“Freckles Finds A Forever Home” by Renee’ Servello Will Be Displayed at the 38th Annual Printers Row Lit Fest

Renee Servellos captivating tale invites readers of all ages to join an adorable little rabbit on a heartwarming adventure that will leave a lasting imprint on their souls.

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Catch Renee Servellos book display at the 38th Annual Printers Row Lit Fest.

The self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet will exhibit the charming childrens book Freckles Finds A Forever Home by Renee Servello at the 38th Annual Printers Row Lit Fest. The book fair and literary festival will occur on September 9-10, 2023, at Printers Row Park, South Loop, Chicago, Illinois.

Within the pages of Freckles Finds A Home, readers will meet a captivating little rabbit whose longing for a loving family tugs at the heartstrings.

Dissatisfied with the bustling activity of the Bunny Farm, the little rabbit summons her courage and sets off on a courageous journey in search of the perfect place to call her own. Little does she know that the Servello family, yearning for a furry companion, is about to cross paths with destiny.

In a delightful twist of fate, young and spirited Kelli, a member of the Servello family, stumbles upon the little rabbit at the Bunny Farm. Drawn to the bunnys irresistibly adorable appearance, Kelli wastes no time introducing the little rabbit to her eagerly awaiting family.

The moment is nothing short of magical, as the familys hearts are instantly stolen by the freckle-like patches of brown nestled within the rabbits fur, thus naming her Freckles. Finally, she finds her forever home, etching her place within their loving embrace.

From encountering new friends to exploring uncharted territories, Freckles teaches her human companions the profound meaning of unconditional love. This charming tale will captivate readers, young and old, leaving them spellbound with its enchanting narrative and touching messages of family, friendship, and belonging.

Get a copy of Freckles Finds A Forever Home by Renee Servello on the ReadersMagnet Bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. To learn more about the author and her works, visit https://www.reneeservello.com/.

Visit the ReadersMagnet exhibit at the 38th Annual Printers Row Lit Fest to check out the books display.

Freckles Finds a Forever Home
Author | Renee Servello
Genre | Childrens Book
Publisher | ReadersMagnet LLC
Published date | January 20, 2023

Renee Servello lives in Texas with her husband Anthony, children Kelli and Ty, six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Growing up, Renee had many different animals, including a rabbit. She believes that rabbits make the best indoor pets and are bursting with personality.

Cris Cyborg Finds Inspiration from Bruce Lee Ahead of Saturday’s Return to Boxing Ring

 Cris Cyborg will make her return to the Boxing ring this Saturday, Dec. 10 in Omaha, Nebraska as part of the main card of the Terence Crawford vs. David Avanesyan PPV. The bout will be her first Pro Boxing fight in the USA after the MMA Grand Slam Champion captured the FMS SuperWelterweight belt last September in her debut against Brazilian National Champion Simone Silva in her native hometown of Curitiba Brazil after 8 rounds of boxing. Returning at a fight weight of 154 lbs., Cyborg, the current Bellator MMA Champion, will be doing a 4 round fight against Army Veteran Gabby Holloway. Holloway, who made her professional boxing debut in 2016 and has faced top female boxer Raquel Miller, also competes in MMA where she is ranked top 10 in the world most recently losing a close decision to Bellator #1 contender Cat Zingano in her last MMA performance.

For Saturday’s fight, Cris Cyborg who normally conducts training camp at her own private facility in Huntington Beach relocated to Seattle, Washington and enlisted the help of rising trainer Jose Benavidez Sr., father of current Mexican boxing Superstar David Benavidez. When asked of the switch in the training environment, Cris Cyborg had this to say: “Team Benavidez is a family run gym and I can feel that passion from all of the coaches as they are excited to work with me. After only a couple of training sessions I noticed the improvements they made to my Jab, Defense, and overall footwork. I am excited to display my growth Saturday night.”

Following the conclusion of her training camp in Seattle, Cris Cyborg made it a point to visit the LakeView Cemetery which is the final resting place of Martial Arts legends Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee. For Cyborg, MMA’s winningest Champion the experience at the resting site was a special moment as she said, “Paying my respects to Bruce Lee and his son was the perfect finish to my training camp. Bruce Lee was such a great influence on Martial Arts and the art of fighting that and my visit was a chance to pay my respects and a time to reflect on my own journey and goals as I get set to head to Omaha Nebraska for Saturday night’s fight.”

For Cris Cyborg, the next step of her Martial Arts journey begins Saturday, Dec. 10 at the Chi Health Center in Omaha Nebraska. The full fight card will feature 10 fights with the Main event showcasing Terence Crawford vs. David Avanesyan. The Event will be available on internet PPV BLK Prime and traditional PPV providers InDemand, DIRECT TV, and DISH with tickets for fans wanting to attend the event live ranging from $60-$600.

For more information, visit CrisCyborg.Com/BoxingFight.

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Cris Cyborg finds inspiration from Bruce Lee ahead of Saturday's return to Boxing Ring


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Oceana Finds Illegal Fishing and Diseased Corals During an Expedition to Alacranes Reef in Mexico

Mexico City – WEBWIRE

To kick off Coral Reef Awareness Week, Oceana and expedition partner Blancpain released the following initial findings from their May 2022 expedition to Alacranes Reef, the largest reef in the southern Gulf of Mexico and a registered Natural Protected Area (NPA)

“During the expedition, Oceana found evidence of illegal fishing, diseased corals, and possible signs of overfishing,” warned Miguel Rivas, Oceana’s director of habitat campaigns in Mexico. “These worrying conditions threaten Mexico’s rich biodiversity, so we are calling on the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) to urgently address these issues.”

While examining the reefs, located approximately 87 miles off the coast of Yucatan, Oceana’s team of scientists identified corals with white band and black band diseases, which can be deadly. In some areas, Oceana found evidence of newly destroyed corals that were intact a year ago during a previous expedition to the area. Within the NPA, four medium-sized boats were recorded fishing; three of which were fishing within the core zone, where fishing is prohibited to allow for complete conservation of the reef’s resources. Oceana observed these boats using unauthorized fishing gear, such as harpooning. There were no authorities identified in the area to supervise the park and ensure illegal activities do not occur.

Despite these concerning findings, Oceana identified some recolonization of elkhorn coral, a species that builds refuge and feeding areas for other marine life, indicating that Alacranes Reef can thrive with additional protections.

Based on these initial findings, Oceana is recommending CONANP to:

  • Conduct additional research on marine life living near the seabed and on fish in the area to make better informed decisions about the park’s management.
  • Improve the NPA’s zoning; additional sites should be included in the ‘core zone’ or be considered fishing refuges. This would play a critical role in aiding the recovery of fish populations in the area.
  • Reassess how many tourists are permitted to fish in the park, as this subjects the reef to unnecessary and damaging stress.

Photos and videos from the expedition are available here.

About Oceana: Oceana is the largest international advocacy organization dedicated solely to ocean conservation. Oceana is rebuilding abundant and biodiverse oceans by winning science-based policies in countries that control one-third of the world’s wild fish catch. With more than 225 victories that stop overfishing, habitat destruction, pollution, and the killing of threatened species like turtles and sharks, Oceana’s campaigns are delivering results. A restored ocean means that 1 billion people can enjoy a healthy seafood meal, every day, forever. Together, we can save the oceans and help feed the world. Visit www.oceana.org to learn more.

About Blancpain: Founded in 1735 by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain in the Swiss Jura, Blancpain is known as the world’s oldest watch brand. Loyal to its tradition of innovation and confirmed by countless horological complications invented over the years, the Manufacture is constantly pushing the boundaries of watchmaking to take this art to places where it has never been before.

Exploration and preservation of the world’s oceans is at the core to Blancpain. With its legacy of the Fifty Fathoms – the first modern diver’s watch – extending over almost 70 years, Blancpain has become close to the explorers, photographers, scientists and environmentalists who treasure the precious underwater resource. With that affinity has come a determination to support important activities and initiatives dedicated to the oceans.

To date, Blancpain has co-financed 21 major scientific expeditions, celebrated its role in significantly extending the surface area of marine protected areas around the world, and presented several award-winning documentary films, underwater photography exhibitions and publications. This dedication to supporting ocean exploration and preservation is called Blancpain Ocean Commitment.

Click here for more information about the Blancpain Ocean Commitment.

AIHunters Finds a Strategic Partner in DDG AG for the Expansion to the European Market

 DDG AG, an expert for the development and commercialization of digital, technology-driven innovations and data-driven products and business models, with a focus on the field of Artificial Intelligence becomes a strategic partner of AIHunters. The agreement has been finalized today — and the cooperation has been brought into its full power.

AIHunters offers its unique cognitive computing-based platform to reinvent post-processing pipelines in the media and entertainment industry by a significant reduction of manual work through automation.

DDG AG sees a huge potential for AI-supported innovation in the M&E sector (including all, directly and indirectly, related industries). Especially the M&E sector has experienced significant pressure in recent years from “software-first” players like Netflix, Amazon Video, and AppleTV+.

“AIHunters, with its platform, Cognitive Mill, has an ingenious software suite that significantly reduces the barriers to entry for AI-based cognitive automation for traditional M&E providers.

DDG has found a powerful partner in AIHunters and the highly skilled team around Oleg Gubin, enabling DDG to bundle and further develop its M&E activities.

Combined with DDG’s commercialization and business modeling excellence, and building on the traction already successfully gained by the team, DDG will also drive much-needed AI-based innovation to the M&E market in German-speaking countries. Ultimately, we would like to hereby favor a free, powerful, and heterogeneous media landscape in Europe,” explains Philipp Schramm, COO DDG AG.

“It’s my pleasure to announce that AIHunters has found a trusted strategic partner in DDG and we will be moving forward together in our mission to automate the most tedious and time-consuming tasks with the help of AI.

“DDG has established a significant foothold in the European media and entertainment market, which opens up new opportunities for market expansion for us. Being a technology-first company, AIHunters relies on DDG for providing meaningful guidance around commercialization and go-to-market strategy — especially for the German-speaking countries. And AIHunters contributes by offering its unique product for market innovation in its turn.

“We are excited to become more available for our customers on the European market, closer to them,” says Oleg Gubin, CEO AIHunters.

AIHunters plans to open a local office in Germany as the next step of the collaboration. DDG sees vast potential in adding AIHunter’s weight to its portfolio to strengthen and expand the German next-gen AI ecosystem.


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CMO of AIHunters



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Hong Kong – Reef Check 2021 finds corals in healthy and stable condition (with photos)

Reef Check 2021 finds corals in healthy and stable condition (with photos)


     The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) announced today (December 11) that the Reef Check this year showed that local corals are generally in a healthy and stable condition and that the species diversity remains on the high side.

     Hong Kong Reef Check 2021, a five-month exercise that started this June, covered a wide range of areas including a number of sites of ecological importance as well as the best coral-growing sites known in the eastern part of Hong Kong waters extending from Tung Ping Chau in the north to the Ninepin Group in the south. Among the 33 survey sites, nine were within marine parks, including Hoi Ha Wan, Yan Chau Tong and Tung Ping Chau.

     Varying levels of coral coverage, ranging from 10.4 per cent to 82.9 per cent, were recorded among the survey sites. Fifteen sites recorded coral coverage of over 50 per cent, including five sites within marine parks. Among all sites, Sharp Island North recorded the highest coral coverage, at 82.9 per cent.

     Reef Check 2021 also assessed the condition of corals at 13 sites using the Coral Watch tool. By measuring the colour intensity of the corals using a specially designed Coral Health Monitoring Chart, the health condition of corals can be determined. The deeper the colour, the healthier the corals. The average health index of the sites was 4.15 (ranging from 3.25 to 4.73), which was similar to last year’s figure (4.31). The average health index is well above the general average value (3), indicating that the corals are in a healthy and stable condition.

     Hong Kong Reef Check’s survey method and data collection follow international standards. Reef Check divers recorded coral coverage and health status as well as other indicator species (including 20 species of fish and invertebrates). Nineteen assigned indicator species were recorded in the survey sites, with wrasses, butterfly fish, groupers, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and cowries commonly found. The majority of the survey sites were found to have a high species diversity. Most of the groupers, wrasses, sweetlips and snappers were found in survey sites at Port Shelter in Sai Kung and north-eastern waters including Yan Chau Tong Marine Park.

     Coral bleaching was observed at a few sites but the impact was minor and localised.

     No signs of destructive fishing practices were observed at any sites. Abandoned nets were found at a few sites but their impacts were minor. The AFCD will arrange for a contractor to remove the nets.

     Hong Kong Reef Check is part of a global programme to promote the sustainable management of coral reefs. Hong Kong Reef Check aims to raise public awareness of the ecological importance of corals and the need for coral conservation, and to provide updated information on local corals for conservation and management. The Hong Kong Reef Check Foundation held the first Reef Check in 1997. The AFCD has collaborated with the Foundation since 2000 in conducting the survey, which has drawn growing attention and support from the public. This year, 109 dive teams involving over 800 volunteer divers took part in the exercise, representing an approximately 20-fold increase from the level of participation in 1997. The AFCD awarded souvenirs and certificates to the Reef Check teams and participating scientists to recognise their contributions.

     Coral reefs are highly productive systems that support a high diversity of marine life. For the sake of coral conservation in Hong Kong, the AFCD continues to put in place a series of measures and programmes. Key measures include designation of marine parks and marine reserves for conservation of the marine environment and protection of corals, organisation of a range of educational and publicity activities to enhance public understanding of the importance of protecting the marine environment and coral communities, a yearly Reef Check and studies to monitor the status of coral communities of Hong Kong and provide information for sound and adaptive management, installation of mooring and coral marker buoys to reduce coral damage caused by boating and recreational activities, and maintenance of a database to record the diversity and unique features of local corals.