Gripping Novel Explores the Prejudice and Discrimination that Female Leaders Faced in the Middle Ages

“I grew up with a love of history and literature and was fortunate in having early exposure to the complexity of dynastic struggles that occurred in Europe during the Middle Ages. I am hoping that my fascination with the period and with its personalities will arouse a similar curiosity in those who read my books,” Rogers further added.

Author Amelia Rogers brings readers to a captivating world of romance warped into dynastic intrigue in “A Lady Crowned with Fleurs-de-lys.”

In “A Lady Crowned with Fleurs-de-lys,” Author Rogers tells the tale of Queen Isabelle. When her country is sieged by political intrigues caused by the after-effects of war between France and England, Queen Isabelle takes control of the throne when King Charles is proved to be incapable of ruling — suffering from a progressive mental illness. The queen builds a respected reputation among her people. But as another military disaster threatens to destroy everything she has created, Queen Isabelle also faces condemnation for her hedonistic lifestyle.

Based on considerable historical research, the novel presents a compelling story of power politics, love, and ambition in a time of turmoil and relentless conflict. Readers will find key figures who are actual historical personages in European history during the late Middle Ages — the kings and queens of France, Joan of Arc and the English barons. They attempted to win control of France during the Hundred Years War between France and England. The author emphasizes the role strong women with strong visions played in this period.

“I consider my psychological portrait of Queen Isabelle to be an exercise in exploring the role of a female leader in a world dominated by men. This role required her to use the techniques of leadership associated with masculinity while, at the same time, preserving her feminine side as a woman who knew how to exercise her charms and was not afraid to express her emotions,” shared Rogers.

The author is an ardent reader and student of European history. She is fascinated by the rise and fall of dynasties and the complex palace intrigue that goes with this history, and she discovered the life of Isabelle when she was living in Paris. Rogers hopes her compelling story will take readers into the mind of interesting personalities while explaining how they faced the challenges of living in turbulent times.

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A Lady Crowned with Fleurs-de-lys

Written by Amelia Rogers

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About the Author

Amelia Rogers was born in Italy. She studied the classics, linguistics, and European history and literature at the Lycee and University, then advanced studies in language in Geneva, Switzerland and Cambridge, England. She has taught Latin, World History, and Literature at a local college in Massachusetts for ten years and has spent part of each year at her home in Paris.