Publisher Thrilling Tales Releases Its First Literary Journal, “Litbop, Art and Literature in the Groove”

 Indie book publisher Thrilling Tales offers a new take on the literary journal. Its inaugural issue of “Litbop: Art and Literature in the Groove” showcases art and photography as well as fiction and poetry. It’s diverse list of contributors includes well-known authors Christine Sneed and Libby Fischer Hellmann along with a number of talented newcomers. The cover painting is by West Coast artist Katherine Ace.

Unlike most Literary Journals, “Litbop” contains previously printed stories in addition to its new content. According to the editor, “This is a rare occurrence in publishing. Most editors refuse to look at work that’s appeared elsewhere. A ten-year-old blog, a now-defunct magazine—it makes no difference; if it’s been published before, it’s editorial poison. That seems silly to me. There are great stories out there itching for a new audience.”

“Litbop: Art and Literature in the Groove” is available in a print edition from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, independent booksellers, and as a Kindle ebook.

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Publisher and Entrepreneur, Kenneth McQueen, Blazes New Trails in the Publishing Industry

Kenneth McQueen-Businessman

Kenneth McQueen-Businessman

LEXINGTON, Ky.Aug. 19, 2021PRLog — In a world filled with uncertainly, brought on by a global pandemic, many professionals in the business sector are finding ways to reinvent themselves. Kenneth McQueen is no exception to that shift in today’s marketplace. Moreover, while many small businesses are closing shop, Mr. McQueen is opening his doors to a new business, new clients and new possibilities!

His new publishing company, Tacky Duck, is helping to build a stronger community by providing authors with an opportunity to share their stories with the world, while also monetizing their dreams of having a book published.

That said, Tacky Duck Publishing is now accepting new clients and is demystifying the misconceptions of publishing a book. Many people think you have to be a very successful celebrity, or company to produce a quality book. Kenneth McQueen, founder of Tacky Duck Publishing, wants aspiring authors to know that ambition, consistency, vision are the essential ingredients needed to write a book. He also believes that everyone has a story on the inside of them that they can share with the world.

Who is Ken McQueen?

Kenneth McQueen, known in writers’ circles as Ken, is a published author himself. He is a political science graduate of Berea College and has had his share of experiences in the political sector, which lead his current path as a law student at the University of Kentucky. At age 26, he has published several books with a focus on success as an African-American male.

Ken’s own journey with writing began after receiving his first “D” in college. It opened his eyes to the world of journaling and the true understanding of composition. Having published his first book at the age of 21, he has gone on to assist many others in the publishing process. Ken has changed many lives through his books and keynotes.

“As an author and a publisher, I understand the ins and outs of this industry, and I can help new authors to successfully navigate this process, by removing the stress and guess work”, said Ken McQueen.

Backstory: Ken started Tacky Duck Publishing in 2018 and has helped numerous clients tell many different stories about life, love, adversity, and hope. Whether you have already completed your manuscript or searching for assistance with text editing, binding, or cover illustrations, we facilitate all aspects of the publishing process to meet our clients where they are in their publishing journey. Not sure where to start? Schedule a complimentary consultation at https:// You are invited to work with an incredible publishing team. Tacky Duck Publishing believes everyone has an inner-author who’s waiting for the right motivation, time, opportunity, to write a book. This could be your opportunity.

More about the company:

At Tacky Duck Publishing, we encourage people to share their stories and experiences with the world. A single book can change someone’s life–that book can be yours. If you have an interest in writing and publishing a book, reach out to us at We are ready to help you every step of the way. If you just have questions about the process, we are here for that too. Looking forward to talking soon! We are currently accepting new clients.

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