Author Miss Marta Mangual’s New Book, “If You Go Out on Halloween Night,” is a Charming and Delightful Poem Written About the Author’s Favorite Childhood Holiday

 Miss Marta Mangual, who was born in Puerto Rico, has completed her new book, “If You Go Out on Halloween Night”: an enchanting children’s story that captures the magic of Halloween, discussing ghosts, mummies, goblins, crows, wolves, cats, bats, scarecrows, zombies, and more.

Author Marta Mangual has lived in the United States for many years. She likes writing children’s books and plans to write for adults in the future.

Published by Page Publishing, Miss Marta Mangual’s enjoyable tale features vibrant illustrations that bring the rhyming story to life. Halloween is the author’s favorite childhood holiday, and this enchanting book expresses her passion for the holiday.

Readers who wish to experience this festive work can purchase “If You Go Out on Halloween Night” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Page Publishing at 866-315-2708.

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Marta McCary’s “Miracle in the Mountains” Will Be Exhibited at the 2023 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

San Diego, CA – WEBWIRE

Catch Marta McCarys book display at the 2023 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

An extraordinary true story of wilderness immersion, this author recounts unbelievable adventures, near-death experiences, and the miracles that saved her life. Yet, most importantly, what emerges from the pages are divine messages she received in NDEs which illuminate clarity upon the evolutionary changes humanity is going through in these times.

As a teenager this author walked out of the modern world and immersed into the northern wilderness. Spanning over a year in the silence, her phenomenal experiences, forever changed her perceptions of life and death. This author shares a beautiful and uplifting message. Through near-death insights, this story pierces the veil of human understanding revealing humanitys evolutionary situation.

Marta McCary returned to the modern world becoming a mother and pursued a career in acute medical settings attending to those in the birthing or dying process. Her NDEs motivated a life of spiritual training within the wisdom traditions to prepare for what she was divinely shown, which she believes is now imminent and of great importance to each and every human soul. She is now an author, speaker, and teacher of meditative disciplines.

Enjoy Martas harrowing, but liberating wilderness adventures as she discovers the deeper mysteries of life. Follow along on the pages with Marta as her primal, symbiotic relationship with nature is reawakened by the majestic mountains. Get a copy of Miracle in the Mountains: Near Death Revelations of a Divine Plan: A Riveting True Story of Trekking Through the Northern Wilderness by Marta McCary on Amazon. Also, make sure to visit the ReadersMagnet exhibit at booth #225 at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books to view the books display.

Miracle in the Mountains: Near Death Revelations of a Divine Plan: A Riveting True
Story of Trekking Through the Northern Wilderness
Author | Marta McCary
Genre | Spiritual, Wilderness Adventures
Publisher | Archangel Ink
Published date | February 19, 2022


As a teenager, Marta walked into the furthest depths of the pristine Northern Canadian Rockies. Her wilderness immersion, lasting over a year, miraculously survived near- death experiences, and was given a soul view of the evolutionary transition humanity is going through in these times. Her book shares how her NDEs parallel ancient prophecies and are also congruent with Earth changes unfolding now. The wilderness immersion set a firm spiritual direction to train in the wisdom traditions and to prepare for the grand planetary and spiritual shift she had glimpsed in near-death. She recently closed the chapter on her lifes career as an RN in the birthing and dying arenas of service. As a youthful elder she is an author, speaker, and teacher of meditative disciplines.

Marta Xiangjin Cao Strengthens PRESTIGE Media Group Network in China and Asia

Marta Xiangjin Cao, who is of Chinese origin and lives in western Switzerland, is a multi-faceted and internationally networked personality. She studied literature, Spanish and English at the Tianjin Foreign Studies University in China, economics and urban planning at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, and accounting and financial analysis at the London Business School in Great Britain. She is currently completing the Executive MBA Program (EMBA) at the IMD Business School in Lausanne.

Professionally, she worked for the representative office of Shandong province in Shanghai in the field of international investment relations and later founded Moma China SA in Vevey, Switzerland, an organization that promotes cultural and communicative exchange between Switzerland and China. Marta Cao has been working in the health and catering industry since 2010: first as Managing Director and shareholder of Swiss Health Alliance AG in Le Mont Pélerin above Vevey with activities in the fields of healthcare treatments, medical tourism, and investment projects of biomedicine and paramedicine. Then as Managing Director and shareholder in the Mirador Health & Wellness Center AG, domiciled in a luxury resort that was sold to Chinese listed company in 2016 with her participation. Since 2020, the internationally active project manager has acted as consultant and investor for biomedical projects.

As an advisory board member of PMG, Marta Cao will support the planned expansion in the Sino-Asian region. This gives PMG even better access to the luxury segment in Asia and thus opens further sales potential of a considerable amount. She will join the advisory board which already constitutes renowned and internationally networked personalities such as the Swiss advertising and communication specialist Frank Bodin, the media expert Dr. Steven Neubauer and management consultant Mark Simon Müller.