HOYA Vision Care Launches MiYOSMART Sun Spectacle Lenses Combining Protection From Intense Sunlight With Myopia Management

HOYA Vision Care, a leader in optical technology innovation, continues to roll out the MiYOSMART sun range, with a planned reach of 30 countries, over the next few months following the soft launch in April 2023. The photochromic spectacle lenses, MiYOSMART Chameleon, and polarised spectacle lenses, MiYOSMART Sunbird, were developed to slow down myopia progression in children using D.I.M.S. Technology while providing protection from intense sunlight.[1-5] These two new products, along with the MiYOSMART clear spectacle lenses which launched in 2018, give children the freedom to comfortably take part in the activities they enjoy indoors and outdoors without compromising their eyesight.

MiYOSMART Sun Spectacle Lenses : Sun protection for children

MiYOSMART Chameleon and MiYOSMART Sunbird both provide protection from intense sunlight while simultaneously correcting the myopic refractive error and slowing myopia progression.[1-5] The new spectacle lenses utilise the same D.I.M.S. Technology used in the award-winning [6,7] and noninvasive MiYOSMART clear spectacle lenses, shown to slow myopia progression by 60% in children aged 8 to 13.[3] Due to its HOYA photochromic lens technology, MiYOSMART Chameleon is an all-in-one solution to myopia management and protected outdoor activity. It rapidly adapts to the level of sunlight and fades back to clear indoors in seconds.[8] Meanwhile, MiYOSMART Sunbird is the ideal addition to MiYOSMART clear spectacle lenses for extra protection from intense sunlight and glare.[1,9,10] It also offers vibrant colours and rich contrast in bright light, allowing children to fully experience the beauty of outdoors.[11]

“Children’s vision is worth protecting. By acting today, we give them more opportunity tomorrow,” said Frederiek Ysebaert, Managing Director of the Pediatric Care Business Unit at HOYA Vision Care. “With the launch of MiYOSMART sun spectacle lenses, inspired by our discussions with eye care professionals, we can enable children across the world to spend more time outdoors while protecting their eyes from intense sunlight, maximising the benefits of D.I.M.S. Technology on myopia progression.”

Alongside the launch of the MiYOSMART sun range, HOYA Vision Care will launch “protect how they see the world,” a dedicated global campaign to raise awareness of the importance of outdoor time and sun protection in children. Spending time outdoors may slow down myopia progression in children[6,7], and as such it is the most common recommended behavioural management for myopia given by eye care professionals.[8] However, as the majority of lifetime sun exposure occurs under the age of 21, it is necessary to prevent long-term eye damage to children’s eyes with effective and reliable sun protection.[1,9] This is particularly important for myopic children using atropine eyedrops for myopia management, and those that are light-sensitive.[2,10,11]

From the launch in 2018 until the end of 2022, over four million MiYOSMART spectacle lenses were purchased by parents across the world.[18] With the launch of MiYOSMART Chameleon and MiYOSMART Sunbird, HOYA Vision Care will continue to help fight and control the growing problem of myopia around the world.

Product Disclaimer: MiYOSMART spectacle lenses have not been approved for use in the management of myopia in all countries, including the U.S., and are not currently available for sale in all countries, including the U.S.

About HOYA Vision Care

For over 60 years, HOYA Vision Care has been a passionate and global leader in optical technology innovation. As a manufacturer of high-quality, high-performing eyeglass lenses, HOYA continuously aims to bring the best possible vision care solutions to eye care professionals and their patients around the world. The company supplies lenses in 110 countries with a network of over 17,000 employees and 43 laboratories around the globe.

