“The Forgotten Option: Staying in Your Marriage” makes its debut for all Readers attending the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023

At the October 18-22, 2023 Frankfurt International Book Fair, (the Frankfurt Trade Fair grounds, Frankfurt am Main, Germany) Kenneth Connellys marriage and family counseling book, The Forgotten Option: Staying In Your Marriage was exhibited through the self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet.

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Kenneth Connellys The Forgotten Option shines as a beacon of hope, rekindling the age-old wisdom that helped many millions before us to survive and fulfill their marriage vows.

The Forgotten Option goes beyond self-interests of just the couple, which is a foreign idea to many living by todays current standards. It contends that when a couple go to the altar for marriage – they are just two people. However, just moments later when they turn around and come down – they have become more than just two. They have joined families on both sides, extended relatives, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. They have also taken their stand in the community, saying, We are a family and we will respect your boundaries and we expect the same in return. The couple is expected by the community to guard their childrens welfare; saying from the beginning, We will see this out – make sure that the children that we make will have every right to expect a home, a family, our combined care, and our careful watch over their futures.

Within the books pages, Connelly breathes life into a contemporary narrative where love, in marriage and in general, all too often hovers on the edge of dissolution. His goal is in the other direction; to depict the process of reigniting the fading flames of passion and reawakening the once unbreakable bonds. Through a tapestry of relatable anecdotes, heartwarming stories, and practical guidance, The Forgotten Option offers a lifeline to those who dare to dream of a lasting partnership.

Connellys unique perspective challenges modern norms. He wants to challenge couples to ask, what were the principles and values that have bound generations before them? How did our Grandparents make it work and previous generations behind them, who struggled through toils and obstacles that would be daunting to the people of today?

Connelly said, When I set out to write this book I asked a well-known publishing group whether they thought my concept was valid for today. They indicated to me that if it were the 50s and 60s they would not be interested – couples divorcing was a minimal issue and things like this werent generally talked about anyway. But the publishers group went on to say that today marriage and how to stay in it are a hot button. Young people want to know if they can make it as a couple, and those in marriage that are being torn apart need guidance on how they can stick it out and why they should. Connelly told us, That was an important conversation that fueled my desire to get this message out there as soon as I could.

Get a copy of The Forgotten Option: Staying In Your Marriage by Kenneth Connelly on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. To learn more about the author and his works, please visit https://the-forgotten-option.squarespace.com/.

The Forgotten Option: Staying In Your Marriage
Author: Kenneth Connelly
Genre: Marriage & Family Counseling, Divorce, Separation, Christian Marriage & Family, Reconciliation, Dating
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Published date: November 15, 2020

Kenneth Connelly is an author, engineer, artist, and musician. He currently works as a Manufacturing Engineer for GKN Aerospace and lives in San Diego.

The Forgotten Occupation: Jim Crow goes to Haiti

Film exploring Haiti’s racist occupation by the United States will make its Los Angeles Debut at the Haiti International Film Festival.

BALDWIN, N.Y.Aug. 5, 2023PRLogThe Forgotten Occupation: Jim Crow goes to Haiti

The Forgotten Occupation: Jim Crow goes to Haiti is the work of writer-director Alain Martin who, along with producer Hans Augustave, spent ten years laboring over the project. The feature length documentary debuted at The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival in June where it was crowned Outstanding Documentary Feature by the jury and also took home the Audience Choice Award. The film is a personal examination of the now forgotten occupation of Haiti at the hands of American marines who, coming from a segregated society, imposed their own set of Jim Crow practices in the country. The Forgotten Occupation is both timely and relevant, as it arrives at a moment in which many are openly advocating for another American intervention, seeing it as the only way to rescue a nation that has been made socially and politically dysfunctional by the confluence of a set of crises that have been decades in the making.

Martin and Augustave’s goal is to broaden the perspective and understanding of their country, a country that they feel is constantly mischaracterized and belittled with little to no historical context. The documentary traces the ways in which the American occupation forever handicapped Haiti. Furthermore, any discussion of Haiti’s troubles over the last century must involve a mention of that violent occupation, a fact that the mainstream media is either unaware of or does not care to mention.

The director and producer team also feel that it is important that the memory of those who suffered under the 19 year occupation be preserved. For as the world was consumed with the gruesome violence of World War I, made possible by new innovations in weaponry, that same violence upended the lives of thousands of Haitians who had no means to fight back. According to historian Hans Schmidt, who appears in the film, Haiti holds the distinction of being the first country ever subjected to aerial bombardment, a practice that was to become widespread in the major wars that followed in the 20th century. Many Haitians were driven into forced labor camps where they perished and, according to one estimate by historian Myrtha Gilbert, who is also in the film, about one fourth of Haitians were forced to flee the country, a fact that utterly devastated the island nation.

Jacquil Constant, who founded the Haiti International Film Festival 8 years ago in an attempt to increase the visibility of Haitian cinema, credits the decision to select the film based on the “filmmakers’ superb attention to detail”, “with the juxtaposition of narration and archival footage” he continues, the film does “a great job job capturing the American Occupation of Haiti from 1915-1934.”

The film, which interweaves Martin’s complex relationship with his US-loving grandfather, cinema verité, and captivating interviews features award-winning and prolific novelist Edwidge Dandicat,  writer and professor Yveline Alexis, political activist Patrick Elie, as well as professor of the Humanities, Laurent DuBois.

The Forgotten Occupation: Jim Crow goes to Haiti will play at the Haiti International Film Festival on Saturday, August 19th.

A trailer for the film is available here.


“The Forgotten Prince” by Eileen L. Maschger will be featured at the LA Times Festival in Spring 2022

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Eileen L. Maschger’s new release “The Forgotten Prince” (ReadersMagnet, Soon) will be featured at the LA Times Festival of Books in Spring 2022. The second book comes after the successful release of “The Fourth Princess” which captivated readers with its surprising rendition of a traditional fairytale filled with chuckles and emotions at every turn of the page. But this time, the author tells a different tale.


This book tells the story of Darien, a banished prince who wanders his kingdom alone, forced to witness the tyranny and greed that his uncle has promoted in his absence. However, a prophecy claims that the prince will right all of his past wrongs and save his kingdom. When Darien stumbles upon a traveling band of gypsy performers, he discovers that one of the twin matriarchs is the woman who foretold his prophecy.


Whereas one matriarch is warm and welcoming, the other is willing to do anything to protect her sister, leaving her suspicious of the newcomer. Darien is driven into a journey to understand himself, his past, and his uncle. The forgotten prince discovers, through trial and error, that he can draw strength from his new gypsy family and find confidence in the midst of his sorrow to fulfill his destiny.


Eileen Maschger has definitely outdone herself this time. She is not only a talented author, but she’s also a wife, mother, and writer who discovered her love of writing and created beautiful stories that have allowed readers to escape reality for a brief moment and walk alongside her characters in their world of teen fantasy.


And “The Forgotten Prince” is one of those lighthearted books you can read in your spare time. It is an entertaining and thrilling book that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting what will happen on the next page.


Title | The Forgotten Prince

Author | Eileen L. Maschger

Genre | Fiction

Publisher | ReadersMagnet

Published date | Soon


Interested? Get a copy of Eileen L. Maschger’s “The Forgotten Prince” soon and come visit the upcoming LA Times Festival of Books in Spring 2022.