Novotech’s Flexible Work Policy is Finalist in Best Workplace Flexibility Program “Excellence Award 2022”

Novotech, the leading Asia Pacific biotech specialist CRO with expanded services in the US, has been recognised for its innovative approach to workplace flexibility.

Novotech CEO Dr. John Moller said: “Our flexible workplace design, information technology infrastructure, and flexible resourcing of projects are consistently delivering successful outcomes for our team members, clients, and all stakeholders. We are extremely pleased our workplace flexibility efforts are recognised by the Best Workplace Flexibility Program which has selected Novotech as an Excellence Awardee in 2022.”

Novotech Chief People Officer Angela Edwardson said that “over the last 12 months, Novotech has re-imagined what flexible working looks like for teams, clients, and the business. This renewed way of working incorporates flexible, remote, and in-office working options and aims to create a dynamic business environment and trusted culture. Team members can determine and apply the most effective way to work, unlocking the maximum value of their talent to benefit all stakeholders.”

Some of the new flexible working policies include:
– FlexLocation: Work from home, office or other suitable location.
– FlexTime: Flexible start/finish times
– FlexBreak:Bbreaks during the day for wellbeing or other commitments.
– FlexHours: An adjustment to contracted hours, either permanently or temporarily (ie: full-time to part-time).
– FlexPlace: The option to work at other Novotech offices or cities/countries without a Novotech office temporarily.
– FlexStudy: A combination of Flex options and/or leave to meet study commitments.
– FlexHolidays: The option to select alternate dates in lieu of allocated celebration/public holidays.
– FlexLeave: Leave can be taken by the hour and in combination with other leave types and flexible options.
– FlexTimeout: Extended unpaid leave to pursue and interest, relax or attend to caring responsibilities
– FlexPersonal: A combination of day-to-day and/or planned options.

“Already 17 team members have used or are planning to use FlexPlace in 2022,” said Edwardson. “Novotech has a large cohort of expatriate workers, and our new addition of FlexPlace supports them to re-connect with their families and friends or travel while still meeting their working requirements.”

Novotech’s Asia-Pacific and US teams support cost-effective expedited clinical research with world-class data and the most advanced technology including solutions that enable acceleration of clinical trials across the regions.

Novotech now has a workforce of ~2,500 clinical trial professionals across Australia, South Korea, Greater China, Southeast Asia, India, South Africa and the US.

Asia-Pacific offers a compelling solution for expedited clinical trials especially in oncology with its vast patient populations, less competitive clinical trial landscape, and world-class KOLs, in addition regulatory reforms, such as those in China, have accelerated approval processes.

The expansion into the US provides US-based expertise and infrastructure for our US clients wanting trials in APAC and the US, and for our APAC clients wanting US clinical programs.

About Novotech

Novotech is the leading Asia-Pacific biotech specialist CRO. Novotech has integrated labs and phase I facilities and provides drug development consulting and clinical development services across all phases. It has been instrumental in the success of approximately 4,000 clinical trials across a broad range of therapeutic areas. Novotech is well-positioned to serve biopharma clients conducting clinical trials in Asia-Pacific and the US. For more information visit

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Workstyle Flexible Spaces Launches New Co-Working Space in Colorado Springs, CO

 Workstyle Flexible Spaces, an entity of Boxer Property, is excited to announce an expansion of their co-working spaces in Colorado Springs. This project brings more than 10,000 square feet of additional Workstyle collaborative spaces to the second floor of 2020 North Academy.

Centrally located, this property provides easy access to nearly all of Colorado Springs. These modern- looking offices, with spectacular western mountain views and outdoor patios, promote a new way of advancing workplace productivity and overall team culture. This Workstyle expansion features additional conference facilities, modern huddle rooms, coffee bars, complimentary Wi-Fi, and offers both furnished and unfurnished office options.

Marc el-Khouri, Director of Workstyle at Boxer Property, is very optimistic about the renovations, “With the tremendous success of our product in this market we are extremely excited of increasing our Workstyle footprint at this location as well as doubling down and developing additional space at our sister property down the street at 685 Citadel Drive East. Workstyle focuses on creating spaces where employees can feel extremely comfortable, where ideas can flow and be easily exchanged. We believe that a collaborative environment and culture is conducive to productivity, and encourages creativity and inspiration.

About Workstyle Flexible Spaces

Workstyle flexible and collaborative spaces are Boxer Property’s signature hybrid of co-working and private offices that provide startups and small business owners the opportunity to rent individual spaces at a fraction of the cost of traditional office space. With over 110 Centers at over 60 locations nationwide, Workstyle members have full access to other Workstyle facilities, giving them the ability to work from any of our locations.

About Boxer Property

Boxer Property is celebrating over 29 years as an innovative commercial real estate investment and management company. Boxer Property Management Corporation is a privately held firm based in Houston that manages, leases, and administers retail, medical, hospitality, and office properties with over 15 million square feet across more than 140 locations, nationwide. For more information, visit

Boxer Property Management

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