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A Reimagined Vision of The Future of Digital Banking

“Our challenges have changed but we still share similarities with ancient banking times, when we were all looking for fast-paced abilities to adapt banking delivery to our lifestyle challenges,” said Noelia Romanillos – Head of Financial Services GTM South Europe & UKI at ServiceNow – at this year’s 2nd Annual Future Banks Summit MENA which took place last week at Swissotel Al Murooj, Dubai, UAE. In a highly digitalized world, we tend to notice an ongoing trend – every aspect of society is going through a technological transformation, especially when we’re looking at banking and finance. Today, both individuals and corporations have the ability – round-the-clock – to look into their financial information, make payments and proposals, and perform a whole host of transactions with the click of a few buttons.
This month, Verve Management hosted its 2nd Annual Future Banks Summit MENA, where attendees explored the path to fintech transformation within the region, eventually making it a global leader in finance. This has much to do with the region embracing advances in technology, to steer the industry toward the direction of delivering efficient products and services to a young demographic in order to meet the expectations of the digital consumer. Concerning untapped potential, the region is well-positioned to become a sizeable territory for effective digital banking innovation, which is what key industry professionals focused on throughout the course of the two-day summit.

This heightened digitalization can, however, be a double-edged sword. Through the course of his keynote discussion on the era of digitalization, Vilmos Lorincz – Managing Director of Data Products at Lloyds Banking Group UK – provided the attendees with insight on rethinking business strategies in order to flourish within the ecosystem. “The compliance level is just the baseline; it’s really important that you protect the data of people, ethically.” He said, emphasizing the importance of data protection. The distinguished use of digitalization within the BFSI sector pushes the requirement for substantial regulations in order to eradicate any negative outcomes on both the workforce and the end consumer.

Through digitalization, the banking sector is viable to both innovation and a rise in entrepreneurship; however, some corporations are still wary about going digital due to the high level of risk involved. “Security and compliance must become part of the culture of organizations to mitigate risk truly,” said Kiran Bafna – Managing Director – APAC, India & Japan at Thomson Reuters – on his views surrounding the steps taken to enable cultural change in a truly modern technological ecosystem. “Only if technological integration is in line with an organization’s vision, true integration can take place,” he added.

Some of the corporations in continual support of the Future Banks Summit MENA this year were our Gold Sponsors – Kissflow, ServiceNow & Enfint; our Silver Sponsor – Confirmation.com; our Bronze Sponsors – eMudhra, Keyless Technologies, Creatio + Banza, & Thought Machine; our Networking Sponsor – Trejhara; and our Associate Sponsor – System Technologies.
All in all, Verve Management was honored to be in the presence of some of the most renowned thought leaders – both internationally and regionally – focused on one goal, which was to explore the MENA region’s financial landscape and the process through which it is driven by innovation and technological advancement.

Verve Management
Isha – Marketing Executive
Dubai, UAE

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Vietnam – Hong Kong New Vision . New Opportunities – Smart Cities’ Leaders Forum Closes with Great Success

Supported by the Consulate General of Vietnam in Hong Kong, hosted by CT Group, and organized by New Media Foundation and Aliquantum Group, “Vietnam – Hong Kong: New Vision . New Opportunities – Smart Cities’ Leaders” forum-cum-luncheon (the “forum”) was successfully held at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong this afternoon. The gathering of ministerial officials, business leaders and professionals from diverse industries at the forum discussed the booming business opportunities in and between Vietnam and Hong Kong.

The forum featured a welcome speech made by Mr Wu Ting Yuk, Anthony, GBS, JP, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and Honourable Advisor, New Media Foundation, with him mentioning the changes Vietnam has undergone for the betterment of future and that this forum has given them a great chance to discuss tourism, culture and other business opportunities between Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Followed by addresses from Mr Pham Binh Dam, Consulate-General of the S.R of Viet Nam in the Hong Kong SAR and also Professor Hu Shao Ming, Herman, SBS, JP, Deputy, the 12th/13th National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China and Chairman, Ryoden Development Ltd., expressing their appreciation of the forum’s aim of promoting cooperation between Vietnam and Hong Kong. The aforementioned together with Mr Tran Kim Chung, Chairman of CT Group; Ms Tran Ghue Giao, Member of the Board of Directors of CT Group and CT Land; Academician, Dr Pham Khoi Nguyen, Senior advisor of CT Group; Dr Lam Kin Chung, Honorary Doctoral of Hanoi University; Mr Tse Hoi Ga, Edgar, Chief Operating Officer of CT Land; Professor Chiu Tsang Hok Wan, BBS, JP, Founding Chairman, Greater China Culture Global Association and Dr Ho Wai Fung, Vincent, Founder and Chairman, New Media Foundation, cut the ribbon to official mark the start of the forum.

