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In “You’ll Do Anything for Him,” the authors offer their audience a new relationship perspective to understand the dynamics of many troubled relationships. Co-authored with her sister, Berta Hosier Conger, the book sets forth a framework of understanding for people who want to know why they don’t feel loved and cared about when they give their partner all their focus, attention, caring, understanding, consideration, and, above all, love.

These partners do not consciously realize that they “give up themselves” to try to make their relationship work. This relationship dynamic will never work. Readers will come to find out that “giving up one’s self” does not work to build the “US” required for a relationship’s longevity based on mutual caring.

An “US” cannot grow and mature and build on itself, when there is only one person fueling the relationship.

Throughout her professional career as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Hosier has observed many similarities between her personal relationship experiences and those of her sister and clients. She found it emotionally painful to listen as her clients used words such as “unhealthy” and “dysfunctional” and talked about themselves or referred to their partners as “passive‐aggressive,” “borderline,” or “narcissistic.”

This pushed the author to write a book that focuses on helping the individual change their perspective and their own relationship dynamics to grow emotionally wiser and kinder and caring, and emotionally mature.

How? By focusing on being genuine and authentic with their own self thereby valuing one’s self. And not by trying to manipulate giving love. In order to get loved.

Dr. Hosier asked for help from her sister, whose experiences and focus on detail, organization, and flow helped them to pen a book that would best explain what was happening to those individuals who would do anything and everything to please their partners.

“You’ll Do Anything for Him” will help you, to learn more about your “self” and understand why you are driven to do anything to please your partner. The co-authors’ insights will help you understand why and how you are not your authentic self in your important relationships – and what you might consider doing to come to value your own selves and what you give, to your partners, as being worthy of love.

If your love is not valued, that is when you consider leaving your relationship or going into therapy together with your partner and learning how to make your relationship work and value each other’s love…or not.

Gain a new relationship perspective today through “You’ll Do Anything for Him”, by Dr. Maureen E. Hosier and Berta Hosier Conger. Order a copy today on Amazon.

Visit Dr. Maureen E. Hosier’s website at www.maureenehosierphd.com to learn more about her work as an author and psychologist.

“You’ll Do Anything for Him”

Author | Dr. Maureen E. Hosier

Published date | 2021

Publisher | Maureen E Hosier, PhD

Genre | Self-help

Author Bio

Maureen has worked as a licensed psychologist in California since 1993. Her career focus has been the study of the psychological forces that underlie the behaviors, feelings, and emotions between people in relationships. She has specifically been interested in how a child’s lack of development of self‐esteem and self‐confidence within a parent‐child relationship, influences their adult style, patterns, and cycles of relating. She also co-authored the book “You’ll Do Anything for Her.”