New Speech Recognition Extension for Edge Browser

 Sea Breeze Computers has released the browser extension Speech Recognition Anywhere for Microsoft’s Edge browser. Speech Recognition Anywhere is a browser extension that lets users control the Internet or fill out online forms and documents using their voice. It can now be added to Microsoft Edge. It is available at the Microsoft Edge Add-ons website.

Speech Recognition Anywhere has been available as a Chrome extension since 2016 and is available at the Chrome Web Store. Google’s Chrome browser was the first browser to have speech recognition capability built into the browser using the JavaScript Web Speech API. Recently, Microsoft has added speech recognition capability to it’s newest Edge browser based on Chromium. It also uses the Web Speech API. The Speech Recognition Anywhere extension has been customized to work well with Edge as a browser add-on for desktop or laptop computers.

Speech Recognition Anywhere expands the capabilities of the Web Speech API in both Chrome and Edge, in order to allow users to control the Internet or to fill out documents and forms using their voice. A user can use simple voice commands to go to websites or to click on buttons and links. It also works with Google Docs, Microsoft Word online, Gmail, and more. Medical professionals use it to fill out web based online medical records. Business professionals use it dictate letters and emails. Custom commands can be created by the user to allow the user to say shortcut phrases that automatically type out a lot of predefined text into a form.

How To Get It

Speech Recognition Anywhere at Microsoft Edge Add-ons website

Speech Recognition Anywhere at Chrome Web Store

About Sea Breeze Computers

Sea Breeze Computers makes browser extensions to help users be more productive online. They also make website tools and JavaScript and PHP scripts that help website developers add special features to their websites so that visitors will have a more enjoyable experience.

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YAS Limo Gains Recognition in the UAE with Their Exceptional Chauffeur Services and Luxurious Car Fleet

 The UAE thrives on tourism, and so hiring rental limos is a norm for tourists visiting the region. Finding a trusting chauffeur service that provides luxury cars for that lasting impression is challenging, especially for a family that’s new to Abu Dhabi or even residents planning a wedding.

Limo services are only for the rich is one of the common misconceptions, and YAS Limo is committed to breaking this stereotype with its luxurious private limo service. The company aspires to emerge as a limo rental and chauffeur service that makes the living experience in Abu Dhabi memorable for people. Finding cheaper modes of transport, when traveling in groups or couples, is a hassle. YAS Limo aims to bridge the gap between luxury chauffeur services and convenience so that people can plan their trips and events without worrying about transport.

YAS Limo has gained recognition in the UAE because of its highly exceptional and convenient services. It has empowered people to plan their events on their own time and according to their affordability. Such features and prestige has earned the company respect among customers and competitors alike.

People hesitate to rent limo services because of the widely-held belief that these chauffeur services use old limousines. Unlike other vehicles, limos are believed to be used on special occasions only, but the company aims to inspire people to be in style every day with their versatile and family-friendly limos.

One of the company representatives said, “People tend to believe that renting a transport could either be affordable or stylist. They are forced to make compromises. At YAS Limo, we believe in breaking stereotypes by providing the newest luxury limos that they can use daily to travel to their offices or for family trips. We believe in greeting our customers with our finest limos and exceptional chauffeur services.”

YAS Limo has a team of exceptionally trained chauffeurs who ensure that each customer receives a dedicated service. Their chauffeur services are available for wedding parties, corporate events, airport travel, and much more.

About YAS Limo

YAS Limo is a luxury limo service in Abu Dhabi, UAE, offering affordable limo rental services. The company has the finest fleet of limos for any special event or daily trip. The vehicles are fine-tuned and equipped with advanced communications and amenities.

Contact Details

Phone: 026669991, 0565033055

Fax: 026652662


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