Learn from Rachel O’Mahony, a British fashion designer, how to start a new fashion brand

Rachel O’Mahony, a British fashion designer and owner of two fashion brands, knows a lot about starting a business and making it a brand. Having a successful business can take a lot of time, but with tips and tricks from someone who is already a brand leader, she takes the guesswork out of it for startups.

Recently, Rachel O’Mahony talked about how to start a fashion brand and how to keep it successful among the target market internationally. The tips and secrets shared by her are according to the market for the textile and fashion industries and can be applied to other industries generally as well. Rachel consults with new designers often as part of her business and enjoys seeing other designers succeed in the competitive industry.Rachel had started a brand named Aloura London with her university friend, where they madeready-to-wear womenswear dresses and had a couture line featuring embellished evening gowns. Recently, the designer duo parted their ways, and Rachel plans on focusing on making her style prominent and working with more freedom to express her unique ideas under the umbrella of her newly established brand, Rachel Mahony.

While the fashion industry is one of the most prominent in the glamor world, Rachel herself has styled and made customized couture for a number of celebrities. She says,

It is important to let your own ideas flow through your designs and establish a niche so people remember you for your aesthetic. 

Rachel urges the new startups to focus on what reflects their interests and where their passion leads them. She says that she started the business that was intriguing to her after she learned a lot from the internships she had in the industry, and that best reflected her interest.

She states that it is important to follow your passion, as the brand will need a lot of attention and interest from the owner. No brand can thrive if people don’t put their hearts into it.She states the importance of having a great team that supports the owner’s ideas and works hard to make the brand flourish. She says:

My team is the one who makes my ideas presentable to the manufacturers. They need to understand the design ideas and brand ethos for it to be presented in the best and most efficient way’

O’Mahony also says that boutique brands will not find it beneficial for creativity to follow trends, as they come and go so fast. A business owner should be unique and set new styles for others. The uniqueness and creativity of a brand reflect the promise of a business.Rachel emphasizes manifesting ideas. She says the power behind thoughts makes things come true in reality. New entrepreneurs should think about their ventures and keep positive thoughts about the brand’s success. This will promote positive vibes at work and increase the chances of success.

O’Mahony states that the business can grow faster if you go to social events to expand your network and meet new people in the industry – including celebrities and bloggers that can wear and promote the clothing worldwide. It is always great to meet new people with similar interests and bounce ideas around to inspire you.

Rachel also speaks about her failure, which happened due to a lack of quality by the supplier. She learned from this and made changes in her way of doing business with vendors so that she wouldn’t have to face such a situation again.

About Rachel O’Mahony

As a young British fashion designer, Rachel is best known for her definitive, sophisticatedly artistic, and delicate hand-made textile garments that have been featured in British Vogue, Glamour, and Wonderland magazines. Rachel was awarded a BA Hons degree in Fashion Design Womenswear from the London College of Fashion in 2014. RM has also won several awards for her work, such as the LCF People’s Choice Award and the Cass Art Student Spotlight Competition.

During her studies, Rachel completed work experience at Celine, Alexander McQueen, Burberry, and British Vogue. During her internship with McQueen, she was given the task of focusing on couture gowns, which define feminine form, and has developed an interest in Illustration as a means to create novel print patterns for clothes and textiles. Rachel O’Mahony combines modern evening wear, tailored suits, and elegant embroidery. Her premium collection is skillfully designed to bring style and femininity to the elegant woman with a couture edge.

For additional information and business inquiries, please contact: https://rachelmahony.com

Learn to Do Rituals and Spells With Sabrina Meglio’s “Spells For the Full Moon”

Publisher | Palmetto Publishing

Book retail price | ebook, $6.49; paperback, $12.99; hardcover, $19.99


Author Bio


Sabrina is a natural born psychic medium. She is native to Hollywood, California. Sabrina says that “not all psychic readings are about prediction. Sometimes it’s about guiding you with the help of your spirit guides on your life path.” She has been doing spiritual work for over 25 years and loves helping her clients find their paths on their own spiritual journey.

Learn the Music Industry and Elevate Your Career at A&R University

 Want a career in the music industry but don’t know how to get there? A&R University is a new online course and community designed for aspiring artists who want to get one step closer to getting signed to a label and for aspiring music executives that want to learn the in’s and out’s of the current climate of the music industry. A&R University was founded by Zoe Young, a leading executive in the music industry who is responsible for launching multi-platinum artists like French Montana, Blac Youngsta, BIA, DDG and more into music stardom.

A&R University aims to connect members to music industry experts that have years of experience in the industry as well as a community of aspiring producers, managers, songwriters, and artists that are accessible and open to network. A&R University offers members access to tools and resources designed to help guide them through the legal, financial, writing, and production process of the music industry.

“As I began my career in the industry there was very little information about being an A&R and how to get into the field, I’m changing that,” says Young. “A&R University is an educational platform where I have gathered my music industry peers to help aspiring creatives and executives learn more about working in the industry as well as offer them opportunities to network.”

