ARES Cyber Intelligence GmbH and Darknet Data Experts, DarkOwl Align in Strategic Partnership –

“With Darkowl, we have a partner that enables us to detect possible threats in advance and to combine multiple sources of information.”

DarkOwl LLC, is proud to announce a new partnership with ARES Cyber Intelligence GmbH. ARES is an Austrian-based cybersecurity company specializing in preventive solutions as well as incident response and forensics. They serve the German-speaking, DACH region (Deutschland, Austria, Switzerland) of Europe.
As companies are more and more vulnerable to unknown threats due to the advancing digitalization and automation technologies that they are using, cybercrime often accompanies that increased usage. ARES brings strong detection and prevention solution to the industry. And, in joining forces with DarkOwl, the world’s largest database of darknet content, ARES is now able to offer their customers deeper insight into darknet intelligence and how to leverage it to safeguard against breaches, hacks and cyberattacks.
Mark Turnage, CEO at DarkOwl says of ARES: “They are an emerging cybersecurity consulting firm that gives their customers an advantage by helping them recognize risk at an early stage and develop a joint strategy with them to protect their company assets. DarkOwl’s darknet intelligence is a vital element in doing so and we are thrilled to be part of their assessment suite.”
Jürgen Weiss, CEO at ARES says: “We offer preventive cyber services to our customers, and we want to use the best possible technology for this purpose. With Darkowl, we have a partner that enables us to detect possible threats in advance and to combine multiple sources of information. Our Darknet Services also help after a cyberattack to detect possible data theft and to initiate an ‘AfterCare’ process.”
DarkOwl will be joining ARES in September for the CONFARE CIO Summit in Vienna. ARES is offering Summit attendees the opportunity to learn more about the darknet and the potential dangers, and to audit their company domain for free.
About Ares Cyber Intelligence GmbH
ARES Cyber Intelligence consists of an international team of experts with many years of experience and top references. We support our customers in all aspects of their corporate security. Together with our clients we aim to identify the risk of a threat as early as possible and to prevent cyber attacks before the company suffers damage. We act discreetly and trustfully in the interest of our clients.
About DarkOwl
We are darknet experts. DarkOwl was founded in 2016, and we are the world’s leading provider of DARKINT ™ darknet intelligence and offer the largest commercially available database of darknet content. DarkOwl enables cybersecurity organizations, law enforcement and government organizations to fully understand their security posture and detect potential breaches and violations of the law and mitigate them quickly. We offer a variety of options to access our data, please visit us at
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TIS (Treasury Intelligence Solutions) Announces the Launch of Enterprise Payment Optimization

TIS, the leading cloud platform for managing corporate payments and cash flows today announced the launch of Enterprise Payment Optimization, a smart platform ecosystem that increases capabilities and lowers risk for multinational corporations. Focusing on outbound payments and the data resulting from these transactions, EPO enables organizations to capture and manage real-time cash flows and information. EPO is the orchestration layer to support financial strategies, business transformation, and successful collaboration across an entire organization.

Reimagining the world of enterprise payments

Every day, global enterprises collect millions of inbound payments from customers around the world, while simultaneously generating massive volumes of outbound payments to suppliers, employees, as well as to settle treasury transactions. To complicate matters, these inbound and outbound payments can look very different across an organization, especially for those that operate in numerous countries, markets, and industry verticals. Different currencies may be involved, and enterprises with subsidiaries or localized business units may use a separate set of banks and systems to manage payments across each location. This all adds significant complexity each time a new business is acquired, established or sold.

In the world of payments, a lack of visibility and automation impacts liquidity, profitability, and increases risk exposure – including cybercrime and fraud – across all associated business units, departments, and systems. A systematically controlled payments workflow is managed by TIS for both inbound information and outbound payments. No matter where a corporation operates, TIS provides global payments connectivity by creating and maintaining compatibility with all required formats and banks, allowing organizations to connect with any bank partner or entity in the world. TIS’s EPO platform is a global, multi-channel, and multi-bank connectivity ecosystem for payments while providing robust bank account management, cash management, compliance, and security features.

Increase strategic agility and growth through EPO

The collected data managed and stored on the EPO platform provides the basis for monitoring liquidity, engaging in cash forecasting, as well as supporting the information needs of finance, risk, compliance, and management. The ability to actively use data produced via the payments process is key for better decision-making.

Payments data can be exchanged with the EPO platform from anywhere using a “plug-in” for ERPs, TMS, payroll systems, among other mission-critical platforms. By activating these connectors, the TIS platform extracts and enriches the information. Given an often-fragmented systems landscape, a holistic view of payments via an integrated platform may be the only way to get a consolidated view across all corporate departments, subsidiaries, and geographies.

The EPO platform offers full compatibility with all relevant financial messaging protocols and provides a world-class library of continuously updated payment formats that eliminates reliance on e-banking tools and provides centralized connectivity to virtually any bank.

“The business landscape is evolving rapidly requiring firms to increase standardization, centralization, and transparency as it relates to enterprise payments. The TIS EPO platform goes beyond just delivering the information needed for companies to perform better; it also provides the foundation for a best-of-breed solution set that helps businesses sunset legacy platforms and take advantage of next generation technology,” said Erik Masing, CEO of TIS.

