JG Franchise Lending Launches New Website for Securing SBA and Investment Banker Funds to Help Franchisees; Franchises Wanted for Post COVID-19 Funding Plans

JG Franchise Lending Launches New Website to Help Franchises Get Post-Covid Funding.

Franchise lenders are ready to assist businesses seeking funding to reopen, renovate and rebuild after Coronavirus. In response, JG Franchise Lending has launched a new website. With a simpler application process and a live chat assistant know as The Money Bunny, JGFL is strongly positioned to help franchises succeed.

CEO, Co-founder Gary Bacher said, “As a Franchisee, we know you have a myriad of lending options and choosing wisely is critical for your success. We understand what it takes to get all the moving parts to sync so that you may get the best terms possible. No need to spend months looking for lenders that do not understand your business!”

The toughest challenge for a franchisor is to get locations open quickly and with the least amount of aggravation. JG Franchise Lending optimizes the liquidity of the company, structuring loans so that the franchisee will have the borrowing power down the road to meet the their commitment to the franchisor’s development plan.

About The Company:
JG Franchise Lending Offers:
Development lines of credit
New builds
Partner buy-outs
Conventional and SBA loans
Investment banking options
Up to 25 years on real estate
Interest only options
No Prepayment penalty on some loans
No personal guarantee on some loans
Convenience of applying online