Vision document (Volume-I) focuses on the opportunities and key inputs to increase India’s share in the Global Value Chain and build large-scale manufacturing capabilities to achieve a substantial share in global electronics export. It has been prepared by Indian Cellular Electronics Association (ICEA) in consultation with the industry. The Vision Document is a call to action which analyses the challenges and outlines key success factors for increasing electronics exports, while benchmarking against competing nations. It makes recommendations to increase scale, competitiveness and domestic value addition over the next 1000 days.

Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State, Ministry of Electronics &IT and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship released the vision document titled ‘Increasing India’s Electronics Exports and Share in GVCs – towards Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

Addressing the event and speaking about the transformation of electronics manufacturing space after pandemic, Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar said that post covid world represents coming together of many things/elements including the renewed confidence under visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, policy making, investments, jobs and a strong preference for trust in Global Value Chains. These together present an unprecedented – never before opportunity for India in Electronics Sector. He further said that the industry needs to focus on expanding product categories which can serve new markets and new types of consumers. We are in a world where hardware plays less role in innovation and software plays more significant role. In this scenario India has the ability to use its strength in electronics design, systems design along with electronics manufacturing.

Commenting on collaboration with industry in realizing the vision, Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar said that we will approach the industry as a partner and will fully support it in its efforts to increase the overall competitiveness of the economy. He quoted the Hon’ble PM’s Speech “ Yahi Samay Hai “, signifying the narrow window of opportunity available in the electronics sector.

The push for the ESDM sector is preceded by India emerging as the 2nd largest manufacturer of Mobile handsets in the world in volume terms, producing 30 crore handsets (2020-21) as against 6 crore handsets in 2014-15. Over 200 units are manufacturing cellular mobile phones and parts in the country which is up from only 2 units in 2014. Production of mobile handsets has grown from INR 19,000 crore in 2014-15 to 2,20,000 crore in 2020-21. This has given a significant boost to the sector and to the vision of achieving self reliance under the Atma Nirbhar Bharat.

The Vision Document is the first of a two-part series. The second volume will present product-wise strategies and forecasts as part of the campaign to build a US$1 trillion Digital Economy, in pursuit of reachingUS$5 trillion GDP.The Vision Document makes recommendations on short-term (1-4 years) and long-term (5-10 years) strategies to increase electronics exports from India, shift of electronics manufacturing ecosystem investments,and expand exports by increasing competitiveness and scale. The Document critically analyses the impact of tariffs on inputs on India’s competitiveness, and makes specific recommendations in view of the goals set by the Prime Minister. The Vision Document also emphasises on the strategies to buildDomestic Champions and the need for linking their products with Lead Firms and GVCs.It seeks to protect Domestic Champions from unfair trade practices, while requesting policy support in the areas of financing and design development. It identifies key electronic products, namely mobile phones, IT hardware, hearables / wearables etc, which provide the highest potential for exports, in view of massive global demand for these products.

The Release ceremony was conducted at the New Media Centre, Delhi and was attended by a wide spectrum of people from the Industry/Industry associations, MeitY, Academia amongst others. Opening remarks were given by Mr Pankaj Mahindroo, Chairman, ICEA. A Presentation on the Vision Document was given by Dr Harsh Vardhan, Chairman, IKDHWAJ Advisers LLP. Remarks were also given by Mr Hari Om Rai, CMD, LAVA Mobiles, MrVirat Bhatia, Chairman FICCI National Committee on ICT and Mobile Manufacturing. Mr. Ajay Sawhney, Secretary MeitY also briefed the media about the vision document.

Click here to download the Vision Document on “Increasing India’s Electronics Exports and Share in GVCs” (Volume-I)

Click here to download summary of the Vision Document on “Increasing India’s Electronics Exports and Share in GVCs” (Volume-I)



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Nucleus Vision Acquires Jiffy Charge to Create One of the World’s Largest Private Network

Nucleus Vision’s acquisition of Jiffy Charge, a micro real estate marketplace company (similar to Airbnb for micro spaces) is well in tandem with its vision of enabling a private communication network, powered by micro DeFi Financing. This move comes quickly on the heels of NV 1.0’s implementation in deploying a sensor-driven solution in the offline retail market place to capture vital customer identification and intelligence in real time in a precise physical place, enabling smart communication and driving commerce.

