Ravenark Breaking News, New Web Launch, New Aluminum Boat Build Update

 Ravenark Aluminum Boats announces a new website at www.ravenark.com.

Furthermore the company announces major progress on the Ravenark Bootlegger 25 aluminum sportfishing boat. Pictures can be found on the companies website, Facebook page, and Instagram.

In details, the boat is as follow;

Type of Boat: Aluminum Monohull Pilothouse

Year of Model: 2023 Model year advances in July

Boat Manufacturer: Z.Nautical Boatworks inhouse Made in USA

Design Length: 25 feet

Design Beam: 8 feet 6 inches

Propulsion: Minimum Single 175hp, up to twin outboards, of maximum 500pounds each.

Hull Plate Alloy: Aluminum 5086H116 (.250 quarter-inch)

Hull Side Alloy: Aluminum 5052H32 (.360 three-sixteenths-inch)

Cabin Configuration: Two chairs, two benches, or combination of cabinets.

Class Rules: Exceeds ABYC & A1 HSNC

Purpose of Vessel: Rough water near coastal, adventure, fishing, tuna, patrol, pursuit.

Build Type: New build prototype on proven hull (below the waterline) design.

Sell Status: Factory Demo Program Options

Stocking Dealer Inquiries Welcome.

Ravenark Boats

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Ravenark Boats Arrives to Market with Presold Aluminum Sportfisher Pilothouse

 Ravenark Boats is a new brand.

Conceived by Veteran boat manufacturer Travis Brandt, named after Noah’s Ark, where Noah released the Raven and it few back and forth scavenging and did not return to the Ark. “To me, this means the Ark is a safe haven in tempestuous seas and the Raven represents the grit and intelligence of our design and engineering.” – Travis Brandt, Ravenarks’ Founder

“We have been designing 31 and 33 foot aluminum pilothouse boats along with a bow loading catamaran, but as it turns out by customer demand, we will be coming to the market initially with a twenty five foot aluminum pilothouse sportfisher powered by twin Suzuki 140hp outboards.”

With sea trials coming up in July 2022, the company and new boat will be launched in Western Washington State, then a tour to Oregon and Northern California, as this is where the boat’s owners do their boating. More specifications on the vessel will be released in the upcoming weeks.

Ravenark Boats (www.RavenarkBoats.com) is a boat brand focusing on design and manufacture of seaworthy vessels using aluminum as both a hull skin and hull structure material.

Ravenark Boats

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