Published author Merle Potter and Brian Feeny Releases Comprehensive Instructional Textbooks for Engineering and Science

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Mathematical Methods for Engineering and Science is an instructional material that introduces undergraduate students of engineering and science to applied mathematics essential to the study of many problems. The contents are comprised of samples and work activities for applications. This textbook is uniquely qualified to apply mathematics to physical applications in a manner that is efficient and understandable.

This book is written to support a mathematics course after differential equations, to permit several topics to be covered in one semester, and to make the material comprehensible to undergraduates. An Instructor Solutions Manual, and also a Student Solutions Manual that provides solutions to select problems, are available. Topics are differential equations, power series, Laplace transforms, matrices and determinants, vector analysis, partial differential equations, complex variables, and numerical methods. Approximately, 160 examples and 1000 homework problems aid students in their study. This book presents mathematical topics using derivations rather than theorems and proofs.

Author Merle Potter was an author and co-author of many books on fluid mechanics, mathematical methods, thermodynamics, differential equations, and review guides for the GRE, GMAT, fundamentals of engineering, and professional engineering exams. Merle has published nearly twenty archived journal papers and was the advisor for fourteen Ph.D. students.

This informational book is best to share with students and instructors in the field of Engineering and Science.

Book copies are available at and other online book retailers.

Mathematical Methods for Engineering and Science
Written by Merle Potter
Published by Springer; 2nd ed. 2023 edition
Published date: March 10, 2023
Hardcover Price: $186.86

About the Author
Merle C. Potter graduated with honors from MTU in 1958 with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and continued his education in Engineering Mechanics earning an M.S. degree from MTU in 1961. He continued his graduate education at the University of Michigan and earned a second M.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering in 1964 and a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics in 1965. Merle began his teaching career at Michigan Tech as an instructor in 1958.

Brian F. Feeny is a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Michigan State University. He obtained a B.S. with honors in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin in 1984, an M.S. in Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Tech in 1986, and his Ph.D. in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from Cornell University in 1990. He then held a postdoc in the Institute of Robotics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zrich and joined Michigan State University as an assistant professor in 1992.

A Book Was Just Published to Keep LGBT Travels Safe in America

 Did you recently overhear LGBT people in your circles talk about how nervous they are to be in certain parts of the country? Their worries are not unfounded. A gay rights group recently released a travel advisory for LGBT people traveling in the state of Florida.

Author Ossiana Tepfenhart has been feeling increasingly nervous about their ability to travel, and felt like it was time to do something about it. So, they wrote “The Rainbow Travel Book.”

The Rainbow Travel Book pulls on the legacy left by Victor Hugo Green’s “Green Book,” a guide that helped Black Americans find safe places to stay while traveling prior to the Civil Rights movement.

The guide acts as both a commentary on the state of American politics and as a guide to keeping safe while you travel. Part human rights book, part suggestion, The Rainbow Travel Book is an ongoing project of love for the community.

Ossiana is open to any and all coverage, as well as interviews.

Ossiana Tepfenhart



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Rebuttal to the news item published in the Hindu dated 02.11.2022 titled as ‘At bhoomiheen camp, allottee outnumbered by disappointed applicant’

Attention is drawn to a news item published in ‘The Hindu’ newspaper on 2nd Nov. 2022 titled as ‘At bhoomiheen camp, allottee outnumbered by disappointed applicant’. The aforementioned news item is factually incorrect.

The news item has mentioned name of two beneficiaries namely (Ms) Kamla Halder and (Ms) Meeta Rai alleging that they have made the payment and completed documentation but not included in the list of beneficiaries to be handed over possession letter and keys on 2nd Nov. 2022.  

It is clarified that Ms Kamla Halder didn’t submit her bank statement to substantiate that the requisite amount has been deposited through her own bank account or that of her family member. As per the policy, the allottee needs to deposit the requisite amount from its own account or account of its family member and verification of this aspect is scrupulously followed in all cases. Since, the above document was not deposited by Ms Halder despite several requests, her name was not included in the list of beneficiary who were handed over keys and possession letter on 2nd Nov. 2022. Further the requisite amount from Ms Meeta Rai was deposited on 21st Oct 2022. By the time it got verified from accounts department, the list of beneficiaries was already prepared and sent to security agencies for clearance to attend the event dated 2nd Nov. 2022.

The story, based on unverified facts, depict negative picture about the project by concluding that the allottees were outnumbered by the people who made it to the eligibility list but didn’t find their names among Wednesday’s beneficiaries and by those who despite completing all the formalities, were not considered eligible for one BHK flat.. The fact of the matter is that out of those 1862, only 1010 families completed the process as regards the claim of payment as well as scrutiny of documents. The scrutiny reveals that 252 cases found to be under major deficiencies i.e difference in address captured during survey and the address given in the documentation, 126 cases are of short/deficient payment (deposited lesser amount than the demanded amount), 57 cases are those in which husband and wife both found to be alive during the survey but one of the spouse reported to be died/missing. Legal requirement for mutation is being followed for mutating the flat in the name of the single spouse/allottee. DDA officials are in constant touch with these allottees to assist them in getting the formalities/additional documentation completed for handing over the possession. Due to aforesaid deficiencies in documentation/payment name of these allottees could not be included in the list.

