Hong Kong – DH launches revamped Centralised Organ Donation Register system

DH launches revamped Centralised Organ Donation Register system


     In order to enable members of the public to register online using “iAM Smart”, the Department of Health (DH) smoothly launched the revamped Centralised Organ Donation Register (CODR) system yesterday (April 28).

     Upon launching the revamped CODR system, members of the public can now choose to register online using “iAM Smart”, or in-person by providing their Hong Kong identity cards for identity verification on the spot. The new registration methods would enable verification of the applicants’ identity upfront at the application stage and remove the need for subsequent phone verification.

     Applicants who do not wish to use “iAM Smart” for registration or provide their Hong Kong identity cards for identity verification can continue to apply for the CODR registration by submitting their applications using the pre-existing options of submitting applications online, by post or in-person followed by subsequent identity verification by phone. Regardless of the application methods, applicants who successfully register will be notified of their registration results within 14 days after submitting their applications.

     Introduction of the new registration methods will not affect the existing records in the CODR. As such, there is no need for existing CODR registrants to re-register.

     A spokesman for the DH appeals to the public to register for organ donation. The spokesman said: “Despite medical advancement, for some patients with organ failure, organ transplant remains the only hope to live on. Due to limited supply from donations of transplantable organs, more than 2 000 patients in Hong Kong are waiting for organ transplants every day, and many patients would die before the right organ match comes.

     “To shorten patients’ waiting times for organ transplants and to bring new life, active support for organ donation by members of the public is important. You are welcome to register your wish to donate organs at the CODR website at: www.codr.gov.hk.”

     For more information on organ donations, please visit the thematic website at: www.organdonation.gov.hk or the “Organ Donation@HK” Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/organdonationhk.

Progress of Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme

The Ministry of Power, Government of India, had launched the Reforms-based and Results-linked, Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS), with the objective to improve the operational efficiencies and financial sustainability of State owned DISCOMs/ Power Departments by providing financial assistance to DISCOMs for modernisation and strengthening of distribution infrastructure, aiming at improvement of the reliability and quality of supply to end consumers.

State Governments of Meghalaya and Assam have become the frontrunners in planning their operational and financial reforms as well as the underlying works to accomplish the same under Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (Nodal Agency – REC). Accordingly, their state-level Distribution Reforms Committee (DRC) and State Cabinet have approved the proposals, including Action Plan and DPR, for consideration under the scheme.

The Action Plans from the states include multiple reform measures aimed towards loss reduction, implementation of smart prepaid metering of majority of their consumer base, 100% feeder level energy accounting by FY 23, reconductoring of old / frayed conductors, conversion to LT ABC, bifurcation of feeders, segregation of agriculture feeders, and upgradation of billing and other IT/OT systems, in addition to works towards improving quality and reliability of supply. Under these plans, the State Governments have also committed to ensure financial viability of the Discoms, such as liquidation of outstanding subsidy dues and Govt. department dues, implementation of tariff reforms, measures to enhance consumer services etc. These proposals would now be put forward to the Monitoring Committee set up by the Ministry of Power for approval.

This time, two of the North-Eastern states have shown exemplary initiative in plan formulation for turning around of their power sector.  Also, several other states are also in advanced stages of submission of their proposals under the scheme. 39 out of 55 beneficiary Discoms (Nodal Agencies REC and PFC) have already submitted their draft proposals and are in active discussions with Nodal Agencies for their finalization, while the balance Discoms are also expected to send their proposals shortly.

