Patent awarded for use of advanced automated system or instrument for Therapeutic Emesis

The Ayush sector has been constantly attempting to use technology and new innovation for various Ayurveda therapies. An advanced automated system or instrument for Therapeutic Emesis has been developed, which will make this therapy simple and convenient. Dr. B Sreenivasa Prasad, President, Board of Ayurveda, National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (NCISM) and his team of inventor were granted a patent for development of advanced automated system or instrument for Therapeutic Emesis by Controller of Patents, Government of India. 

Panchakarma are the prime treatment modality in ayurveda. Panchakarma are administered for prevention, manage, cure as well as for rejuvenation purpose. Vamana (therapeutic emesis), virechana (therapeutic purgation), basti (therapeutic enema), nasya (therapy through nasal route and rakthamokshana (blood letting therapy) are the five procedures under panchakarma.

Vamana i.e., a therapeutic procedure that expels impurities or doshas through oral route. The procedure is tedious to administer for both patient and panchakarma expert consultant. Further handling the vomitus hygienically is a major challenge. Till now there is no any technology developed to ease the procedure.

The present patented equipment ‘Advanced Automated Equipment or System for Therapeutic Emesis’ has been developed to administer the difficult Vamana procedure comfortably. This technology is equipped with monitors for monitoring of vital data of patients during the procedure. There is provision for handling the vomitus hygienically and as per biomedical waste management policy. It is also provided with emergency kit that is required to manage complications of the procedure. Clinical parameters that are required to assess the procedure are also automated. In total this technology is the complete solution for administering the Vamana procedure comfortably.

This Product has been developed by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Ayurtech Incubation Centre of KLE Ayurworld and KLE Engineering college at Belagavi, Karnataka. The Technology was amongst Top 10 at IICDC 2018 and Incubate at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore and supported by DST and Texas Instruments.

This advanced automated system will help the Ayurveda fraternity in teaching and practicing Ayurveda with use of technology. Going forward commercialization of this invention is also being looked into, so that it can be used in across hospitals in the country.


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For the first time in 11 years, the number of domestic patent filing surpasses the number of international patent filing in India during Jan-Mar 2022

India achieved yet another milestone in context of IP innovation ecosystem, wherein for the first time in the last 11 years, the number of domestic patent filing has surpassed the number of international patent filing at Indian patent office in the Quarter Jan-Mar 2022 i.e. of the total 19796 patent applications filed, 10706 were filed by Indian applicants against 9090 by non-Indian applicants. This is represented as under:


Graph: Quarter-wise patent applications filed by Indian applicant vis-à-vis non-Indian applicant.

The Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, Consumer Affairs, Public Distribution and Textiles, Shri Piyush Goyal appreciated the consistent efforts made by DPIIT on strengthening the IPR regime in India by fostering innovation, and reducing compliance burden. The coordinated effort by DPIIT and IP office has led to increased IP awareness among all strata of society. These efforts have on one hand led to increase in the number of IPR filings, on the other hand has reduced the pendency of patent application at IP offices. He also mentioned that this will take India a step closer to the India’s ambitious target of being in the top 25 nations of Global Innovation Index.

Some of the key initiatives taken by the Government over the years that has bolstered India’s IP regime includes fee concessions like 10% rebate on online filing, 80% fee concession for Start-ups, Small Entities and educational institutions, and provisions on expedited examination for Startups and MSMEs along with other categories

The cornerstone laid down by National IPR policy and the efforts made by the Government has transpired into the following achievements for India:

  • Filing of patents have increased from 42763 in 2014-15 to 66440 in 2021-22, more that 50% increase in a span of 7 years
  • Nearly five times increase in grant of patents in 2021-22 (30,074) as compared to 2014-15 (5978)
  • Reduction in Time of patent examination from 72 months in Dec 2016 to 5-23 months at present, for different technological areas
  • India’s ranking in Global Innovation Index has increased to 46th in 2021 (+35 ranks) as compared to from 81st in 2015-16

Graph: filing and grant of patent applications over the years



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MPAI Issues a Call for Patent Pool Administrator on Behalf of the MPAI-CAE and MPAI-MMC Patent Holders

 The international, non-profit, unaffiliated Moving Picture, Audio and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence (MPAI) standards developing organisation has concluded its 18th General Assembly. Among the outcomes is the publication of Call for Patent Pool Administrators for two of its approved Technical Specifications.