Young is an influential glass-ceiling breaker for women in the music industry and has helped artists amass billions of streams and multiple platinum and gold records. Young hopes to continue to help more people find success in the music industry and wants to help more women and people of color obtain positions of influence in the music industry.

About A&R University:

A&R University is an online course and community designed to help aspiring creatives and executives take the next step in their career. Founded by Zoe Young, the music executive behind multi-platinum artists like French Montana, Blac Youngsta, BIA, DDG and more. A&R University is designed to help those looking to work in the world of music and guide them through their journey.

A&R University

Oscar Hernandez





  • Music

Learn the ABCs with an Actual Animal Pictures and Fun Poems for Your Kids

Now, you are learning the alphabet with real animals to help you begin.

Young ones can now learn the ABCs while appreciating actual photographed animals around the world. From Alligator to Zebra, Alphabet Zoo offers fun-filled poems and delightful images that make learning the alphabet enjoyable, lively, and engaging. Indeed, kids will know more about the animal kingdom—their natural habitat, unique features, and characteristics. Also included in the book (a “lagniappe”) are nuggets of animal facts—did you know a Bison can run 40 miles an hour? Dolphin mothers also cuddle their young and many more! 

Get to see twenty-six animals represent the letters of the alphabet with an extra touch of educational fun. Each page is a blend of vivid photography and playful writing, as there’s a sense of rhythm and rhyme that makes these poems a pleasure to read aloud for kids. This delightful informational photo book has all parents ask for—colorful alphabet letters, fun facts, and bright, eye-catching images of amphibians, mammals, reptiles, and birds. Authors Pat and Martha bring the animal kingdom to life while little ones learn how to read and recognize every wildlife.

Alphabet Zoo is a perfect book for your toddlers and preschoolers, developing your child’s vocabulary and understanding of wild animals. In learning, visibility is the first fundamental step. Seeing real animals and their corresponding letters that are together made more learning happen simultaneously and perhaps immersive. Each page features a colorful letter and a corresponding animal with a short poem beside the image in this book. Parents can help their children excitingly learn the alphabet by seeing and reading while learning some unfamiliar zoology together.

What makes this brilliant book distinct, however, is that one hundred percent of the profit gained from the book sales will be donated to a foundation for the education of children. With a bit of love of books and our children’s learning, we also help other unfortunate children enjoy reading, learning, and understanding the world around them.

Pat Chapman and Martha Ellis also published several works on photography and poetry, such as They Laugh in My Language, Journey to the Seventh Continent, and Storybook LivesThe Alphabet Zoo is also available in Spanish to cater to its readers across the globe.

“Alphabet Zoo”

This book is also widely available at www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, www.kobo.com, etc.

We can be reached at info@aegadesign.co.uk

Writers: Pat Chapman and Martha Ellis
Publisher: AEGA Design Publishing Ltd.

ISBN: 978-1-7398104-3-6 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-7398104-4-3 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-7398104-5-0 (E-book)

About the Authors

Pat Chapman and Martha Ellis are photographers and writers; however, their goal is to bring the planet to others in creative and life-changing ways. They continue their exploring with dreams of more insightful awakenings in their own future. An earlier book about their expedition to Antarctica is available under the title of “Journey to the Seventh Continent.”

Gerald Simpson Creates a Unique Method of Learning System Which Makes Mathematics Fun and Easy to Learn, in His Workbook “Travel and Learn Your Multiplications and More”

Learning Mathematics is a challenging and tedious task. Most children have short attention spans. Simpson designed a method that will enable children to have fun while learning. Through singing method allows the children to learn as they are sung to catchy tunes. Your kids can play and learn to multitask while listening to the tables and modules, they can sing along with the music and be able to memorize the tables proficiently and with effective retention. 
Give your children the best and every effort should be made to give them that edge the soonest possible. In the US, a fee of $19.00 will be charged for each CD, plus $5.00 for shipping and handling.
Book available at: https://youronlinepublicist.com/product/travel-and-learn-your-multiplications-and-more-by-gerald-a-simpson/
Travel and Learn Your Multiplications and More
Author: Gerald A. Simpson
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: August 2021
Genre: Mathematics
Target Audience: Between 3 to 10
About the Author
Gerald A. Simpson was born on February 14th, 1954 in the Caribbean island of Barbados. He migrated to the United States of America in 1980 and resides in Brooklyn. Gerald is employed as a chef at a major hotel and a bus attendant at another.
His hobbies include playing cricket, table tennis (ping-pong), billiards, and ballroom dancing. Gerald is particularly fond of returning to the land of his birth to participate in its annual carnival festivities so that whenever the opportunity arises, you can find him revelling to sweet calypso music at the Crop-Over Festival in Barbados.

As long as he could recall, he has had a burning desire to educate himself and others on such subjects as English and Mathematics. The launching of his “Travel and Learn” series is indeed the fulfillment of a life-long dream. He hopes this material would be beneficial and enjoyable to all its participants.