Aprika Life Matcha launches Macha Green Tea with great results coming in

Aprika Life premium culinary grade matcha might just be going official, but tea fans across the US already know the deal—you need to snatch this one up when you can find it.

Aprika Life has already earned a following, and—like their matcha—their whole marketing approach is organic.

And it all started with one of the premier food; drink blogs in the world. Aprika Life’s flagship matcha powder recently ranked #1 for culinary matcha over at the Minimalist Baker. Tea fans—and coffee fans who were tired of the jitters and wanted something new—were intrigued.

Hello. Where did you come from?

Aprika Life Matcha came to life kind of by surprise. While vacationing in Japan back in 2017, co-founders Anton and Natalie discovered a vibrant green tea that—shock horror—surpassed their beloved coffee.

This unique specialty matcha is famously low in caffeine and free of pesticides and middle men. Anton and Natalie were committed to going the direct route in sharing this exact matcha with the US market.

So they hopped a plane and returned to the source.

They teamed up with the family they’d met a year earlier. A family who, as it turned out, have been growing matcha in Japan for over 800 years. Family matters and Aprika Life’s founders knew it.

The result: a family-run business supporting another family-run business, and bringing exceptional, affordable, premium Japanese matcha to the US market.

The Beauty of Matcha

Aprika Life Matcha is infused with high-impact flavor and a nutritionally-dense delivery of superfoods. It’s also organic, free of artificial flavors, low in caffeine, and zero-sugar.

Need we say more? Yes, we do:

  • 100% USDA Organic and JAS certified. Aprika Life Matcha is fresh, safe, and delicious. It’s free of nasties and full of antioxidants.
  • Ultra-smooth. Been put off by gritty, bitter matcha in the past? Same here. Not so with Aprika Life—it’s smooth, never bitter, shade-grown, and selectively hand-picked to be the best you’ve ever had.
  • Vibrant. We love a good green matcha. Aprika Life Matcha stays that vibrant apple green even in water.
  • Superior texture. Speaking of water, this one is easy to whisk (you can even pick up a whisk through their website). It dissolves beautifully, so you get to enjoy it’s intense flavor and lingering spice notes with no bits.
  • Seriously—the best you’ve ever had. This family-owned and operated matcha operation is so convinced of that, they’ll give you your money back if you don’t love it.

Not all matcha is created equal.

To be the best, it needs to be high-grade. It needs to be vibrant, and fresh, and harvested at the source. In the era of eating from farm-to-plate, Aprika Life Matcha is embracing farm-to-cup—and its customers are reaping the benefits.

Are you going to be one of them?

Aprika Life Matcha — from family to family, from farm to cup. This is the real matcha you’ve got to try.

Join the Movement 

Aprika Life Matcha posts regular content to Instagram where you can stay up-to-date with exclusive deals, have access to creative and delicious matcha recipes and get inspired to make your own new creations using Aprika Life Matcha. Join the community and share your ideas with us by following Aprika Life Matcha on Instagram today.

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Matcha Design Awarded Four Prestigious Davey Awards

 Matcha Design, a full-service creative company known for their creative design solutions to complex branding challenges, brought home four prestigious awards from the 2021 International Davey Awards. The 17th annual Davey Awards accepted submissions from over 2,000 small design companies worldwide and chose winners who showed great design skill despite a small team and small budget.

The award’s name comes from the parable of David and Goliath where a clever man defeats a giant with his creativity and with rather than his strength. Recipients of the Davey award embody the spirit of David from this parable, using their wit and ingenuity to defeat large design challenges. The Davey awards are overseen and judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA), an organization that brings together professionals from many sectors of the art world.

Matcha Design’s logo design for HalcyIT brought home the gold award for corporate identity logos this year. HalcyIT is a Tulsa Oklahoma-based IT company that focuses on providing IT services to the medical industry. They provide security-first tech support to help medical facilities stay on top of changing technological requirements. The cool colour palette and angular design emphasized that HalcyIT is on the cutting edge of the field of medical technology.

Matcha Design was awarded the silver award for Integrated Campaign Promotional & Branding for Consolidated SKO’s Virtual Conference. This campaign promoted a virtual conference and provided easy-to-access information about the conference. They created an adaptable design for the conference that could easily be placed on a variety of products and platforms.

The Davey Awards presented Matcha Design with another silver award, this one in General Consumer Products/Service Website, for their work with fixthewifi.com. They supported fixthewifi.com in their website design, creating an easy-to-use, interactive website that led the customers through a series of options for professional wifi help.

The final Davey Award that Matcha Design received this year was a silver award for General Corporate Communications Website. They were awarded this accolade for their work with OkChiller.com. OkChiller is an Oklahoma-based commercial HVAC company that needed someone to design and maintain their website for them. The Davey Awards appreciated this site because it was easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing.

“We are honoured that the Davey Awards recognized us four times this year. It is a privilege to compete with such a prestigious field of applicants from around the world.” – Chris Lo, President of Matcha Design, Tulsa, OK

About Matcha Design

Matcha Design is a full-service creative agency specializing in web design, print, identity, branding, interface design, video production, still photography and motion design. With a passion for excellence and a multi-cultural background, our award-winning practices prove our philosophy; our clients aren’t numbers, they’re relationships. For more information, visit www.MatchaDesign.com.

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