At the forum, Mr Tran Kim Chung made a presentation themed “Vietnam’s New Vision . New Opportunities”, during which he shared his insights on the potentials Vietnam has and his hope to promote in-depth trade exchanges among ASEAN countries. CT Group, one of the largest developers in Vietnam, has with foresights spent the last 30 years meticulously preparing to “shift and become a future technology dragon” and a comprehensive urban developer. Mr Tran Kim Chung stated: “CT Group will continue to build on its strengths and play a vital role in business cooperation, supporting the incredible development in both Hong Kong and Vietnam, plus aiding their connection with the international market.”

The panel discussion at the forum had Professor Hung Wai Man, Witman, JP, as moderator, and Mr Pong Po Lam, Paul and Professor Lam Pong Yuen, Howard, as guest speakers, sharing their inspiring insights under the theme “New Opportunities”. The speakers highly rated Hong Kong’s internationally-recognised, forward-looking financial regulatory environment and emphasised Vietnam’s great development prospects, as well as the strive to push for new breakthroughs and stronger ties between the two sides.

The forum closed with the remarks of Dr Ho Wai Fung, Vincent. He said: “On behalf of New Media Foundation, I give my heartfelt appreciation to all of our guests who are here today to share with us their valuable insights. I believe the forum has given us a guiding vision on achieving interconnection between Vietnam and Hong Kong and seeing that interconnection become yet more diverse and in-depth in the future.”

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XQUI Pioneering the Real Web3 Vision with XQUI DAO Fund Release

Being an early investor in Web3 does not negate the fact that data matters. XQUI (Exquisite) gives access to deep market analytics, private investment rounds and investment products to generate passive income. The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is developing a new financial ecosystem based on community. The conglomerate of fund managers and investors led by industry veteran (Linkedin) serves as a market guide for the Web3 platform and products. The XQUI community will only be accessible as an XQUI Genesis NFT collection holder. XQUI Genesis release date is set for October 5th, 2022.

XQUI (Exquisite) is a community of crypto investors, fund managers, project founders, researchers, DeFi, NFT, alpha analysts, and more. XQUI is based on three pillars: XQUI Genesis, XQUI DAO, and XQUI Finance. Genesis is a collection of 3,000 utility-enabled PFPs giving investors access to The XQUI Club.

The XQUI Club has specific benefits that include private club access, a professional team of experts, XQUI accelerator, exclusive content, access to the XQUI Private fund, and investment products, XQUI merch, and community events. The Genesis collection will give members access to the club.

Projected community events include Informative XQUI Web3 conference/workshops, insightful mastermind sessions, as well as calming yoga and meditation events. Uniquely, XQUI allows members to crowdfund through the DAO. Each founder of a new project can pitch their project to the XQUI community to get funding.

Chris, CEO, and co-founder of XQUI has a talent of attracting the most intelligent people in the crypto industry. This skill earns the platform a community that serves as a knowledge panel for future XQUI collection holders. The crypto fund manager has 6+ years of experience in process operating and team leadership, as well as leading a team that operates +$200m. As a crypto fund manager himself, his mission aligns with the organization’s goals to connect, educate, and build a community around Web3 product investors of all levels.

Smart investors do not enter into investments without data. Join our community as we explore the new stages of the crypto market. Keep up with the XQUI knowledge base today and participate in the public sale of XQUI Genesis NFT.

