ZeroWater and CEHN Join Forces to Support “Climate Change & Children’s Health Month”

 This July, ZeroWater is proud to support the Children’s Environmental Health Network (CEHN) in their mission to protect children from environmental health risks. As part of Plastic Free July and Climate Change & Children’s Health Month, CEHN is leading community conversations on the intersection of energy justice, climate change, and children’s health. To aid in this important work, ZeroWater has donated Water Filtration Devices for use at CEHN’s barber and beauty Shop Talk events in Baltimore.

Kristie Trousdale, Deputy Director of CEHN said, “This summer we are witnessing multiple impacts of climate change across the planet– and here at home in the U.S.–in the form of extreme heat, flooding, and other natural disasters. Children are hurt first and worst by the climate crisis. They are uniquely vulnerable to the direct physical and mental health threats, as well as to the adverse cascading effects from climate change. Black and Brown children, Indigenous children, and children living in poverty are disproportionately impacted.”

Trousdale continued by saying that single-use plastic is a big contributor to global warming and harms children’s health at every stage of its lifecycle – from extraction, production, use, to disposal: “That is why we are excited to partner with ZeroWater, and grateful for their donation of Water Filtration Devices to our Barber and Beauty Shop Talk Events in Baltimore. As part of Plastic Free July and Climate Change & Children’s Health Month, CEHN and community group Black Millennials for Flint are leading community conversations on the intersection of energy justice, climate change, and children’s health.”

ZeroWater’s Water Filtration Devices provide a great source of purest-tasting water for families while reducing waste from single-use plastic bottles. The devices remove 99.6% of total dissolved solids (TDS) that can be found in tap water – significantly more than standard pitchers or faucets alone – making for a purer drinking experience with every sip. Additionally, ZeroWater filters are certified by NSF to reduce forever chemicals PFOS/PFAS, lead, and chromium – giving customers peace of mind when drinking water from their home tap or filling up their reusable bottles with filtered water on the go.

At ZeroWater, our mission is to ensure everyone has access to purest-tasting water no matter where they live or what resources they have available – it’s why we partner with organizations like CEHN who strive for environmental justice for all communities across America. We believe we all have a role to play when it comes to protecting our planet – especially for future generations – and we’re proud to provide access to clean drinking water today in a sustainable way.

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Japan – CP and Toyota to join forces to study path toward carbon neutrality in Thailand

Charoen Pokphand Group (CP) and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) will explore collaboration toward carbon neutrality in Thailand. Both companies are willing to welcome any partners who share the same view.

Dhanin Chearavanont, Senior Chairman of CP, and Akio Toyoda, President and CEO of Toyota

Since its establishment in 1921, CP has been operating with the core value of three benefits: to country, to people, and to organization. CP provides accessibility to high quality products and expands its business in Thailand to a wide range of fields, including retail (such as 7-Eleven), distribution, industrial product, and agriculture & livestock. In the distribution field, CP has been supporting the lives of Thai people by transporting and delivering a variety of products through its wide-ranging operations, considering social, economic and environmental impacts and sustainability practices.

In addition, Toyota’s business in Thailand has garnered the support of a number of stakeholders including Siam Cement Group, an important local partner for Toyota, and has grown along with the development of Thai society through products, tax payment, employment and technology transfer, while overcoming a number of challenges such as the 1997 Asian financial crisis and the 2011 floods.

Akio Toyoda, President and CEO of Toyota, commented, “The two companies, both of which consider the best for Thailand and the Earth, have agreed to proceed with what we can do now, by using each company’s strengths and assets. I believe that taking this crucial step will allow us to be rewarded with the appreciation from the country, and will change the future landscape.”

Dhanin Chearavanont, Senior Chairman of C.P. Group, responded, “What President Toyoda and I share is affection and gratitude to Thailand, and both of us very much want to give back to the country. I am delighted that both companies have an opportunity to jointly consider collaboration toward carbon neutrality in Thailand and welcome any companies that share the same carbon neutrality ambitions.”

