BOC Sciences Officially Releases the Final Invitation to Renowned Pharma Conferences in May

 BOC Sciences has been preparing for the two exhibitions for a long period, with the hope that all the visiting guests can have every question solved and every need satisfied. Earlier this year, BOC Sciences released its products, services, and expertise to be showcased in May, which aroused great interest of academia and the pharma industry. Among all the exhibits, its mRNA synthesis service becomes the center of attention since the urgent COVID-19 vaccine R & D requires much assistance from it.

BOC Sciences is featured with a complete set of custom mRNAs at laboratory and GMP grade. Plus, it shows significant flexibility with the production scale spanning from milligrams to grams. Presently, BOC Sciences’ custom mRNA synthesis services have attracted worldwide partners who specialize in gene function study, cancer immunotherapy development, and preventive vaccine research. “We indeed have made some accomplishments in the field of mRNA synthesis and connected with a large number of valuable clients. However, our ambition is far more than that. Therefore, without any hesitation, we made the decision to attend influential industry exhibitions and present our strengths on a broader scale,” a senior researcher explained why BOC Sciences decide to participate.

What makes BOC Sciences a reputed supplier in the pharma supply chain? This is a frequently asked question by researchers who take an interest in BOC Sciences’ mRNA synthesis services. According to the information released by its officials and a flood of comments left by its regular customers, BOC Sciences’ abilities can be summarized as follows:

– Advanced facilities: various scales of automatic synthesizers and purification equipment.

– Cutting-edge technologies: a complete set of mRNA synthesis and purification techniques.

– Strict quality control: high-standard QA & QC; identification by mass spectrometry; purification by HPLC.

– Experienced personnel: professionals with more than 15 years of experience in oligo synthesis and modifications.

There are still plenty of strengths not listed yet, waiting for interested customers to get connected and learn more. The business development manager who is also one of the representatives from BOC Sciences commented, “Researchers are often bombarded by lots of boasting online and find the task to identify a reliable mRNA manufacturer burdensome. Given the circumstances, we try to create opportunities for face-to-face communication so that customers can have a more real perception of our expertise in mRNA modifications.”

Indeed, such conferences like CPhI North America and TIDES USA 2022 can bridge the gap between (bio)chemical suppliers and researchers. With more excellent participants like BOC Sciences engaged in the global supply chain, the pharma industry will witness the prosperity of novel drug and vaccine development.


BOC Sciences is an expert in RNA-related technologies. It provides an extensive collection of RNA products and services, especially the featured custom RNA synthesis. With years of experience and a dedicated research team, BOC Sciences has boosted numerous programs of RNA drug and vaccine discovery.

BOC Sciences

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Hong Kong – Kwun Tong DHC Express officially opens (with photos)

Kwun Tong DHC Express officially opens (with photos)


     The Kwun Tong District Health Centre Express (DHC Express) officially opened today (December 6) with the Secretary for Food and Health, Professor Sophia Chan, as the officiating guest of the opening ceremony.


     Operated by United Christian Medical Service, the Kwun Tong DHC Express comprises a core centre and nine service points. It provides one-stop primary healthcare services such as health promotion, nurse counselling, health risk factors assessment, health management teams and chronic disease management in accordance with local needs under the principle of “Assisting in Establishment of Healthy Lifestyle”.


     Speaking at the opening ceremony, Professor Chan said, “I am pleased to learn that in addition to core services, the Kwun Tong DHC Express also offers fall prevention screening and assessment and training programmes on mild cognitive impairment to meet the particular needs of the older population. It also extends its support to carers and runs patient empowerment programmes.


     “Moreover, the Kwun Tong DHC Express collaborates closely with the Kowloon East Cluster of the Hospital Authority, especially United Christian Hospital, to organise activities and provide relevant primary healthcare services for discharged patients. In addition to preventing unnecessary readmission of patients, it also helps to achieve the goal of relieving the pressure on Hong Kong’s public healthcare system.”


     The Kwun Tong DHC Express is equipped with a nutrition kitchen. Regular group programmes are conducted to teach members of the public how to make delicious and healthy food, with a view to assisting them to develop a healthier lifestyle.


     Professor Chan said that the DHC Expresses assess the overall health situation of the local population and provide personalised primary healthcare services to members of the public based on the district-based principle. Through active involvement of the non-governmental organisations operators, the DHC Expresses make the best use of the local network and resources to flexibly promote primary healthcare services that meet local needs, and to complement and implement the Government’s healthcare policies.