It is noteworthy that Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme has an outlay of Rs.3,03,758 crore with an estimated budgetary support from Central Government of Rs. 97,631 crores, which would be available till FY 2025-26. The assistance is reforms linked and will be based on meeting pre-qualifying criteria as well as upon achievement of performance benchmarks by DISCOMs evaluated based on an agreed and customised evaluation framework tied to financial and operational improvements. The unique feature of the scheme is that its Implementation is based on the action plan worked out for each state to address state specific issues, rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Key interventions envisioned under this program include providing support to DISCOMs to undertake activities for ensuring 100% System metering, implementing Prepaid Smart Metering, Energy Accounting, and implementing infrastructure works for Loss Reduction, as well as for Modernization and System Augmentation aimed at improving the quality and reliability of power supply. In addition, segregation of feeders dedicated only for supply of power for agricultural purposes, which are proposed to be solarized under the KUSUM scheme, will be sanctioned on priority under the scheme. Along with their proposals, DISCOMs will also need to submit an Action plan for strengthening their distribution system and improving performance by way of various reform measures targeting improvement in operational efficiency, financial viability and quality and reliability of power supply.

Given the current state of operational and financial losses of Discoms in the country and to provide a much-needed fillip to the power sector as well as the overall economy in the pandemic affected year, multiple meetings and workshops with Discoms have been conducted to assess their level of preparedness for taking benefits under the scheme by the Ministry of Power and the Nodal Agencies, chaired by the Hon’ble Minister of Power, Sh. R. K. Singh.



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Revamped Gold Monetisation Scheme, reduction in import duty of gold to help the industry to grow to the next level: Anupriya Patel

The Gems & Jewellery sector is one of the important sectors of Indian Economy, with a contribution of around 7% to GDP, 10-12% share in country’s total merchandise export and being one of the leading sectors in terms of employment generation providing employment to approx. 5 million skilled and semi-skilled workforce.

The Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, Anupriya Patel said that she is pleased to learn that without any significant domestic production of raw materials, India has emerged as the leader in diamond manufacturing and export along with being one of largest exporter of other segments of industry such as gold jewellery, silver jewellery, coloured gemstones and synthetic stones. As such, gems and jewellery sector is an ideal example ‘Make in India’, the vision of Honourable Prime Minister.

She informed that the Gems and Jewellery sector has been one of the worst-hit sectors in India during the Covid-19 pandemic and its exports saw a record decline of (-) 98% in April 2020 due to the complete lockdown situation in the country.

However, the GJEPC, being apex body of gems and jewellery exporters, has undertaken prompt measures in terms of constantly interacting with the industry, understanding their requirements, and working closely with the government so as to chalk out the desired measures for supporting the industry in terms of sustaining, surviving and reviving back even amid a critical situation like Covid-19.

Consequent to such measures, the sector shown swift recovery as declining rate of gems and jewellery exports fell to (-) 6 % in Q3 as compared to (-) 72 % recorded in quarter 1  and in Q4 exports of the gems and jewellery witnessed a positive growth of around 15%. This trend has continued this year also and gems and jewellery exports achieved pre-Covid level of exports amounting US$ 9.2 billion in Q1 2021-22.

On the policy front, the Government has introduced a number of reforms, such as the revamped Gold Monetisation Scheme, reduction in import duty of gold, hallmarking, etc. which would help the industry to grow to the next level. Other issues flagged by GJEPC and industry from time to time are also being looked into and expected to be resolved soon.

She said that she’s sure this would not only help the industry to transform but will take the exports on a steep upward trajectory. This would help the industry to achieve export target of US$ 43.75 billion this year as well as to achieve goal of GJEPC to take gems and jewellery exports to USD 75 billion in coming years.

With support of the Government, GJEPC organized various virtual trade events last year like virtual Buyer Seller Meets, virtual IIJS, virtual International Gems & Jewellery Show (e-IGJS), India Global Connect, Webinars etc. These initiatives have helped the industry to bounce back quickly as the pandemic receded and global markets opened up.

She said that she has been informed that IIJS Premiere is the country’s largest B2B show in gems and jewellery sector and also the first show being organized by GJEPC in physical format after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I am confident that the show would provide platform to Indian jewellery manufacturers to showcase versatile jewellery crafted with the highest standards of design and finish and also to work with retailers, enabling them to gain insights into demand trends and product designs. On the other hand, the show would cater to the sourcing needs of the domestic and international buyers before the start of the festive season,” the MoS said.

She also wished the 37th edition of IIJS Premiere a tremendous success!



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