NV 2.0 is a step forward that completes the circle and utilizes the full potential of NV 1.0’s technology capability, developed in-house. The acquisition of Jiffy Charge has opened up opportunities to acquire physical spaces for asset distribution, with an aim to build the world’s largest communication network for customers and product inventory. One company already in the decentralized private network race is Helium.

NV 2.0’s decentralized wireless private network will adopt the company’s already existing IoT platform. Together, with NV 2.0’s IoT assets layer and micro real estate platform, the solution can be deployed in almost any conceivable under-utilized micro real estate space globally – In malls, airports, supermarkets, hospitals, gas stations and even homes. The asset inventories range from vending machines, a micro warehouse box, micro rental units, cloud kitchens to digital screens and others.

NCash will function as a transaction token for network use and will draw value when people use the network for Wi-Fi/5G/IOT services or buy a product or service at any of its network’s enabled micro real estate locations. Unlike the singularity in NV 1.0, one big advantage of NV 2.0 is that the revenue sources and business models now have a multitude of sources that will create value and utility for NCash.

NV 2.0 is also introducing mining and micro-financing that will empower the community to finance and own part of the network. This is a significant step forward from NV 1.0’s business mandate and vision. While building the network, NV 2.0 will enable the miners to mine multiple coins. In addition, community members also have the option to operate as “pool managers” and earn service rewards for participation. In short, NV 2.0 will enable a community-powered infrastructure, opening up innumerable opportunities for communities to be an integral part of and benefit from the networks of the future.

The opportunity presents a $3.5 trillion 5G services market size yet to be unlocked, one that NV 2.0 is all set to capture, as it rapidly moves towards creating a modular business, onboard product and technology partners to build multiple use cases, while it focuses on its core technology in-house.

In terms of an organizational change, Abhishek Pitti moves to a Chairman role with focus on product and customer acquisitions, while Anoop Vootkuri, current CEO of Jiffy Charge will take over as CEO of NV 2.0 and drive community traction.

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MobilityGuru’s Vision for the Future of Online Marketplace

London, United Kingdom, 24th May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The vision of MobilityGuru is to achieve and create this global online platform where goods, as well as services, can be advertised, bought, and even sold to the mobility/disability community. It will also be one of the first-ever platforms out there that will introduce cryptocurrency as well as blockchain technology to ensure that no issues arise when it comes to the payment as well as transparency. This will connect advertisers across different platforms with international buyers as well as sellers that are interested in their offerings and this is especially the case of clients who are interested in products for the disabled. This means that, instead of them having to go through unorganised lists of miscellaneous things on other platforms, they can find exactly what they are looking for when searching for items.

Buyers will also have an extensive range to select from, their specific products or services can be found on the MobilityGuru platform specifically designed for people who have a disability of any kind, elderly as well as individuals that are in rehabilitation. No more will the Buyer need to rely on a generalised platform to do their shopping, MobilityGuru is here.

Now, when it comes to the existing platform, it is specifically designed to be simple as well as functional, with the incentive of providing people whom are color blind easy navigation access. The planned text-to-speech feature will also increase the platform’s ability to interact even those that are blind and allow just about any user to interact all users.

To combat any transnational issues that might arise, blockchain technology will be used to facilitate the payments and as such buyers can use the cryptocurrencies or the MobilityGuru token to purchase the products as well as services on the entirety of the network.

All of the issues which are currently affecting the online advertisement of products as well as services in the disabled people’s niche can be resolved through the usage of blockchain technology. In fact, blockchain can be used to fully facilitate international transactions which are specifically made for the purchase of new as well as used products alongside services. When an online marketplace accepts cryptocurrencies, the result is transaction simplicity, transparent and fast quick. Through the introduction of the MobilityGuru token itself, users will have the ability to shop for products plus services without the need to pass through complex traditional procedures currently found on many online marketplaces.

The benefits of this include fast transaction, simple transaction experience, enhanced security, checkmating fraudulent activities and protection of privacy.