The MPAI process of standard development prescribes that Active Principal Members, i.e., those intending to participate in the development of a Technical Specification, adopt a Framework Licence before initiating the development. All those contributing to the work are requested to accept the Framework Licence. If they are not Members, they are requested to join MPAI. Once a Technical Specification is approved, MPAI identifies patent holders and facilitates the creation of a patent pool.

Patent holders of Context-based Audio Enhancement (MPAI-CAE ) and Multimodal Conversation (MPAI-MMC have agreed to issue a Call for Patent Pool Administrator ( and have asked MPAI to publish the call on its website. The Patent Holders expect to work with the selected Entity to facilitate a licensing program that responds to the requirements of the licensees while ensuring the commercial viability of the program. In the future, the coverage of the patent pool may be extended to new versions of MPAI-CAE and MPAI-MMC, and/or other MPAI standards.

Parties interested in being selected as Entity are requested to communicate, no later than 1 May 2022, their interest and provide appropriate material as a qualification to the MPAI Secretariat( The Secretariat will forward the received material to the Patent Holders.

While Version 1 of MPAI-CAE and MPAI-MMC are progressing toward practical deployment, work is ongoing to develop Use Cases and Functional Requirements of MPAI-CAE and MPAI-MMC V2. These will extend the V1 technologies to support new use cases, i.e., Conversation about a Scene (CAS), enabling a human holds a conversation with a machine on the objects in a scene.

Human to Connected Autonomous Vehicle Interaction (HCI), enabling humans to have rich interaction, including question answering and conversation with a Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV).

Mixed-reality Collaborative Spaces (MCS), enabling humans to develop collaborative activities in a Mixed-Reality space via their avatars.

MPAI develops data coding standards for applications that have AI as the core enabling technology. Any legal entity supporting the MPAI mission may join MPAI, if able to contribute to the development of standards for the efficient use of data.

MPAI is currently engaged in extending some of the already approved standards and developing other 9 standards.

Name of standard: AI Framework

– Acronym: MPAI-AIF

– link:

– Brief description: Specifies an infrastructure enabling the execution of implementations and access to the MPAI Store.

Name of standard: Context-based Audio Enhancement

-Acronym: MPAI-CAE


– Brief description: Improves the user experience of audio-related applications in a variety of contexts.

Name of standard: Compression and Understanding of Industrial Data

– Acronym: MPAI-CUI

– link:

– Brief description: Predicts the company performance from governance, financial, and risk data.

Name of standard: Governance of the MPAI Ecosystem

-Acronym: MPAI-GME


– Brief description: Establishes the rules governing the submission of and access to interoperable implementations.

Name of standard: Multimodal Conversation

-Acronym: MPAI-MMC

– link:

– Brief description: Enables human-machine conversation emulating human-human conversation.

Name of standard: Server-based Predictive Multiplayer Gaming (in development)

-Acronym: MPAI-SPG


– Brief description: Trains a network to com­pensate data losses and detects false data in online multiplayer gaming.

Name of standard: AI-Enhanced Video Coding (in development)

-Acronym: MPAI-EVC


– Brief description: Improves existing video coding with AI tools for short-to-medium term applications.

Name of standard: End-to-End Video Coding (in development)

-Acronym: MPAI-EEV


– Brief description: Explores the promising area of AI-based “end-to-end” video coding for longer-term applications.

Name of standard: Connected Autonomous Vehicles (in development)

-Acronym: MPAI-CAV


– Brief description: Specifies components for Environment Sensing, Autonomous Motion, and Motion Actuation.

Name of standard: Avatar Representation and Animation (in development)

-Acronym: MPAI-ARA


– Brief description: Specifies descriptors of avatars impersonating real humans.

Name of standard: Neural Network Watermarking (in development)

-Acronym: MPAI-NNW


– Brief description: Measures the impact of adding ownership and licensing information in models and inferences.

Name of standard: Integrative Genomic/Sensor Analysis (in development)

-Acronym: MPAI-GSA


– Brief description: Compresses high-throughput experiments data combining genomic/proteomic and other.