Enterprise Payment Optimization allows organizations to maintain cloud connectivity from their back-end systems (where payments are initiated) to their banks (where payments are executed). Data collaboration can be extended to partners such as service vendors and banks, as well as between enterprises. This creates a real community effect, where payments processing and data are leveraged through a single, standardized, and secure dashboard. EPO powers the ability to drive improvement through robust and versatile connectivity, effective collaboration, secure payments processing, and continuous analysis.

Commodities Intelligence Centre (CIC) Sees 26% Jump in Registered Customers in 2020

Singapore-based Commodities Intelligence Centre (CIC) – a Joint Venture between the ZALL Smart Commerce Group (ZALL), Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Global eTrade Services (GeTS) – has announced strong growth in FY2020, driven by the urgency for supply chains to digitalise during the pandemic. In 2020, the number of customers on the platform grew by 26 per cent as compared to 2019 to reach 5800 registered users. Among the commodities traded on the platform include ferrous and non-ferrous metals, agricultural products, plastics and chemicals, and oil products. The total cumulative gross merchandise volume (GMV) on the CIC platform grew by over US$3.1 billion (S$4.1 billion) to reach US$13.4 billion (S$17.6 billion), an increase of more than 30 per cent from 2019.

Peter Yu, Chief Executive Officer of CIC shared, “By making our platform and technologies affordable and easy to use, SMEs are able to easily onboard the platform and make use of these digital tools to grow their businesses. With global disruptions such as COVID-19 and the recent Suez Canal incident, we want to help SMEs build more sustainable and resilient businesses that can endure these challenging times as they grow and expand in Asia and to achieve greater trading synergies globally.”

According to the UOB SME Outlook Survey 2021, 34 percent of SMEs find digital adoption costly to implement, and yet companies who have digitally transformed one or more departments, or their entire business, have seen a significantly higher revenue growth. One of the Singapore SMEs who have benefited from CIC’s platform is Go Holdings, a cullet supplier in Southeast Asia. Tapping on CIC’s business intelligence service DataPro, it has been able to access a wide database of over 2 billion records of customs and trade data from more than 110 countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas. This has allowed them to uncover new markets and diversify their trading operations, and connect with reliable partners and suppliers that align with their business goals. Alongside this, CIC also recently introduced a convenient Know-Your-Customer (KYC) service that helps SMEs with their due diligence to better manage their business risks.

Huang Zhi Rong, Business Development Executive of Go Holdings, shared, “As a general trading company from a traditionally offline industry, the thought of digitalization can be daunting and challenging as this is often costly and resource intensive, and it takes up time and effort. However, digital platforms such as CIC, has allowed us to gain a competitive edge in the market, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, by providing us with valuable market insights to guide our decision making and has enabled us to tap on the right information sources to strategize our business plans that has brought about profound changes to our import and export trade businesses.” Go Holdings is currently a subscriber of CIC’s DataPro services.

Over the past year, CIC has embarked on numerous initiatives to support SMEs in their digital transformation journey. In May 2020, CIC worked with Singapore Business Federation (SBF) to support SMEs under the “Rising in Support of Enterprises (RISE)” programme during the height of the pandemic. In December 2020, it has also jointly launched a “Digital Silk Road” initiative led by ZALL, and joined Singapore’s Blockchain for Trade & Connectivity (BTC) Network, which aims to help SMEs embrace the power of digitalisation to uncover new trading opportunities and to promote greater efficiency and transparency across global supply chains.

With sustainability becoming increasingly important for companies, CIC is also focusing more efforts to support commodity trading that contributes towards climate change and environmental sustainability, such as clean and renewable energy, as it aims to groom more than ten Global Commodity Champions over the next three to five years on the back of the world’s largest trade pact, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and China’s dual circulation strategy.

“At Go Holdings, we have also focused on environmental sustainability. Although it has not been an easy journey for us, we have taken steps to become a sustainable company, from our selection of partners and vendors that share our common values, to our internal processes that promotes the use of sustainable materials and a culture of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle among our employees”, added Huang Zhirong of Go Holdings.

About Commodities Intelligence Centre (CIC)

The Commodities Intelligence Centre (CIC) is a global trading platform for physical commodities including Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals, Chemicals & Plastics, Oil & Petroleum, and Agri Commodities. Officially launched in Singapore on 12 Oct 2018, CIC is a Joint Venture between China-based ZALL Smart Commerce Group, Global eTrade Services (GeTS) and Singapore Exchange (SGX) to build trade connectivity through digital marketplaces and to grow a vibrant trading ecosystem in Singapore.

CIC aims to revolutionize commodity trading and facilitate cross-border trade through deal matching, trade finance, supply chain logistics, track and trace and global trade compliance. Since its establishment in October 2018, CIC has achieved a GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) of more than US$13.4 billion (S$17.6 billion), with over 5,800 registered users covering markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, among other countries in Asia. For more information, please visit

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