GoSleep (ZZZ) to feature on Bitget Launchpad

VICTORIA, Seychelles, April 11, 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, The GoSleep (ZZZ) project is about to feature on Bitget Launchpad! Grab a share of the deposit pool and sunshine pool.

About the Project

GoSleep is the number one Web3 sleep tracking and healthy living reward app built in the Arbitrum ecosystem. It aims to motivate users to pursue a healthy lifestyle and provides personalized advice on sleep patterns to help them gradually develop healthy sleeping habits.

GoSleep has secured 2 million USD in funding, led by Foresight Ventures, and with participation from CCC Capital, Amber Group, SevenX Ventures, KuCoin Ventures, and Gate Labs.

Website | Twitter | Discord

ZZZ Tokenomics

Total ZZZ supply: 600,000,000.

The distribution details are outlined below.

Type – Percentage

  • Sleep to Earn – 45%
  • Private Sale – 12%
  • Liquidity – 1%
  • Core Team – 20%
  • Foundation- 10%
  • Marketing – 12%

ZZZ Launchpad Details:

Token name: GoSleep (ZZZ).

Total Launchpad volume: 2,000,000 ZZZ.

Deposit pool: 1,800,000 ZZZ.

Sunshine pool: 200,000 ZZZ.

Swap price: 1 ZZZ = $0.025 (the price of BGB will be announced three hours before the Deposit period ends).

Deposit pool

Deposit pool: 1,800,000 ZZZ.

Tickets: 9,000; 1 ticket = 200 ZZZ.

How to participate:

  1. Sign up for a Bitget account and complete KYC verification.
  2. Log in on the Launchpad page and use the button to register.
  3. Make net deposits (on-chain deposit – token withdrawal). Internal transfers, pop grabs, and airdrops are not counted toward your net deposit.
  4. Each user must deposit at least 300 USDT to join the event.

(1) For users with less than 300 USDT deposited, no ticket will be allocated.

(2) For users with less than 300 USDT deposited, the net deposit amount will be shown in My Deposit but will not count towards the total deposit amount.

  1. You can see your estimated number of tickets on your account during the promotion deposit period.

Estimated/final ticket allocation = your net deposit / net deposit of all participating users * total Launchpad tickets during the deposit period. 

(1) The number of allocated tickets is always rounded down. If a user would be allocated 1.9 tickets, they are allocated 1 ticket. If a user would be allocated 0.5 tickets, they are allocated 0 tickets.

(2) Number of tickets that can be swapped per person: 1 ticket (200 ZZZ) – 90 tickets (18,000 ZZZ).

(3) The estimated tickets will change with deposit percentages during the deposit period.

  1. You need to swap BGB to ZZZ on the Launchpad page manually once ZZZ is listed. The BGB price will be announced three hours before the Deposit period ends

Sunshine pool

Sunshine pool: 200,000 ZZZ

How to participate:

  1. Users who participated in the Deposit pool but received less than 1 ticket can grab a share of the 200,000 ZZZ Sunshine pool after the results of the Deposit pool have been announced.
  2. Each user can get up to 200 ZZZ from the Sunshine pool.
  3. ZZZ rewards from the Sunshine Pool can be redeemed with BGB. Details will be disclosed after the results of the Deposit pool are announced on April 17, 9 PM (UTC+8). Make sure you have enough BGB to make the swap.

GoSleep (ZZZ) Launchpad Schedule

Promotion Phase – Date

  • Deposit Period – April 10, 6:00 PM – April 17, 6:00 PM (UTC+8)
  • Ticket Calculation – April 17, 6:00 PM – April 17, 9:00 PM (UTC+8)
  • Ticket Allocation Announcement- April 17, 9:00 PM (UTC+8)
  • Token Swap – April 17, 9:00 PM – April 19, 1:00 PM (UTC+8)
  • ZZZ Distribution – April 19, 4:00 PM (UTC+8)
  • ZZZ/USDT Spot Trading Launched- April 19, 8:00 PM (UTC+8)

Participation Information

Bitget Launchpad Deposit Calculation – https://www.bitget.com/en/support/articles/12560603779237

Terms and Conditions

  1. Bitget reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel or suspend any user account from participation and to withdraw all rewards from any participating user if the user is found to have engaged in fraudulent or illegal behavior, or illegal activity, or to have violated any applicable user agreements, rules, policies, or any promotion rules or regulations, terms and conditions, or announcements (revised and repeated), or if the user abuses the promotion or disrupts or undermines the lawful operation of the promotion.
  2. Bitget reserves the right of final decision on the Terms and Conditions of this event, including changes, amendments to event rules, or the cancellation of the event without prior notice.