Name of standard: Mixed-reality Collaborative Spaces (in development)

-Acronym: MPAI-MCS


– Brief description: Supports collaboration of humans represented by avatars in virtual-reality spaces called Ambients

Name of standard: Visual Object and Scene Description (in development)

-Acronym: MPAI-OSD


– Brief description: Describes objects and their attributes in a scene and the semantic description of the objects.

Visit the MPAI web site (, contact the MPAI secretariat ( for specific information, subscribe to the MPAI Newsletter and follow MPAI on social media:

– LinkedIn (

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– YouTube (

Most important: join MPAI (, share the fun, build the future.

Avonisys AG wins patent litigation case against Synova SA

Swiss Federal Patent Court rules in favour of Avonisys AG in all relevant aspects and convicts Synova SA under the unfair competition act:

  • Swiss Federal Patent Court confirms: no infringement of Synova’s CH/EP 1833636 H1 (partial renunciation of EP1833636B1 in Switzerland)
  • Synova is convicted under the unfair competition act (UWG)
  • Synova has to cover 80% of the costs of the court case
  • Zug, 07.04.2021/PR With its verdict released on March 31, 2021, the Swiss Federal Patent Court concluded that Avonisys’ patented Air-Jet technology does not infringe Synova’s CH/EP 1833636 H1. During the proceedings, Synova felt compelled to partially waive the original Swiss part of the patent in suit (EP 1833636 B1) and to substantially limit the scope of the patent claims to avoid patent invalidation following significant prior art brought up by Avonisys AG.

    “We clearly appreciate the court’s decision which confirms our view that the Air-Jet feature stands in its own right and does not infringe. Our patented Air-Jet is one of the key innovations Avonisys has contributed to the waterjet laser technology, establishing a new and unmatched performance benchmark”, comments Jens Gaebelein, one of the founders and CTO of Avonisys.

    Furthermore, the verdict holds that Synova violated the Unfair Competition Act (UWG) by approaching market participants with misleading information and unfounded threats relating to the infringement proceedings. The verdict demands Synova to release corrective information to every party contacted previously. Continuing such misleading activities in the future would result in fines against Synova.

    “From the start in 2013, it has been Avonisys’ policy to build a solid IP base for its innovative hardware and process technology, which is underlined by more than 30 validated patents. We defend our technology vigorously against unfounded allegations. Customers around the globe value the reliability and ease-of-use of our products and appreciate to have a choice”, adds Jeroen Hribar, co-founder and CSO of Avonisys.

    The verdict is subject to a 30 day recourse period for the parties and only then will be firm and final.

    About Avonisys AG:

    Avonisys develops, builds and sells laser systems based on its proprietary waterjet laser technology. Avonisys’ systems are designed to deliver robust performance for demanding applications while keeping operations simple and maintenance cost-effective.

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    Medtech Focused Intellectual Property Advisors KIPA Adapt to Bolster International Business Relationships Amidst Corona Pandemic

    The Sweden based IP agency KIPA (Krahbichler Intellectual Property Advisors), known for their high quality work and technical expertise especially in the field of medtech,  returns to China Hi-Tech Fair 2020. Last year KIPA made a big splash with their distinct green booth featuring Scandinavian style hand made wooden furnishing. Due to the ongoing pandemic KIPA decided to do it differently this year.


    In addition to attending the online exhibition that CTHF offers, KIPA is cooperating with the Sweden-Shenzen Business Association to hand out patent related marketing material at the show.


    This way KIPA managed to keep an on-site presence without compromising safety. At the Sweden-Shenzen Business Association booth you will find brochures outlining “Your gateway to Europe”. KIPAs effort to aid Chinese businesses in expanding to the European market by helping with patent and trademark related questions such as freedom to operate analyses. 


    In line with contemporary trends you will also find KIPA branded pens that feature Antimicrobial technology. Any little thing that can make events safer during these trying times.


    For KIPAs Chinese speaking patrons we have launched a brand new website in Chinese with all the information you need regarding KIPAs services. 

  相关信息 欧洲知识产权事务所


    KIPA (Krahbichler Intellectual Property Advisors) is an European IP boutique working with global clients. KIPA is specialized in medical technology (medtech) but handles any kind of IP cases. KIPA is experienced with prosecutions, litigations, oppositions as well as trademarks.