“The Forgotten Prince” by Eileen L. Maschger will be featured at the LA Times Festival in Spring 2022

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Eileen L. Maschger’s new release “The Forgotten Prince” (ReadersMagnet, Soon) will be featured at the LA Times Festival of Books in Spring 2022. The second book comes after the successful release of “The Fourth Princess” which captivated readers with its surprising rendition of a traditional fairytale filled with chuckles and emotions at every turn of the page. But this time, the author tells a different tale.


This book tells the story of Darien, a banished prince who wanders his kingdom alone, forced to witness the tyranny and greed that his uncle has promoted in his absence. However, a prophecy claims that the prince will right all of his past wrongs and save his kingdom. When Darien stumbles upon a traveling band of gypsy performers, he discovers that one of the twin matriarchs is the woman who foretold his prophecy.


Whereas one matriarch is warm and welcoming, the other is willing to do anything to protect her sister, leaving her suspicious of the newcomer. Darien is driven into a journey to understand himself, his past, and his uncle. The forgotten prince discovers, through trial and error, that he can draw strength from his new gypsy family and find confidence in the midst of his sorrow to fulfill his destiny.


Eileen Maschger has definitely outdone herself this time. She is not only a talented author, but she’s also a wife, mother, and writer who discovered her love of writing and created beautiful stories that have allowed readers to escape reality for a brief moment and walk alongside her characters in their world of teen fantasy.


And “The Forgotten Prince” is one of those lighthearted books you can read in your spare time. It is an entertaining and thrilling book that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting what will happen on the next page.


Title | The Forgotten Prince

Author | Eileen L. Maschger

Genre | Fiction

Publisher | ReadersMagnet

Published date | Soon


Interested? Get a copy of Eileen L. Maschger’s “The Forgotten Prince” soon and come visit the upcoming LA Times Festival of Books in Spring 2022.