Kridovia is going to Introduce IGUASSU Air Purifier

Kolkata, India, 18 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, As the family tries to live in a safer environment and finding appropriate ways of holding social gatherings and family functions over the next few months, air purifiers have emerged as a possible method to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 among families and friends. Home air purifiers are on the rise, especially when it comes to the concern over indoor air quality. While your home is designed to offer you shelter, it is important to maintain the quality of air to have a healthy life. Are you thinking if the air purifiers are really that effective to improve the quality of indoor air? The answer to this question is YES. Air Purifiers essentially work by sanitizing the air, which includes pollutants, allergens, and toxins. So, if you are planning to get the best quality air purifier, Kridovia has the best options for you. Kridovia is one of the leading home and kitchen appliances suppliers in Kolkata and offers the best services to its consumers.

“We always wanted to do something innovative to ease the living of the people, to ensure that we have established Kridovia in the year 2016. Since then, we are working hard and putting great efforts to improve the way of living and cut out the extra efforts of people in doing daily household chores. At the time of the pandemic, we want to help people out with safer and healthier indoor air quality. That’s why; we are going to launch the exclusive air purifier of IGUASSU.” said Mr. Rikesh Jaiswal, the founder of Kridovia. Not only that, Kridovia is the best home and kitchen appliances supplier in Kolkata and offers the best quality products of international brands. But this time, they are going to introduce the new model of IGUASSU air purifier to enhance the quality of the air purifier.

Before understanding more about the air purifier, let us know a little bit about IGUASSU. IGUASSU is a registered brand of Chungho Nais which deals in appliances and gadgets related to health and purification. The brand develops new technology consecutively to abide by the trust of its suppliers and customers. The vision of the brand is to provide the total care solution for health and life by developing creative technology and providing the best products. Kridovia is the best air purifier supplier of IGUASSU in Kolkata and ensures that the consumers easily understand the working of the gadget. The Air Purifier has an effective area coverage of 21 m2 and offers dust collection efficiency and deodorization efficiency. The dust collection efficiency of the air purifier removes the dust particles, pollens, toxins, and other related articles from the air and ensures healthier air to breathe. The deodorization efficiency of the air purifier removes the damp smell from the air and reduces the chances of lung problems. The air purifier also offers anti-bacterial and anti-viral capacity which can ensure healthier and safer indoor air quality and reduces the risk of any bacterial or viral disease.

The air purifier proves to be the best choice for people who face lung problems and allergies. The model has four filters in total namely, Pre-Filter, Antibiotic Filter, HEPA Filter, and Deodorization & Medium Carbon Filter. After purifying the air, the air purifier shows the clean sign light and also has an air quality indicator which shows that how safe is the air to breathe. The user can also adjust the air quality sensor quality and also has silent mode. However, the purifier doesn’t make much noise and it is not going to interrupt your peace. It is also lightweight and one can shift the air purifier from one room to another. In short, we can say that Kridovia has come up with the best home appliance this time to head to healthy living.

Air Purifiers have proved to be the best product to ensure the healthy living of the people. So, make a way to healthy living and get the best quality product of the international brand, IGUASSU from Kridovia, the best air purifier supplier in Kolkata. The air purifier works well with maintaining the quality of air and removing harmful particles from it.

Kridovia is Featuring Wine Cooler of AAVTA London This Summer

Kolkata, India, 15 May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, No matter if you are a novice wine admirer who just started to develop their palate or pro wine lover who loves to collect every type of wine for their precious collection, the wine cooler is the best way to store your wine effectively and efficiently. One can also serve the wine effortlessly at the ideal temperature to maximize the flavor. Well, if you are thinking about where to get the best quality wine cooler and which model will be the best suited for you, Kridovia is here to help you. Kridovia is the best home and kitchen appliances provider in India and offers the best platform to shop smart home and kitchen appliances from international brands. It is one of the superior e-commerce businesses in the home and kitchen appliances industry.

This time they have come up with the elegant idea of featuring the AAVTA London wine cooler in India. Mr. Rikesh Jaiswal, the founder of Kridovia always believed in making the life of people easier and he always wanted to cut out the extra time and efforts of the people. By featuring the wine cooler, he wants to celebrate the people’s love of wine. He said, “People who love wine, considered it as their perishable treasure, and to keep them safe and sound, the wine cooler is the best option. The AAVTA London wine cooler proved to be the best choice and smart purchase to store all types of wines at the correct temperature. The storing of wine at the correct temperature will ensure the correct aging and accurate flavor profiles of the wine. We are the best home and kitchen appliances provider in India who tend to promise the best quality wine cooler of AAVTA London.” The AAVTA London wine cooler is the best way to keep the wine bottles safely away from the factors that will deteriorate the perfect wine flavor.

