CatBread | Retro Arcade Games With Minting NFTs And Improved Tokenomics

Alabama, USA, 31 July, 2021, The first Retro Arcade Game platform mixed with NFT was released a few days back by the name CATMAN. Launched under the ambit of CatBread, it represents an ecosystem that features a deflationary token system. CatBread offers benefits to the players, collectors, artists, indie game developers, and token holders. CatBread has proven tokenomics, a fair launch, and a safe contract, making it a secure platform to engage with.

CatBread Retro Arcade

The retro game arcade operational here imitates the classic games that users play in the real world. The users who want to play the game, need to buy tickets at $0.25 per piece. The tickets power up the arcade machines, and every player has an exclusive record.

CatBread’s arcade platform is built to reward the top 3 ranking players with NFTs exclusively connected to every game on the platform. The scoreboards reset every Sunday so that every player gets an opportunity to win. The King Loaf scoreboard does not change, and it has the top 10 high scorers of all time listed for public view.

A new arcade game will be released every two weeks, thus keeping the users entertained and excited for some new games regularly.

Improvised Tokenomics For Better Returns

The tokenomics created on the platform works in conjunction with the arcade and the NFT marketplace. As a result, users, that includes holders, artists, games, and collectors, will get better earning and investment opportunities. There is a 10% tax on the CatBread token that is split equally into two parts. One part adds to the liquidity, and the other is transferred to all the wallets holding the CatBread token.

The total token supply is one quadrillion, out of which 10% is separated for marketing and development while 30% undergoes the initial burn. 50% of the token supply makes up the liquidity, and 10% is used as a pre-sale to raise liquidity.

Plans for the Future

CatBread has a steady plan in place for a brighter and more lucrative future. Their NFT platform will get major updates consisting of a marketplace, NFT social media platform, and a customer NFT viewer. Along with this, there will be community events and artist onboarding for a more diversified NFT development connected to the arcade games.

About CatBread

CatBread is the first arcade-oriented platform tokenized to help users generate rewards and earn passive income. The best players will receive NFTs as rewards minted from the game characters and items. As the deflationary mechanism comes into play, the users can also earn by holding the tokens in the wallet.

A Rare Retro Classic Comes to the Gaming Community as a Limited One-Time Release

Mega Man™: The Wily Wars Arrives to North America Physically For the First Time on the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive

POMONA, Calif.May 26, 2021PRLog — A beloved classic in the gaming industry comes blasting onto the SEGA GenesisⓇ from retro gaming industry leader, Retro-BitⓇ.  Retro-Bit Publishing has become known for its quality collector’s sets of rare and unattainable games that are made available where they have never before been released.

In early 2019, Retro-Bit announced a line-up of rare games in their pipeline to be released under their publishing arm.  Perhaps one of the most sought-after and cherished of these was Mega Man™: The Wily Wars.  This classic was never released in North America with the exception of a short stint on the SEGA Channel.  Additionally, a scarce release in Europe makes this one of the rarest titles from the Mega Man™ franchise with single Japanese carts reselling for up to $800 and PAL versions going for $1,600. Retro-Bit worked with Capcom to bring this exclusive one-time release of Mega Man: The Wily Wars to the gaming community.  In this collection, gamers get the first three Mega Man titles as well as the bonus Wily Tower.

“What we really try to achieve with these collections is the high-quality localization of the rarest games in our community.  These classics, such as Mega Man: The Wily Wars, are truly esteemed and admired by many.  Our goal, with inspiration from the community and help from our partners, is to share the genuine passion of these retro games in their true form for those areas where they have never been released so more are able to experience them.” says Richard Igros, Director of Marketing of Innex, Inc., Retro-Bit’s exclusive distributor.

Retro-Bit’s expert programmers also addressed the slowdown scenes from the original cart.  Though there were limitations, some areas were updated in this exclusive release while still maintaining the original game quality. In addition, Retro-Bit ensured the cartridge board featured beveled insert points and curved edges to preserve the owner’s consoles.

In May 2021, Retro-Bit brings Mega Man back to face all the Robot Masters and Dr. Wily in the newest collector’s edition of Mega Man: The Wily Wars.  This limited-edition collector’s set will come with:

  • Mega Man: The Wily Wars Blue Bomber Cartridge for SEGA GenesisⓇ/Mega Drive
  • Reversible Cartridge Sleeve featuring Japanese and Original Artwork
  • Full-Color Instruction Manual featuring tips, tricks, and facts about your favorite Robot Masters
  • Certificate of Authenticity that marks your limited collector’s edition
  • Lenticular Cards of your chosen top Robot Masters
  • Custom Art Sticker Book
  • Double-Sided Poster to display Original or Japanese Artwork
  • Original Collectors’ Cards with stats of featured Robot Masters
  • Interchangeable Outer Sleeve to display your choice of Lenticular Card

Mega Man: The Wily Wars collector’s edition will retail for $69.99 and become available for pre-orders at Limited Run Games, Castlemania Games, and Dragon Box Games, Spel & Sant, and Strictly Limited for Europe.  These pre-orders will only run from May 21st to June 21st.

To learn more about this one-time legendary release, visit