Alpha Serve Boosts Business Intelligence with a New Tableau Connector for ServiceNow

 Alpha Serve, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions and a ServiceNow Build Partner, is excited to announce the launch of their Tableau Connector for ServiceNow. This innovative connector, developed by acSoft Inc. (Alpha Serve’s US subsidiary), enables organizations to extract and visualize ServiceNow data in Tableau, empowering them to make informed business decisions and improve their operations.

Tableau Connector for ServiceNow is an enterprise-level application enabling organizations to seamlessly export ServiceNow data to Tableau, a leading business intelligence, and visualization tool. With this connector, organizations can extract, transform, and load ServiceNow data to Tableau to create rich and dynamic visualizations that enable them to make data-driven decisions and improve their operations.

The Tableau Connector for ServiceNow, developed by Alpha Serve, provides a range of advanced features, including the ability to export any ServiceNow tables and fields, including Custom tables and fields. Users can also use advanced filtering options to manage data selection and export only the relevant information. The Tableau Connector for ServiceNow also supports Power Query, enabling users to merge ServiceNow with other data sources, transform data, and load it into Power BI Desktop with no-code experience. Another notable feature of the connector is the ability to create any amount of Data Sources and include tables and fields in those sources.

To further optimize the export process, the connector provides server-side data pagination over the OData protocol, limiting the amount of data being pulled simultaneously and reducing server load during the export process. Additionally, the connector automatically types the data, eliminating the need for users to convert it to the target types such as integer, boolean, decimal, etc. Finally, the Tableau Connector for ServiceNow comes with an intuitive and familiar user interface accessible through the ServiceNow portal, making it easy for users to navigate and use. The connector is also designed for high availability and performance, ensuring users can rely on it for critical data analysis.

“We are excited to offer Tableau Connector for ServiceNow to our esteemed customers,” stated Anton Storozhuk, CEO of Alpha Serve. “This cutting-edge connector is an indispensable asset for enterprises seeking to elevate their ServiceNow data analysis and decision-making capabilities. Its customizable data visualization functionality, robust data security measures, and seamless integration with Tableau ensure that Tableau Connector for ServiceNow is the ultimate solution for modern businesses aiming to enhance their operational efficiency, and optimize their business processes, ultimately paving the way toward greater success and growth.”

The Tableau Connector for ServiceNow can be used in various industries, such as IT service management, customer service management, human resources management, project management, compliance management, financial management, and security operations. Organizations can use it to optimize their business processes by improving service delivery, enhancing customer experiences, ensuring regulatory compliance, and monitoring security incidents.

As a ServiceNow Build Partner, Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner, and Shopify App Store Developer, Alpha Serve has become a prominent B2B software developer that provides a comprehensive range of product integrations and high-rated BI Connectors for various ecosystems.

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KLM to serve more Italian destinations through new codeshare agreement with ITA

KLM and the Italian airline ITA Airways have signed a new codeshare agreement. The agreement will enable passengers to book KLM tickets to ITA’s European destinations and ITA customers will be able to book tickets to KLM’s European destinations. KLM and ITA will also facilitate easy transfers for passengers at Rome Fiumicino and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. 

The agreement will give KLM customers access to more destinations in Italy and other ITA destinations in south-east Europe.

The partnership will allow KLM customers to book tickets to eight new destinations in Southern Europe. KLM passengers will be able to fly with ITA via Rome or Milan to Palermo, Reggio Calabria, Bari, Brindisi, Lamezia Terme and Trieste in Italy, to Malta, and to the Albanian city of Tirana.

KLM currently offers 18 daily flights between Amsterdam and Milan (Malpensa Airport and Linate Airport), Turin, Genoa, Rome, Venice, Florence, Bologna and Catania. Customers flying to Catania, Genoa and Venice will also have more options. In addition to KLM’s direct daily services, it will also be possible to transfer to ITA flights to these destinations.

“It’s really good news that KLM and ITA Airways have been able to reach an agreement so quickly after the loss of Alitalia, enabling them to work together on European routes. Italy is an important market for the airline industry in Europe, both for business and leisure travellers. Partnerships like this one are important to our ability to provide the best possible service for our customers, who travel through Schiphol from all corners of the worldPieter Elbers – President & CEO KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

ITA Airways will also benefit from the new agreement. The codeshare agreement with KLM will give it access to a large number of European destinations, including KLM destinations in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.