Before understanding the specific features of wine coolers, let’s understand about AAVTA London. AAVTA London is a British brand that specifies wine cooling and the wine cooler offered by the brand promises the specific conditions to store the wine. Kridovia is the best wine cooler supplier of AAVTA London. The wine cooler is designed with a smoked glass door to protect the wine from harmful UV lights. Kridovia offers wine coolers that fulfill the specific requirements of storing wine. The wine cooler has 3 layer smoked glasses door that prevents the harmful UV lights that interrupt the aging process of wine. It also has electronic control with an LED temperature display to maintain the constant temperature to store the wine. As we know, that the proper humidity is important, if the humidity is too low the cork will dry out and shrink, the wine cooler introduced by Kridovia has come up with humidity control. It also has a soft LED interior light with an on/off switch. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your precious babies as the wine cooler comes up with a security door lock and alarm. The wine cooler has a stainless steel handle and door frame that gives the flare of a style to the model. Kridovia is the best wine cooler supplier in India that offers exciting ranges of AAVTA London wine cooler with different sizes and capacities along with storage from 28 bottles to 157 bottles.

If you have a great collection of wine and you like to savor every drop of wine at its best, then get the AAVTA London wine cooler from the best wine cooler supplier in India, Kridovia. The wine coolers work well with long-term storage and one can get the wine cooler according to the size, bottle capacity, volume, temperature zones, cooling components, and the period of wine storage.

Kridovia has Introduced White Westinghouse Dehumidifier with Hepa Filter in India

Kolkata, India, 31st March, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Kridovia, a well-known brand that provides smart home and kitchen appliances, is now all set to grow with some new efficient and effective goodies. Kridovia Appliances is considered to be the best platform to buy smart home and kitchen appliances from international brands. It is one of the leading e-commerce businesses in home and kitchen appliances and provides the best services as per the type of households. The idea behind the Kridovia is to save the time and efforts of people in the daily household chores. The brand was established in 2016 and since then serving people with its quality and effective services.

As the summers and monsoons are arriving, so does the humidity and that sweaty environment. This time Kridovia has recently introduced the White Westinghouse dehumidifier with Hepa Filter. In the thriving summer season, it is important to have a dehumidifier in the home. Now, if you are wondering what can a dehumidifier do, then there are lots of things you should know about it. A dehumidifier helps to remove access humidity from the surrounding air and provides fresh air to breathe. Not only that, it is a very useful and effective device for people who are suffering from asthma or any other breathing problems. By using a dehumidifier, one can also control the mold growth and damp smell in the house. The newly introduced dehumidifier comes up with Hepa Filter and ionizer. It is of White Westinghouse brand which is a trusted American Brand since 1917. The dehumidifier is 40 Litres and comes up with many exciting features. Some of the best features of the dehumidifier are the Power Controls, Micro Controllers, and it has also Touch Controls. The dehumidifier also has automatic humidistat control and frost control i.e. one doesn’t need to worry about changing the settings again and again. One doesn’t need to check the water tank to be full as it has a full water tank warning signal and continuous drainage option. The White Westinghouse dehumidifier has easier mobility with convenient wheels that means one can move it from one room to another without any difficulty. Not only that, but the dehumidifier also plays the role of air-purifier and dryer and thus emits extra effort and time. In rainy season, it is hard to dry clothes and it takes more time to dry it. Here the dryer function of the dehumidifier comes to the rescue. One can dry clothes with the use of dehumidifier in just 1 hour without any worries. Mr. Rikesh, the founder of Kridovia said,” It’s almost summers and it is the high time when the humidity level in the air increases and people face many breathing problems. The dehumidifier with Hepa filter will help in the decrement of humidity level in the surroundings and provide fresher air to breathe. I believe that the dehumidifier will help people to fight the torturous summers. It is a 3 in 1 dehumidifier which also acts as an air-purifier and dryer and saves the time and efforts of the user. Not only that, the other exciting features of the dehumidifier will let the consumers use it without any hassle.”

Kridovia Appliances firmly believe to make life easier and thus provides the best quality appliances of international brands. They constantly believe to grow and introduce new appliances from time to time. Kridovia Appliances also ensure the quality of the product and the White Westinghouse dehumidifier with Hepa Filter is believed to be the best choice for every individual.