A Classic Sci-Fi Novel is Set to Make a Comeback

The space race, game theories, an impending war interpolated with trysts, and romantic drama, make up the plot of an intriguing novel set to take every reader into an out-of-this-world adventure. Donald Kingsbury, along with his son, Dani Kingsbury, released an updated edition of the classic sci-fi masterpiece, “The Moon Goddess and the Son.”
Following its success as a novella and its nomination for the Hugo Award for Best Novella in 1980, Donald Kingsbury expanded his masterpiece and published it on Baen Books. The first edition of the book received praise from critics such as the Chicago Sun-Times, Locus, renowned sci-fi author Jerry Pournelle, the Library Journal, and New York Newsday.
“He understands the future, and he makes it real. And not content with that ultimate science fiction magic, he also creates the most believable and interesting female characters in science fiction. Kingsbury is likely to be the next Heinlein.”—Jerry Pournelle
In this 2021 edition, Kingsbury added a backup article that explains the technology and the concept behind the novel. In 1978-79, Analog magazine published a two-part article titled, “The Spaceport,” co-authored by Kingsbury and Roger Arnold, which further supports the factual aspect of Kingsbury’s novel.
The book simultaneously takes on multiple plots at the same time, with quite a few jumps from one plot thread to the other. However, Kingsbury was able to reconcile and make ends meet to produce an intellectually enriching, satisfying conclusion.
Kingsbury is also the author of the critically acclaimed novel “Courtship Rite,” which went on to become one of the finalists for the highly coveted Hugo Awards.
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The Moon Goddess and the Son
Author: Donald Kingsbury
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: July 2021
Book Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

About the Author:
Donald Kingsbury is a mathematician and instructor at McGill University in Montreal. His previous novel, “Courtship Rite,” received widespread critical acclaim and was a finalist for the coveted Hugo Award. The novella upon which “The Moon Goddess and the Son” is based also received that distinction, one of five to reach the final Hugo ballot at the World Science Fiction Convention.