Specifically, CP and Toyota will explore social implementation in the following three areas. With these actions being linked with each other, the two companies will proceed with what can be done now, to consistently reduce CO2 emissions throughout the entire process of producing, transporting, and using energy, toward accelerating carbon neutrality.

1. Production of hydrogen using biogas derived from farm wastes (with the focus on economic zones)
2. Introduction of fuel cell delivery trucks into CP’s fleet, which are to use the above-mentioned hydrogen (provide a variety of solutions such as BEV and FCEV, considering travel distance and load weight)
3. Efficient logistics by proposing optimized delivery routes through connectivity technology

This collaboration will be considered with the participation of True Leasing Co., Ltd, CP’s transportation service business. In addition, the study will be conducted with Hino Motors, Ltd. who will participate into these efforts, which will be made in Asia by Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation (capitalized by Isuzu Motors Limited, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd., and Toyota), which has been established with the aim of helping solve challenges faced by the transport sector and achieve carbon neutrality by realizing and spreading CASE technology. Furthermore, as carbon neutrality should be tackled by all people and industries, CP and Toyota are willing to welcome any partners who share the same view toward carbon neutrality.

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Security forces have won a decisive victory in the ongoing battle against Left Wing Extremism across the country

Fulfilling Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Left Wing Extremism Free India and Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah’s zero tolerance policy against extremism, the Ministry of Home Affairs has reached the final stage of decisive battle against Left Wing Extremism across the country. The security forces today achieved a decisive victory in the ongoing fight against Left Wing Extremism.

As a result of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s zero tolerance policy against Left Wing Extremism, for the first time by entering the ‘Budhapahad’ situated at  the border of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand and the extremely inaccessible areas of Chakrabandha and Bhimabandh of Bihar and successfully ousting the Maoists from their strongholds, permanent security forces camps have been set up. All these areas were strongholds of top Maoists and a huge quantity of arms, ammunition, foreign grenades, Aero Bombs and IEDs were recovered by the security forces at these places.

A special strategy is being adopted against Left Wing Extremism from the year 2019. The coordinated efforts and campaigns of Central and State Security Forces and related agencies have led to unprecedented success in the fight against Left Wing Extremism.

On this decisive success, the Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah congratulated the CRPF and the State Security Forces and said that the Ministry of Home Affairs under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will continue the zero tolerance policy against Left Wing Extremism and Terrorism and this fight will be further intensified.

In 2022, the security forces have achieved unprecedented success in Operation Octopus, Operation Double Bull, Operation Chakrabandha in the fight against Left Wing Extremists. 7 Maoists were killed and 436 arrested/surrendered in Chhattisgarh/ 4 Maoists killed in Jharkhand and 120 arrested/surrendered. 36 Maoists arrested/surrendered in Bihar. Similarly, in Madhya Pradesh, 3 Maoists have been killed by security forces. This success becomes even more important because many of these Maoists killed had bounties of lakhs and crores of Rupees on their heads like Mithilesh Mahto had a reward of Rs. 1 crore.

As a result of the efforts of the Union Home Ministry to expedite these operations, success has been achieved in eliminating the security vacuum from Bihar. In Jharkhand and Odisha, to a great extent success has been achieved in eliminating the security vacuum and in these states the security vacuum will be filled completely by destroying the strongholds of the Left Wing Extremists. Following this strategy, there is an action plan to fill the security vacuum in other states. There has been a steady decline in both the incidence of violence and its geographical spread. This campaign/fight reaching its final stage is proven by the fact that in 2022 in comparison to 2018, there has been a 39% reduction in the incidents of Left Wing Extremism related violence, 26% reduction in the number of sacrifices made by the security forces, the civilian casualties has reduced by 44%, the number of districts reporting violence has decreased by 24% and the number of these districts has been reduced to just 39 in 2022.

