EPIC FANTASY, Role-Playing Game Released

 EPIC FANTASY www.epicfantasy.com combines retroclone FASERIP rules with the open game content (OGC) SRD from the world’s most well known fantasy role-playing game to create a new all-in-one rulebook. It has numerous classes, including all the familiar ones, a modular approach to monsters that produces hundreds of thousands of different ones, and uses the heroic scale of FASERIP, as in the expanded FASERIPopedia rules, to make sure that the fantasy is EPIC – larger than life, heroic, and full of fun and excitement. There are also day / night encounter charts, rules and charts for owning and running your own Barony, weather, a complete world generating sandbox, a city-state generator, pages of items, and a mechanic to remove murder hobos – Wealth or Resources checks using a more abstract but still fun system where Wealth Modifier Treasure Types can be used to give bonuses on rolls. Also due to the universality of the FASERIP ability system, any living being is playable, and there are separate rules for Humanoid Animals if that is the kind of campaign desired.

Wizards, a major feature of all fantasy games, have so many different options, arranged logically in their Class section, including Black Magic and Golem making and other variants abilities. Instead of too many almost identical Sleep and Charm spells, Sleep and Mind Control aka “Charming” are treated as basic abilities of all characters with Wizardry – the ability to cast Wizard spells.

Also included is a complete system to convert existing OSR and d20 SRD games to EPIC FANTASY, rules to rate yourself and your friends so you can enter the game world as Isekai characters and rules for millions of monsters.

There is nothing else anywhere like EPIC FANTASY.

This marks a genuine revolution in D&D OGL gaming.

EPIC FANTASY also features truly astounding and amazing artwork by over 100 of the top artists in the OGL / D&D gaming sphere. EPIC FANTASY’s rulebook in print is available in paperback or hardcover:


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Final Fantasy XIV Online is Coming to Xbox Series X|S in Spring 2024


– Critically Acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online is officially coming to Xbox Series X|S in Spring 2024.
– Boasting 4K support on Xbox Series X and faster loading times on both consoles, with an open beta coming soon.
– Duty Support system allows single-player fans to enjoy the story at their own pace.


After much anticipation, its finally confirmed critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online is officially coming to Xbox Series X|S.

First announced at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest 2023 in Las Vegas by FFXIV Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida and CEO of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer, lets break down the announcement and reveal and what it means for Xbox gamers now that one of gamings most welcoming communities is set to get even bigger!

What is Final Fantasy XIV Online?

Firstly, if youre not familiar with Final Fantasy XIV Online, as the name would suggest, its the fourteenth mainline game in the highly esteemed Final Fantasy series. As with all mainline numbered Final Fantasy games however, each entry is a standalone game that doesnt require any previous experience with the franchise. If youve never played a Final Fantasy game before, FFXIV is the perfect place to jump in!

FFXIV takes place in the world of Hydaelyn a vibrant planet blessed by the Light of the Crystal. Amid azure seas, encompassing the westernmost of the Three Great Continents, there lies a realm embraced by gods and forged by heroes. Her name Eorzea. It is here that your tale begins to unfold. Beckoned by the Mothercrystal the source of all life you must embark upon a quest to deliver the land from an eternity of Darkness.

As an online massively multiplayer role-playing game, FFXIV offers a realm where you and 27 million adventurers worldwide can embark on epic quests together. Filled with bustling cities, towering forests, and deadly deserts, FFXIVs constantly updated, and ever-engaging world takes you to the far reaches of the land and beyond, with a captivating and ongoing story. But it isnt just about defeating massive monsters with your personalized Warrior of Light. You can also gather materials and craft items, enjoy series staples including Chocobos, Moogles, and Airships, enjoy a day of mini-games and mahjong at the Gold Saucer, and even buy a house.

Your adventure, played your way!

If all this sounds a bit overwhelming, never fear! Though initially designed to be played online with others, FFXIV includes a feature called the Duty Support system that enables tackling content with a party of NPC allies as opposed to other players. In fact, by the time the open beta launches itll be possible to complete all the main story dungeons from A Realm Reborn through Endwalker solo, enabling you to comfortably experience the stories of Eorzea on their own.

When can I play itand what have I heard about a Free Trial?

Final Fantasy XIV Online is set to launch in open beta on Xbox Series X|S as part of the Patch 6.5x series, which means you can expect it very soon indeed! Alongside 4K support on Xbox Series X, both consoles will enjoy fast loading times, making sure your time in Eorzea looks and plays great.

Additionally, you may have seen some copypasta lurking around the internet pertaining to a certain free trial well, rest assured, the Final Fantasy XIV Online Expanded Free Trial will indeed be coming to Xbox Series X|S, meaning you too will be able to enjoy the entirety of A Realm Reborn as well as the award-winning Heavensward and Stormblood expansions up to level 70 with no restrictions on playtime!

Were thrilled to finally be launching on Xbox Series X|S, and this is just the beginning of our journey together. Were looking forward to sharing much more information in the run-up to launch and welcoming you all to Eorzea! Until then, may you ever walk in the light of the Crystal!

New fantasy novel full of magic, machines, and adventure in the old west to be released in June

Top Quote New dystopian fantasy from Sara Bushway will be released in June. Honey Beaumont is the first dystopian fiction from 5310 Publishing, and Sara’s debut novel. End Quote

The dystopian fantasy novel, HONEY BEAUMONT, is about a land destroyed by war, at a time that mirrored the excitements and dangers of the Old West, at place where both magic and machine collide. A hero called Honey Beaumont rises to save the day. Honey joins The Adventurer’s Guild, which stands for justice and serves the common man, provided they can pay. With newfound skills and friends in tow, only Honey can find the strength and courage to return to the man who tried to destroy him, and make things right for his people.

Embarking on a journey of a lifetime, being a hero is harder than he could have ever imagined, but at least he has his friends by his side to help him save the day.

Sara says she couldn’t be happier with her release, and when asked if she had any advice for new authors she said “Keep on writing. Write every day. It won’t all be gold, but you’ll keep getting better.”

Sara Bushway of Bethalto, Illinois is a budding author in the world of fiction. A recent graduate of the SIUE majoring in Psychology and minoring in Literature, she is currently a substance abuse counsellor at the Gateway Foundation. Her hobbies include writing, playing video games, knitting, crocheting, painting, and tabletop gaming.

The owner of 5310 Publishing, Eric Williams, says Honey Beaumont is their first dystopian fiction, and “I couldn’t be more excited to release such an original work. I am so excited to bring magic back into this world.”

About 5310 Publishing Company: Canadian-based, 5310 Publishing has operations worldwide, selling books in 127 countries and multiple languages. Since 2018, 5310 has published all genres of adult and YA books, fiction and non-fiction, in book and ebook formats.

SOURCE: https://5310publishing.com/honeybeaumont