     The core centre of the Kwun Tong DHC Express is located at 4/F, Block J, United Christian Hospital, 130 Hip Wo Street, while the nine service points are set up at Jockey Club Wo Lok Community Health Centre, Bradbury Kwong Tin Community Health Centre and Sau Mau Ping Community Health Centre under United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service as well as Torunn Ropstad Memorial Centre of Mission Covenant Church, Kwun Tong Swatow Baptist Church, Kwun Tong Methodist Church, Faith & Grace Christian Church, Hong Kong Yan Kwong Bethel Church, and Methodist City Space of Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service.


     For more information on the Kwun Tong DHC Express, please visit or call the Kwun Tong DHC Express hotline at 3188 0301.

JeToken officially launches their token on the Binance, Nov 30, 2021

JeToken, a disruptive tech company, launches their token on the Binance smart chain. Jetoken also recently inked a new partnership between, a leading travel giant and accommodation booking platform. JeToken’s booking platform and concierge service will now facilitate the booking of worldwide flights, a couple of hundred hotels and accommodation options via cryptocurrency, as stated by the company to us late Friday.

You will be able to use your JeToken Coin along with various other forms of virtual currency including Tether (USDT) Binance Stable Coin (BUSD) Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB) on Jetoken’s booking platform for your accommodations. CEO Rohan Davis recently stated that “the integration of cryptocurrency for travel bookings and concierge service will give consumers payment options and unmatched pricing for every trip booked.”

Jamie Tyndall CEO of Fun For Less Tours with over 20 years of experience sits on Jetoken’s board as their Business Development & Marketing Executive stated recently that “working with and others means that Jetoken can drive travelers loyalty throughout the Covid-19 recovery period as more and more people start to travel again. What we are doing here at JeToken is innovative and adding cryptocurrency payment options for our customers is not only a game-changer but revolutionary.

JeToken is reinventing tourism at a perfect time when the world is slowly opening up and people are getting ready to travel. The launch of their token and travel partnership, which allows payment through crypto, is only the beginning for JeToken. They are currently in the process of creating many more exciting opportunities with the traveler in mind. The future of travel is looking bright through JeToken’s innovation.


Japan – Smartpay officially launches the first all-in-one e-commerce payment solution and BNPL service that is completely free for consumers

Smartpay K.K. today announced the launch of its new “Buy Now Pay Later” (BNPL) service, which combines an all-in-one payment experience and interest free payment solution, designed to solve Japanese consumer payment issues and improve merchant conversion rates.

Built out of a passion for enabling Japanese merchants to succeed in e-commerce, Smartpay aims to remove the anxiety of shopping online for Japanese credit card users with the first completely free and secure, seamless, fully automated, online payment experience.

The company is backed by several high-profile investors including SMBC Venture Capital (SMBC-VC) and Global Founders Capital (GFC), the largest global investor in BNPL.

A series of new BNPL innovations for consumers and merchants in Japan

Japan has an e-commerce cart abandonment rate of over 80%, which is one of the highest in the world. Smartpay aims to increase the conversion rate for Japanese merchants by removing the friction that exists between cart and order completion.

Smartpay has redefined the e-commerce payment experience by addressing Japanese consumer anxiety about interest, hidden fees, sharing personal data and the time needed to fill in online forms to complete the transaction.

Smartpay is the first free of charge BNPL payment option for Japanese consumers who have credit cards. There are no sign-up fees, interest fees, settlement fees, or late charges. The payment experience is also Japan’s first cross-merchant, cross-platform, and single-click checkout BNPL service, allowing consumers to checkout in as little as 10 seconds. The BNPL payment solution is simple to understand, structured on 3 equal installments over 8 weeks. This means that unlike the existing BNPL services in Japan, customers do not need to go to the convenience store to make payments or pay any bank transfer fees.

For merchants, Smartpay also addresses key cost and administration pain points by covering all payment fraud risks and managing all consumer-led chargebacks. Smartpay integration has been built to reduce merchant integration time and therefore resource cost and can be integrated onto merchant websites in one day with the highest quality SDKs and APIs. In addition, to specifically help small and medium sized merchants, Apple Pay and Google Pay are automatically integrated into the Smartpay solution. Research shows that Smartpay will improve sales conversion for e-commerce merchants by more than 10% over a 12-month period.

Built specifically for Japan

Smartpay was co-founded by Pieterjan Vandaele (ex-Paidy) and Sam Ahmed (ex-Facebook). The Smartpay team brings together 80 years of e-commerce, Fintech and payment experience specifically relevant to Japan. Brought together by a passion for the quality, precision, and creativity of Japanese merchants, as well as an understanding of the unique obstacles that Japanese merchants and consumers face with online retail, Pieter and Sam formed Smartpay to unleash the potential of e-commerce in Japan.