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#WBSDubai To Feature Digital Pioneer Reeve Collins, Co-Founder Smartmedia Technologies And Tether, Co-Creator of the NFT, As Keynote Speaker On Web3

The 22nd edition of the World Blockchain Summit endorsed by His Holiness Sheikh Juma Ahmed Juma AL Maktoun is taking place October 17-19, 2022 at Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, UAE and features a highly anticipated keynote speech by digital pioneer Reeve Collins. He is co-founder of Smartmedia Technologies, an enterprise Web3 platform, co-founder and former CEO of Tether, the most used crypto currency in the world and where he invented the stable coin, and the Co-Creator of the non-fungible token (NFT). Collins will be speaking on NFT utility where he will breakdown Web3 and the critical role this new technology provides to all.
“Blockchain is the foundation of our future and Web3 will shiT the way we engage and interact with each other and the world,” Collins stated. “I look forward to sharing my vision at WBS Dubai on why this new technology will be the driving force of change in consumer habits and how the last decade of blockchain innovation has gotten us to this point.”

Reeve Collins is a long-standing pioneer in both digital marketing and the Bitcoin / Blockchain space. Reeve co-founded BLOCKv, raising $22 million in an ICO to deliver the first ever platform for the creation of NFTs. Before the Blockchain, Collins founded several successful ventures including Avenue A where he was the first online media buyer at the first online ad agency which went public at the peak of the Internet bubble for $6.6 Billion dollars. Reeve is a sought aTer international speaker and broadcaster for his entrepreneurship expertise.

#WBSDubai includes the elite gathering of the Web3 ecosystem such as global Blockchain leaders, noted investors, government representatives, and top media personalities.

“We are thrilled to have Reeve Collins join us as a speaker at World Blockchain Summit and looking forward to an incredibly knowledgeable and insightful session,” shared Mohammed Saleem, CEO of WBS. “WBS serves as a meeting point for the world’s most innovative blockchain projects and offers a unique chance to engage with global crypto and blockchain influencers as well as handpicked investors and important government delegations.”

About World Blockchain Summit

WBS is a global series of blockchain, crypto, Web3 and metaverse focused events that has brought together tens of thousands of industry influencers, investors, enterprise decision makers and government stakeholders through physical events hosted in 16+ countries. WBS is dedicated to fostering the growth of the decentralized economy through community development, boosting technological innovation with access to capital, and enabling enterprise and Government adoption of Web3 technologies through deal facilitation. Each summit features enterprise and government use-cases, inspirational keynotes, panel discussions, tech-talks, a blockchain exhibition, startup pitch competitions, and a host of networking opportunities. WBS Events in 2022 also include World Blockchain Summit Bangkok in December. For more information and tickets, visit: www.worldblockchainsummit.com.

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Feature Film “The Spookmaster” to Begin Filming in Greensboro, NC This July

 The independent feature film, The Spookmaster, is set to begin filming in Greensboro, NC this July.

In the film, a man named John (played by Mike Scoglio) is attempting to make a film about a pumpkin-headed ghoul, The Spookmaster.

“We are going to make a big Hollywood movie, and I’m the star!” says Mike Scoglio. “Everyone will know who The Spookmaster is, and my niece has a cameo in the movie.”

Featured filming locations include Greensboro’s famous Hotel Denim as well as A Special Blend coffee shop.

The production team is working from a 90-page screenplay, Mike Scoglio shares a “story-by” and executive producer credit with his longtime collaborator and friend Dave B. Norris. Mr. Norris, a 2008 graduate of the UNCG film department, is set to direct the film. The two met while both were attending Grimsley High School.