About XQUI

XQUI is the Private Investment DAO that lets investors obtain well-researched insights and invest in market-needed products to generate passive income. Our mission is to unite crypto to move towards the real Web3 vision. Ultimately, we are building a friendly ecosystem of crypto experts in an eco-friendly manner – we plan to share knowledge and experience while entering the new stages of the crypto market.

Social Links
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xquieth
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/xqui
Doc: https://docs.xqui.io/

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Media Contact
Chris | CEO & Co-Founder, XQUI
Email: hello@xqui.io
Website: https://xqui.io


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Vision Media Focuses on Digital Growth and Adds Joanna Syiek to Head Up Marketing

 Vision Media, the entertainment industry’s global leader of digital and physical marketing and fulfillment services, has led the way through the shifting landscape of the past two years with its best-in-class secure streaming media platform. Amid the pandemic, Vision Media continued its commitment to providing the safe distribution and storage of digital content, with first-class screening security features including DRM, session-based watermarking, and protected viewing windows. With its cutting-edge digital solutions (Screener Passport, VMX Stream and VMX Awards), studios and content owners were able to offer high-end viewing experiences across all major viewing platforms without interruption.

From its long history of providing physical marketing, promotional support and expert professional services to its entertainment partners, Vision Media has leveraged its expertise to help clients reach further with its cutting-edge digital solutions as well. It has been consistently ranked as top performer in terms of security standards, and recently released an in-depth study on protecting vulnerable film and television content both before and after release. Vision Media is trusted by clients including Netflix, NBC Universal, Hulu, MGM, Searchlight Pictures, Peacock and more.

Founded 1986, Vision Media is celebrating more than 35 years of creative achievement and technological innovation by focusing on digital growth. “As pandemic constraints limited in-person screenings, Vision Media provided the solution. Using our best-in-class digital offerings, studios and content owners were able to create press rooms, provide secure screenings, host and promote events, and store their content – all safeguarded by our proprietary security tools and protocols,” said Vision Media CEO, Tim Shanahan.

Vision Media recently tapped Joanna Syiek to lead its marketing efforts as the Senior Director of Marketing. Syiek has worked in the media space for over a decade, where she established a reputation for helping to develop global marketing strategies and to grow businesses at the intersection of entertainment and technology. “Vision Media is such an exciting partner for the entertainment community at large,” said Syiek. “I’m thrilled to join the team and have the opportunity to contribute at this integral moment of Vision Media’s growth, as they support a longstanding promotion and fulfillment business while leading the way with an exemplary offering in the digital transformation space.”

“Joanna is well poised to help current and prospective customers understand the value of Vision Media,” said Shanahan. “Like many of us, she comes from an international media background, so there’s great alignment with our process, culture and ongoing goals. Her vision for seeing what’s next in media and entertainment will help us really grow our marketing efforts.”

Joanna Syiek has significant experience developing global growth and marketing strategies and has a background in digital marketing, strategic planning and new media initiatives, with a focus on VOD platforms. She has previously worked at RightsTrade, Disney and the Independent Film and Television Alliance where she was charged with finding growth opportunities for 145 member companies. Syiek received a bachelor of arts degree from UCLA and an MBA from HEC Paris (#1 in Europe in the 2022 Financial Times global ranking) where she also received the MBA Leadership Award.

Further information on Vision Media: www.visionmedia.com

About Vision Media

Vision Media is a proud and trusted partner of over 280 clients in the film, TV, streaming, consumer products and awards industries delivering marketing content and collateral direct to key audiences. With 35+ years of experience in the entertainment industry, Vision Media serves major motion picture film studios, entertainment guilds, distributors and content owners with best-in-class secure screening, promotional support, and managed services. Vision Media’s highly secure, streaming digital platform, which has been vetted and certified by the most discerning film companies and guild executives in the business, has credentialed the company as a best-in-class trusted partner in delivering premium streaming content to VIPs. For more information, please visit www.visionmedia.com.

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