Compared to before 2014,   incidents of Left Wing Extremism violence have come down by 77 percent. Incidents of violence have come down from the highest level of 2258 in 2009 to 509 in 2021. The death rate due to violence has also come down by 85 percent. In the year 2010, death toll was at highest level of 1005 which has come down to 147 in the year 2021 and their sphere of influence has decreased significantly. Simultaneously, the area of ​​influence of Maoists has also reduced significantly and the influence of Maoists has reduced from 96 districts in the year 2010 to only 39 districts in 2022.

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NFT Tech and DigiCol Join Forces to Enhance the NFT Economy

Seoul, South Korea, 29 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, NFT Tech, an upcoming infrastructure provider for the non-fungible token industry, has recently announced it is forming a strategic collaboration with DigiCol,  a one-click NFT marketplace, to engineer the next-generation of NFT infrastructure. 

Both platforms have established a name in the industry for providing a streamlined experience for artists, collectors, and the crypto-curious. The partnership will focus on aligning goals towards the development of feature-intensive platforms that benefit from the respective unique features of each project. 

As part of the collaboration, DigiCol users will gain exclusive access to NFT Tech’s auction features. From a broader perspective, the new next-gen infrastructure proposes to provide a more inclusive marketplace experience for the NFT creators and collectors. It means both NFT Tech and DigiCol NFT creators will now have easy access to auction their artwork on NTF Tech’s infrastructure. The alliance hence opens up significant opportunities to explore unique features that can benefit their users and the NFT community.

In recent times, the NFT trading volume has dropped due to the recent crypto-wide price dips, yet significant improvements are expected as solid infrastructures are deployed, thereby building a thriving NFT economy. Having mainstream artists and even enterprises dip their feet into the NFT realm has done wonders to the industry, and the trend is bound to continue as  more protocols launch exciting features. 

Moving forward, NFT Tech will be partnering with other prominent market players, joining forces to build a more inclusive, liquid, and easily-accessible NFT marketplace for all. 

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Red Piranha and TPG join forces to provide breakthrough Crystal Eye XDR Native Cloud Security

Top Quote At Red Piranha, we believe that overcoming cybersecurity challenges isn’t about deploying technology just for the sake of it. End Quote

  • (1888PressRelease) March 26, 2021 – Red Piranha, Australia’s leading developer and manufacturer of advanced cybersecurity technology, is excited to announce a first of its kind partnership with telecommunications provider TPG Telecom Limited to launch Crystal Eye XDR Cloud-Native Security Platform (CNSP). Providing their Partners and customers with Secure Access Service Edge deployment options and access to TPG’s 27,000km fibre networks.

    The partnership with TPG Telecom is the first of several cloud-providers that Red Piranha will be affiliating with to providing comprehensive security protection across an organisation’s entire Cloud attack-surface area via Crystal Eye XDR Cloud. With the 58% of businesses globally using Cloud services to store and share sensitive or confidential data, they must establish effective cybersecurity protocols to reduce the risk of data loss, leakage and hacking from nefarious parties.

    “This is a remarkable step for Red Piranha, and our strategic partnership with TPG will provide immense benefits to our partners and customers globally. As more businesses move to the Cloud, cybersecurity incidents are becoming a common occurrence. Integration with Crystal Eye XDR Cloud provides a holistic and comprehensive cybersecurity solution that delivers advanced protection against the evolving threat landscape all from the Cloud.”

    Adam Bennett, Red Piranha CEO
    In addition to our partnership with TPG, we have launched two new products and services to expand our stable suite offerings:

    Crystal Eye XDR 4.0 – Unified security platform that quickly detects security incidents anywhere across a business and automatically responds to shut down the threat and minimise the impact on their business.

    Crystal Eye XDR 360 – Our suite of managed security bundles that provide enterprises access to our Crystal Eye XDR, Crystal Eye appliance hardware, SIEM and eCISO® services in an affordable subscription-based program.

    TPG is Australia’s highest seller of NDN Enterprise Ethernet, with TPG Telecom Group Executive Enterprise and Government Elizabeth Aris attributing its leading position to its fibre expertise and customer-centric approach to offering products and services that meet business needs.

    To learn more about Red Piranha’s Crystal Eye XDR 4.0 and our extensive service offering, please visit: