Fortun’s Finishing Touch Soups & Sauces Mixes Utmost Quality, Convenience and Profitability to Serve Food Service Industry

 Whether a restaurant, grocer or other food service industry, Fortun’s Finishing Touch Soups & Sauces is making quality food preparation more convenient and profitable on a national scale. The company adds unique and savory flavors to its range of chef-inspired soups and sauces, while eliminating labor intensive preparation for greater profitability.

Its products’ uniqueness, innovation, presentation, packaging, and overall value have positioned Fortun’s Finishing Touch Soups & Sauces as an unrivaled value in the food service industry. Gourmet meals can be enhanced in just minutes by simply heating sauces and adding to cooked chicken, beef, pork, seafood or pasta for diners, grocery shoppers and countless others.

Clam chowder, lobster bisque and Alaskan seafood chowder comprise the company’s premium soup line that adds value as a profit center that can be displayed in a three-unit kettle or served from a fresh food service pouch. An advantage to grocers is the company’s Chowder Bar that is designed for seafood departments, and delivers a fresh and convenient Ready-to-Use means by which grocery customers can sample high-quality chowders and bisques, before taking portions home, to the office or elsewhere. It also provides an efficient and brand enhancing method to increase loyalty and profits for grocers’ seafood departments nationwide.

Fortun’s Finishing Touch Soups & Sauces was created more than a decade ago by Kevin Fortun, a trendsetter in food development and former founder and president of Stockpot Soups. Following the sale of Stockpot Soups in 1998 to Campbell Soup Company, Fortun met the need to develop high-end soups and sauces for today’s selective consumers.

A healthy alternative to processed options, Fortun’s soups further provide more ethnic and international choices that are low-cholesterol, low-fat, and created with fresh vegetables, plus real stock and cream, resulting in the finest fresh soups on the market.

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Westside Finishing Achieves PCI 3000 Re-Certification

Westside Finishing is proud to announce the achievement of PCI 3000 recertification, marking six (6) consecutive years of certified status. The PCI 3000 Certification Program, administered by The Powder Coating Institute (PCI), is an extensive audit program that evaluates a custom coater’s business practices, process elements, equipment, maintenance practices and quality control capabilities. Certified coaters show, through demonstrated audit performance measurement, that they have the capabilities to correctly clean, coat and cure products to produce quality coated parts.

In order to maintain PCI certified status, annual audit procedures are required. The certification cycle consists of an intensive on-site audit, followed by two years of maintenance audits which require documentation that ensures processes and procedures evaluated during the onsite audit have been sustained to the level required for PCI 3000 certification. In year four, the intensive on-site audit is repeated.

“Process measurement and repeatability are key to giving customers confidence that a certified finishing operation has the processes in place to do the job well,” notes Kevin Coursin, PCI’s Executive Director. “By successfully completing the re-certification process, Westside Finishing continues to demonstrate that it understands powder coating is a high-performance painting process that must be maintained and controlled to optimize the performance of the finish,” he adds.

About Westside Finishing
At Westside Finishing, you can count on getting the quality you need when you are working with a company based on the family values of communication, honesty, fairness and respect. We work closely with our customers on exact specifications needed to get the job done right the first time. Our goal is for you to keep coming back for quality and service that your business can rely on.

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