“This feature film is a very important project which stars one of my best friends of over 20 years, Mike Scoglio,” says Dave Norris. “Mike has down syndrome, is a d*mn good actor, and I promised him several years ago we’d make a film starring him. We’ve moved mountains to be able to pull this off and, with a heaping help of Greensboro’s community, production is locked and ready to go.”

Mike Scoglio will share screen time with local North Carolina acting talent including Carrie K. Thomas, Gabriel Perez, Vanessa Neff, Sterling Raynor, Joyce Kernodle, and Jinna Kim. Additional guest appearances include, but are not limited to, Kaylin Wolf and Kimberly Meyon.

H Copper

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Mike Scoglio image


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Teno’s New Feature Will Allow Schools to Track and Record Teacher Attendance

 The developers of Teno, India’s leading school management mobile application, have announced that, as per a brand-new update, the app will enable schools to actively maintain teacher attendance records. The new feature simplifies the task of school administrators as it will let them create long-term schedules for online lectures and assessments. Additionally, this feature also lets teachers mark themselves present or absent while logging into the app. The attendance feature will help schools with getting clear and accurate information regarding staff working hours, even in remote schooling.

Schools generally find it challenging to have a clear understanding of the daily attendance of teachers and students when online schooling is going on during a lockdown. This not only affects the decision-making regarding payment of salaries at the end of the month but also hampers the overall schedule of students, teachers, exam committees, and other involved stakeholders. Teno’s teacher attendance feature uses a timer to clock the working hours of teachers and attendance as soon as they log into the app. Similar to how attendance registers work in real-life schools and workplaces, the timeclock used for verifying presenteeism automates the process of attendance-taking for teachers.

The Teno app also has an inbuilt timesheet with continually updating records. The timesheet contains personalized information about a teacher’s attendance for a particular month, their teaching and schedule and other information essential for their functioning. Teachers can mark their attendance using the app. Additionally, teachers who miss marking themselves present due to a technical issue or other reasons can do so on a later date too. This allows teachers to be at ease regarding the attendance records for a given month. The availability of automatic notifications is another feature of the Teno app to help teachers and schools maintain accurate work records. Teachers receive real-time notifications on the app regarding any changes in their teaching schedule for specific students or grades.

The attendance feature of the Teno app brings the control of remote school scheduling in the hands of school administrators. Administrators can approve or reject the attendance of any teacher based on a school’s presenteeism-absenteeism criteria. Teachers, on their part, can communicate with their admins and reapply for shifts rejected by them for syllabus completion or other purposes.

Speaking about the new feature in the Teno app, Jeenal Ganatra, Sr. Manager – Marketing & Product, Teno, says, “We have designed and developed Teno to make mobile-based schooling a mirror image of traditional, classroom-based learning. The teacher attendance feature of the app simplifies the process of scheduling and maintaining accurate attendance records for school administrators and educators.”

Teno app

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NHL on TNT to Feature Toronto Maple Leafs and Superstar Auston MatthewsVisiting LA Kings and Veteran Anže Kopitar, Wednesday, Nov. 24

NHL on TNT will return tomorrow night with a full helping of on-ice action as superstar Auston Matthews and the Toronto Maple Leafs, winners of eight of their last 10 games, visit Anže Kopitar and the Los Angeles Kings in a Thanksgiving Day eve showdown. Kenny Albert will provide play-by-play, along with commentary from Eddie Olczyk and Keith Jones. Retired veteran NHL official Don Koharski will also join throughout the game to provide insights and analysis based on his 32-year career in the NHL.
Coverage will begin at 10 p.m. ET with NHL on TNT Face Off Presented by Verizon pregame coverage emanating from the state-of-the-art NHL on TNT set in Atlanta. Host Liam McHugh will be joined by three-time Stanley Cup Champion Rick Tocchet, hockey personality and former AHL & NHL veteran Paul Bissonnette and special guest, New York Rangers legend Henrik Lundqvist
The NHL on TNT studio team will also provide analysis and insights between periods during the Lexus First Intermission Report and the Discover Second Intermission Report. 
Live streaming coverage of all NHL on TNT games will be available via the WatchTNT app on mobile, tablet and connected TV devices and at http://www.tntdrama.com/watchtnt. Fans will be able to access the games whenever and wherever they desire by logging in with the username and password provided by their TV service provider.