Patricia Todd’s Newly Released “SHE…Carried the Word” is a Celebration of the Mother of God

 “SHE…Carried the Word”: a heartfelt message of appreciation for Mary. “SHE…Carried the Word” is the creation of published author, Patricia Todd, a dedicated wife and mother.

Todd shares, “Mary is just a young girl, not yet wed, but an angel appears to tell her she has been chosen to carry God’s child. Why her?
Follow the steps of a new mother protecting her child and feel her love and heartbreak as she watches him die.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Patricia Todd’s new book features engaging artwork crafted by Paula Bonacker.

Consumers can purchase “SHE…Carried the Word” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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Patricia Lubeck’s Book Exposing the Realities Behind Minnesota’s Asylums Will Be Displayed at the LibLearnX 2023

Participants at a library conference in Louisiana will have the chance to catch the exhibit of a book that uncovers the truth behind the walls of Minnesotas mental institutions.

San Diego, CA – WEBWIRE

Grab the chance to see the book exhibition of Patricia Lubecks “Asylum Scandals: Abuse, Torture, Corruption and Murder in Minnesotas State Hospitals” at the LibLearnX this coming January 27-30, 2023.

Patricia Lubecks Asylum Scandals: Abuse, Torture, Corruption and Murder in Minnesotas State Hospitals will be exhibited by self-publishing company ReadersMagnet at the LibLearnX: The Library Learning Experience (LLX) 2023. Patricias stunning book exposes true-to-life atrocities that occurred at two historical insane asylums in Minnesota: St. Peter State Hospital and Rochester State Hospital.

Asylum Scandals will be displayed alongside notable published works at the LibLearnX (LLX) Marketplace book exhibition. The LibLearnX, formerly the American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Meeting, will be held at New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana, on January 27-30, 2023.

The event is open to all ALA members and non-members and expected to draw hundreds of attendees from the library community, the academic sector, and the general public. Attendees can expect special programs, interactive workshops, exhibitions, forums, and speaking engagements by some of the famous personalities of the library industry.

Asylum Scandals is an incredible eye-opener on the state of Minnesotas asylums in 1867-1915.

Patricia Lubeck unravels the horrific acts in St. Peter State Hospital and Rochester State Hospital. She shares factual accounts and documentation coming from the patients themselves, families affected, workers, and news media that had witnessed the actual conditions of the aforementioned asylums.

Stories of patients abuse, neglect, torturous procedures and treatments, and even murders are numerous. Even more shocking are the accounts of how patients were admitted even on just a presumption of insanity, with little to no evidence to support thereof.

Read the stories, and unravel a gut-wrenching truth echoed throughout insane asylums in the past. Order Patricia Lubecks Asylum Scandals: Abuse, Torture, Corruption and Murder in Minnesotas State Hospitals on Amazon.

Catch the books display at the ReadersMagnet exhibit booth at the LibLearnX 2023.

Asylum Scandals: Abuse, Torture, Corruption and Murder in Minnesotas State Hospitals
Author | Patricia Lubeck
Published date | October 22, 2022
Publisher | Outskirts Press
Book Genre | History/United States/State & Local/General

Author Bio

Patricia Lubeck grew up in southwestern Minnesota. She earned her BA degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara, returned to Minnesota in 2005, and served as museum director. She is retired and travels to national parks, museums, and historic sites. Patricia spends most of her time writing true crime stories from Minnesotas early history. She is the author of Murder in Gales, A Rose Hanged Twice; Murder, Mystery and Mayhem in Minnesota; Crime and Calamity in Yellow Medicine County; Murder and Madness; Victims of Foul Play; and Death by Poison.

Patricia Mitola’s New Release “Religion or Relationship” Discusses How a Personal Relationship With the Lord Can Lead to a Better Life

Patricia Mitola, author of “Religion or Relationship: Living with the Holy Spirit” (ReadersMagnet LLC; 2020), expresses the author’s ongoing concern for Christians in understanding the difference between being religious and having a spiritual relationship with the Holy Spirit. It tells the story of Patricia’s extraordinary life, emphasizing how God is always present and faithful to address even the most trivial of concerns. Whereas she emphasizes free will and the Holy Spirit’s mission to guide the lost, and how praying the prayer of salvation can give one strength and eventually lead to a personal relationship with God, the Father.

Patricia was raised in a devout home where she was taught to believe in God. She was born and raised in Illinois and attended Sunday services with her family. She believed in God; she believed that one should live a certain way of life and follow the Ten Commandments. At first, she only believed that there was a God and religiously followed his teachings, but never entirely placed her trust in the Lord. It was only when she got married and met her mother-in-law that she learned to surrender her heart to God. 

“Religion or Relationship: Living with the Holy Spirit” shows how the author’s personal experiences will lead to a reality of walking in the Spirit. She wants readers, particularly Christians, to recognize the importance of having a personal relationship with the Lord and acknowledging that relationship as their new life begins with him as their shepherd. And the stories shared are just a few of many that clearly show that the Lord was present and involved because He was invited and desired to be there. 

We must not neglect the second Person of the Trinity. Without the sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, our sin would prevent any kind of a relationship with God the Father. God is perfect, and can have nothing to do with sin. But because of Jesus Christ’s substitutionary death on the cross, He takes the sinner’s place (your place), He takes the sinner’s punishment (the punishment you deserve), and the sinner gets Christ’s perfect record. In the eyes of God you are now perfect in Christ, and can have the close relationship with the Father that Jesus has.

According to Marian A. Jacobs, Amazon customer, she learned a valuable lesson in this book such as the use of prayer in everything she does in her life. “When I allow myself to neglect the work of the Holy Spirit, I not only miss out on cultivating a deeper love for my savior, but I forget to pray. I just forgot! How despicable! In that way, this book reminds me of Brother Lawrence practicing the Presence of God. He may have been a Catholic mystic, but he was onto something. And so is Patricia Mitola.”



Religion or Relationship: Living with the Holy Spirit

Author | Patricia A. Mitola

Genre | Christian Education & Christian Living

Publisher | ReadersMagnet LLC

Published date | December 4, 2020


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