The correspondent didn’t bother to seek comments of authorized officers of DDA on the above aspects strangely quoted statement of an engineer who was not authorized to issue any statement to the press.  Therefore, drawing a sweeping conclusion of the news item based on the unverified facts was highly erroneous and violates ethics of journalism.

The publication, therefore, is requested to publish the aforesaid rebuttal in its newspaper so that complete picture about the project is shown to the readers/public. 



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Self Published Author, Allison Wood, Releases Her Children’s Picture Book “Sprinkles” Just in Time for National Sprinkles Day on July 23

 Local author and illustrator team Allison Wood and Samuel Waddle released their first children’s picture book, Sprinkles. Allison, an elementary English Learner teacher at St. Paul’s EXPO Elementary School, wanted to write a children’s book for many years and decided last summer to make her dream come true. She began crafting a story about a little girl who creates a big mess while eating a sprinkled doughnut. Allison’s words came to life with Samuel’s beautiful watercolor illustrations. The team were intentional about creating characters that represent the Twin Cities community and one illustration showcases the Minneapolis skyline.

Why sprinkles? Allison’s story inspiration stemmed from classic childhood messy food books such as Popcorn by Frank Asch and Lorna Balian’s The Sweet Touch. After witnessing the enormous mess created by her niece’s sprinkled birthday cake, she knew she needed to write a story about the joy and mess that sprinkles create.

As an elementary teacher, Allison was purposeful in seeking feedback from future readers throughout the process. The main character, Julia, was created using input from students on what they wanted to see in a book character. Student input guided Samuel’s illustrations based on what was important to them. EXPO students were treated to sneak peeks at its illustrations and learned about the publishing process, which Allison taught herself how to do. Luckily, her author proof copy arrived just days before the end of the school year. Kindergarteners were treated to the first official book reading and a surprise walk to local bakery La Boulangerie Marguerite in St. Paul, where they enjoyed sprinkled doughnuts.

“I want the pretty, pink, super-sprinkly doughnut, please.” (Wood, p. 7).

Sprinkles is a sweet story about Julia, who learns just how messy sprinkles on a doughnut can be. The sprinkles seem to have a mind of their own as they bounce, tumble, and dance around her new home. Julia has a real mess on her hands and very little time before her grandma’s visit. Can she round up all the sprinkles in time? Join Julia, her dad, and Luna the cat as they find out how fun (and messy) sprinkles on a doughnut can be.

Sprinkles will delight readers with its relatable plot, use of personification and charming watercolor illustrations. Story themes include: single parenting, multigenerational families, urban living, responsibility and humor. Sprinkles was created for children ages 4-8 and their doughnut-loving caregivers and educators.

Sprinkles is available via online through Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble and Walmart. Allison and Samuel encourage you to shop local and order from your community bookstore. Retailers and libraries may order through Ingram. The hardcover (ISBN 978-0578367361) retails for $20.99 and paperback (ISBN 979-8218011901) for $10.99.

Allison Wood – author and publisher

Allison Wood




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Extensively Published Author Angela Deese Presents the 20th book in her Resume that Will Restore the Reader’s Identity as Children of God


Dementia is a term used for diseases that affect the cognitive functions of the brain. The most common symptoms of dementia are memory loss, poor judgment, confusion, difficulty speaking, understanding, expressing thoughts, reading and writing, wandering and getting lost in a familiar neighborhood, and many more.

Angela’s mother has dementia. One night, while visiting her mom, Angela was awoken from sleep by a knock on her door. When she opened the door, it was her mother. She asked: “Are you my daughter?” Angela knew right away that God was commissioning her to write another book.

“Are You My Daughter?” is a milestone book for Angela. It is the twentieth book in her extensive career as an author. The book offers reconciliation to readers who are losing their identity. She encourages everyone to continue fighting the good fight of faith and never let go of the birthright we have acquired through Jesus Christ. She presents narratives coupled with verses that practically sum up every experience she recounts in the book. Her recollections remind us that our innate tendencies to fail do not disqualify us from being sons and daughters of God. The journal section allows an interactive experience for readers. They can write down their thoughts and how they relate to the narrative. Angela also enforces the essentiality of continuously loving our parents, especially when they go through life-altering diseases.

The book and its multifaceted message will sure tug at any reader’s heart.

Buy the book at:

“Are You My Daughter?”

Author: Angela Deese

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: June 2022

Book Genre: Memoir, Christian Book

About the Author:

Angela Deese is a Christian author that will inspire you in your own walk with Jesus Christ. She has an honest approach and is fully transparent in her writing. She believes that if you fully expose the lies of Satan that you will gain the freedom in your own walk with Christ.

She will captivate you with the stories that you can relate to personally in your own life. She brings her real life into the stories that bring faith and truth to the reader.

Angela is a mother of three grown children and eight grandchildren. She lives in Georgia with her family close by. She began writing as the Lord began to heal her from the bondage of past hurts that occurred in her life.

Angela has a way of bringing scripture to life and allowing it to heal the broken hearted. She never wants anyone to feel alone in their journey.

Angela is an author of twenty-five books in which fourteen are now published. You will love Angela’s style of writing as you will relate your own life to her journey.

As a mother and grandmother, you will find out how Angela has handled trials and tribulations in her books.