Pieter has held roles at Fintech companies including Stripe and Coiney. He specifically leverages the experience from his former role as Head of Engineering for Paidy, the BNPL service which was acquired by Paypal earlier this year, to identify the pain points that no BNPL service in Japan has addressed until the creation of Smartpay.

Sam is a Harvard Business School Alum and in 2018 was recognised on the Digerati APAC list of the top 50 people in the digital industry by The Drum. He was formerly Head of Payments and Fintech APAC and Japan at Facebook, held senior roles at Mastercard and Standard Chartered Bank. In 2015, Sam wrote a white paper on e-commerce in Asia/Japan where he identified that the key to success for Japanese merchants was about making the online check-out experience as smooth as possible. Smartpay addresses this through its single-click, multiplatform checkout function.

The company is led in Japan by Naoya Otsubo, a highly recognized and experienced digital and FinTech leader. As Japan Country Manager for AppsFlyer, he built the team and the business from scratch and expanded the market share from 0 to 51%. As Director of Mid Market, APAC at Critero, Naoya created and managed teams in Japan, Korea and Australia, and at Yahoo! Inc. (Overture) and Yahoo! Japan he led multiple teams including Online Sales, Key Accounts and Global Sales.

Key investors

SMBC Venture Capital (SMBC-VC) has invested in Smartpay as its BNPL service of choice in Japan. As a leading banking institution in Japan, the investment by SMBC-VC enables Smartpay to help Japanese merchants succeed with e-commerce.

Global Founders Capital (GFC) are the global leaders in BNPL and consumer finance investments and provides Smartpay with deep operational support to build to scale. Smartpay and GFC will work together to bring global BNPL best practices to Japan in order to accelerate the growth and success of e-commerce across the country.

Accelerating e-commerce in Japan

Naoya Otsubo, Smartpay Country Manager explains that “Smartpay recognizes the anxiety of merchants in Japan will cause some retailers to potentially invest in the wrong areas. We believe that we can help merchants increase online sales conversions and revenue by 10 to 20% without having to invest in costly advertising or infrastructure builds.”

Co-founder Sam Ahmed added that “Our team has been passionate about Japan and its e-commerce journey for many years. We are seeing more consumers enjoying purchasing online and we’d like to help connect these consumers to the merchants in a more efficient manner.”

Co-founder Pieterjan Vandaele said that “We are extremely proud to have built an exciting and unique service specifically for Japan. For consumers, we focused on taking away the worries around fees, providing simplicity for signups, and delivering the smoothest user experience. For merchants, we provide an accessible service that focuses on revenue growth.”

Smartpay’s purpose is to enable all Japanese merchants to succeed in e-commerce. From December 2021, Smartpay will be providing a free e-commerce training for 10,000 Japanese merchants to learn e-commerce best practices for onsite conversion, attracting new customers and revenue expansion.

About Smartpay

Smartpay understands the uncertainty and anxiety people face in the new world of digital commerce. Our all-in-one payment experience and interest-free BNPL solution is designed to solve Japanese consumer payment issues and improve merchant conversion rates. By eliminating interest, hidden fees, and the anxiety consumers feel about sharing their data, our service provides the smoothest user experience for online payments. For merchants, we deliver a system solution that focuses on growing their revenue. We are changing the standard of payments, shopping, and consumer finance solutions. For consumers, for businesses, for both. For more information, please visit:

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CIMC Vehicles is Officially Listed on the ChiNext Board of China

CIMC Vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd. (“CIMC Vehicles” or the “Group”, stock code: 1839.HK/301039.SZ) announces that it has been officially listed on the ChiNext Board of China and achieved “A+H” dual-listing status.
For its listing on the ChiNext Board, CIMC Vehicles issued approximately 253 million shares at an offer price of RMB 6.96 per share. The total funds raised reached RMB 1.758 billion. Funds raised by CIMC Vehicles will continue to be allocated in constructing the “Sophisticated Manufacturing System”, including digitalization, research and development project, “Light Tower Plants” upgrade and construction project and new sales & marketing construction project, as well as repayment of bank borrowings and replenishment of working capital.

Revenue reached a record high in 2020; Expected increase of 29.1%-44.1% for the first half of 2021

CIMC Vehicles is the industry leader in semi-trailers. According to the data of global semi-trailer manufacturers by production released by “Global Trailer” in 2020, CIMC Vehicles’ semi-trailer business ranked first in the world for eight consecutive years. In addition to the global semi-trailer business, CIMC Vehicles also engages in truck bodies for specialty vehicles as well as refrigerated truck bodies in China.

