Hong Kong – Hong Kong Heritage Museum’s “Miss You Much Leslie Exhibition” welcomes its 300 000th visitor and its arrangement on commemorating Leslie Cheung’s 67th birthday on September 12 (with photos)

Hong Kong Heritage Museum’s “Miss You Much Leslie Exhibition” welcomes its 300 000th visitor and its arrangement on commemorating Leslie Cheung’s 67th birthday on September 12 (with photos)


     To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the passing of superstar Leslie Cheung, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum (HKHM) is staging “Miss You Much Leslie Exhibition”. The exhibition has received overwhelming response from the local public and visitors since its opening on March 29 and it welcomed its 300 000th visitor today (August 13).

     To celebrate this special moment, the HKHM has prepared a surprise gift for the 300 000th visitor. The Under Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr Raistlin Lau; one of the guest curators of the exhibition Ms Florence Chan; and the Museum Director (Heritage Museum), Mr Brian Lam, presented the visitor a packet of thoughtful souvenirs today which included an exhibition poster with autographs of the three guest curators namely Mr William Chang, Mr Wing Shya and Ms Chan, complimentary tickets for the Hong Kong Film Archive’s film screening programme “Revisiting the Glory Days – The Legacy of Leslie and Anita”, Leslie Cheung’s 20th Anniversary Antique Rose Commemorative Medal and a gift pack of “Hong Kong Pop 60+”. The 300 000th visitor is from the Lee family. Both Mr and Mrs Lee love to listen to Leslie Cheung’s songs. They are happy to appreciate Leslie Cheung’s concert costumes at the exhibition, thinking that he is the collective memory of Hong Kong people. The Lee family often visits the HKHM and is delighted to see that the museum has various exhibitions on the themes of Hong Kong pop culture. Besides the Leslie Cheung exhibition, they are also impressed by the Bruce Lee and “Hong Kong Pop 60+” exhibition.

     On the other hand, September 12 (Tuesday) is the 67th birthday of Leslie Cheung. The HKHM will make a special arrangement to open the museum which is originally scheduled to be closed on Tuesday to commemorate this all-time superstar with the public. The museum will also offer free screening of two movies acted by Leslie Cheung at the theatre on the first floor of the museum. “Okinawa Rendez-vous” and “Ashes of Time” will be screened at 11am and 3pm respectively. Audiences can queue up for admission 15 minutes before the programme commences. Admission is free with limited quota on a first-come, first-served basis.

     With exceptional talent and a unique style, Leslie Cheung became one of Hong Kong’s influential superstars. His numerous music, film and TV works over the years established his status as an icon in the glory days of Cantopop and Hong Kong cinema in the 1980s and 1990s. His artistic achievements have transcended time and space. He has profound influence on local pop culture.

     The Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival 2023 organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) will present free music performances, Busking@Museum at the museum lobby on four Sundays in September from 2pm to 5pm. Visitors can enjoy classic hits of Leslie Cheung and other pop songs performed by five local musicians and groups. There will be no admission tickets required and no seating for the performances.

     “Miss You Much Leslie Exhibition” currently held at 2/F, Open Space of the HKHM, showcases a total of 61 exhibits. Precious exhibits on display include four concert costumes worn by Leslie Cheung, such as the red cloak and suit with stonework and the pair of red high heels in his “Live in Concert 97”, the outfit with white feathers and the pair of blue embellished jeans worn by him in his “Passion Tour” concert, and the meticulously crafted seashell culottes designed for him by a famous French designer. The exhibition also presents some of his vinyl records, such as the vinyl record of “For Your Heart Only” (White Edition), the vinyl record of “Stand Up” (Purple Edition); music, movie and TV awards like the Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Presentation – “Monica” and the Best Film Song of the 14th Hong Kong Film Awards – “Chase”, and the Best Album Award of the Four Channels Song Award – “Untitled”. Visitors can also revisit Leslie Cheung’s photo album “Celebration”, photographed by Mr Shya and some concert photos. Presented by the LCSD and organised by the HKHM, the exhibition is supported by Les FANmily and will run until October 9 at the HKHM (1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin) with free admission. It is one of the pre-festival programmes of the Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival 2023. The organiser extends special thanks to Mr Daffy Tong for sharing the personal collection of Leslie Cheung. For details of the exhibition, please visit hk.heritage.museum/en_US/web/hm/exhibitions/data/exid276.html, or call 2180 8188 for enquiries.

     Apart from “Miss You Much Leslie Exhibition”, visitors are also welcome to visit “Out of Thin Air: Hong Kong Film Arts and Costumes” exhibition, “Bruce Lee: a Timeless Classic” pop-up display, “A Man Beyond the Ordinary: Bruce Lee” exhibition and “Hong Kong Pop 60+” permanent exhibition to learn more about Hong Kong pop culture.

     The first Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival organised by the LCSD aims to offer an array of programmes, from pop concerts and performances to thematic exhibitions, film screenings, outdoor and outreach activities, showcasing Hong Kong’s unique cultural creativity and vibrancy. For more information on other fascinating programmes of the Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival, please visit www.pcf.gov.hk/en.