MNO | Business Networking Majority Ownership is Now Female-Owned

 This week, MNO, a company that’s changing the landscape of online business networking, has transferred majority ownership to Melissa Levin. This new role in leadership comes from an initiative launched by MNO leaders to empower women in business and ensure there’s a wide mix of representation within the company.

The new majority owner of MNO, Melissa Levin, was born in SoCal and has been an entrepreneur as a financial advisor since 1997. Levin’s impressive background has afforded her strength and business acumen that guides her in the workforce each day. Along the way, Levin’s education, family and life experiences have also paved the way for her success.

When asked about her new role, it was clear that Levin is excited to step into a larger leadership role with MNO:

“With everything going on in the world, I know that there is still a whole lot of good that can be shared and harnessed,” said Melissa Levin of MNO. “At MNO, we bring amazing people together to help transform their businesses, no matter the industry. I’m thrilled to be stepping into a role where I can help businesses transform for the better for years to come.”

Levin’s ability to push forward with a positive outlook, despite the challenges and difficulties that life and business can throw your way, is what helps make MNO a force to be reckoned with in the competitive world of professional networking. Her passion for helping grow businesses is paralleled with her passion for helping give independent music a voice in an otherwise noisy and mostly chaotic industry.

MNO is set to roll out local chapters across the country, and eventually on an international level. Melissa Levin will help spearhead that initiative to ensure company growth. For more information about Levin, visit MNO online.

MNO | Business Networking

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