Through continuous exploration and development, CIMC Vehicles has formed an operation model based on
“Intercontinental Operation, Local Manufacturing” which is in response to the current globalization conditions. Relying on its competitive advantages in China, the company actively develops intercontinental operation and acquired a number of renowned brands to create significant brand advantages across the globe.

In China, the company manages renowned brands such as “Tonghua”, “Huajun”, “SCVC SAILING”, “Ruijiang Vehicles”, “Lingyu Vehicles” and “Liangshan Dongyue” etc.; in North America, the company manages renowned brands such as “Vanguard” and “CIE”; and in Europe, the company manages long-established brands, such as “SDC” in the United Kingdom and “LAG” in Belgium.

For client resources, with years of operation and experience, the company has formed cooperation with leading transportation companies and leasing companies in Europe and the United States such as JB Hunt, Schneider, Milestone, TIP and DHL. In the business of truck bodies for specialty vehicles in China, the company has established good partnerships with major domestic heavy truck companies such as SAIC. Hongyan, Shaanxi Automobile and FAW Jiefang.

In the first quarter of 2021, CIMC Vehicles achieved a revenue of RMB6.88 billion, a year-on-year increase of 68.3%; the net profit attributable to the parent company was RMB 203 million, a year-on-year increase of 130.2%. Meanwhile, CIMC Vehicles expects that its revenue will reach RMB14.51 billion to RMB16.20 billion in the first half of 2021, a year-on-year increase of 29.1%-44.1%.

In 2020, the company’s revenue has reached a record high. As the company was still able to achieve high growth rates with such a large income base, the growth of CIMC Vehicles thus be seen.

CIMC Vehicles expects that with the widespread vaccination against COVID-19, the global economy will recover gradually. Meanwhile, the domestic market will continue to benefit from the favourable policies of the new national standard of second-generation of semi-trailers, the promotion of the “new infrastructure construction” and the rapid rise in the demand for cold chain logistics. Therefore, there is high hope on the future performance of the company.

Establishing the “Sophisticated Manufacturing System”, leading the transformation and upgrading of semi-trailers and specialty-vehicles industries

At present, as the global manufacturing industry enters a new era of transformation and upgrading as well as reconstruction, Chinese manufacturing companies are also accelerating from traditional manufacturing to sophisticated and intelligent manufacturing. According to China’s “14th Five-Year Plan” and the 2035 long-term outline, the industry needs to increase from the traditional manufacturing to mid-to-sophisticated manufacturing system and high-technology.

In the era of intellectualization, the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing is a major proposition. For semi-trailer and specialty-vehicles manufacturers, CIMC Vehicles is deeply involved in the vertical field, continuously improving the automation, intelligence, and digitization of manufacturing, and using Internet of Things technology, Mobile Internet technology. Realizing the development of semi-trailer and special-purpose vehicle manufacturing toward intelligent, networked, shared, and energy-saving are the key ways of leading enterprises to maintain their competitiveness in the industry.

As an industry leader and pioneer, CIMC Vehicles has distinct advantages in R&D technology. As of the end of 2020, the company has more than 700 R&D personnel in the worldwide with more than 1,000 registered patents and participated in the formulation and modification of 22 national and industry standards for semi-trailers and special vehicles in China.

Based on forward-looking judgments on the future development, CIMC Vehicles has explored the construction of “Sophisticated Manufacturing System” since 2014. At present, the company has built 13 semi-trailer light tower plants and 6 specialty vehicle installation light tower plants at home and abroad. 2 light tower plants for truck bodies of refrigerated trucks production, and a series of “product modules” for semi-trailer products have been built.

Looking forward, the company will build a sophisticated manufacturing system, upgrade the product module, improve the light tower plants, kick off the sales and market transformation and promoting the organizational development as the four key cornerstones to enhance competitiveness as well as continue to strengthen technological investment, and allow technological innovation Become the source of technological upgrading and lead the industry to new heights.

Sophisticated Manufacturing System is the backbone of the modern industrial system and occupies an important position in the “14th Five-Year Plan”. In fact, the process of CIMC Vehicles becoming No. 1 in the world is also a historical epitome of China’s strategic transformation from a “manufacturing country of quantity ” to a ” powerful manufacturing country of quality”. In the future, CIMC Vehicles will fully utilize the A-share capital platform to lead the industry to a new horizon.

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