Living Life with Faith by Removing Sin


Every person’s objective has always been to live a flawless life, because who wouldn’t want to live a life devoid of cares and concerns? The reality is that no one is flawless, and there will always be times when they fall short. And, as the phrase goes, living is more than merely existing at some point in time; it must be an experience that one never regrets because each person has only one life.

“The Secret to Perfect Living” is essential for living a worry-free life since it is a guidebook that follows God’s teachings, giving its readers the knowledge that there must be a method to live a perfect life as the son of God did in the past. The book itself contains teachings that will help to shape one’s character and fortify one’s spirit to be worthy of such a great life.

Readers of this educational book will have no other expression other than gratitude to the author for his efforts in providing a means for his fellow believers of the faith to live a tranquil life free of sin and temptations.


The Secret to Perfect Living

Written by: Kofi B. Dwira

Paperback: $11.96

E-Book: $2.99

This passionate book has copies available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoToPublish, and other online book publishers. Grab a copy of this book now and discover the teachings to how Jesus’ achieved a life free of sin.


About the Author

Kofi B. Dwira is a Ghanaian who studied accounting for a living, but his favorite subject to study in his free time is the Bible. Kofi Dwira believes that because Jesus came to Earth to live as a man amid sin and lived perfectly, there must be a way to live a perfect life as Jesus did.


Faith Talk Radio Host + Pastoral Counselor, Dr. Angela Chester Makes Top 30 Inspiring Women to Look Out For in 2021

 “It’s great to see women jumping out of the conventional boundaries and making their mark in the industries. Be it entrepreneurship, philanthropy, or politics, their presence has undoubtedly created a fresh wave of innovation and inspiration out there. The NYC Journal continues, “Without each one of their contributions, our industry wouldn’t have been where it stands today. While celebrating all these women of the industry, let’s take a look at the top 30 inspiring, fierce, and empowering women of the world who stay determined to disrupt their ways to success.”

Dr. Angela Butts Chester, a faith-based media professional, empowerment speaker, and pastoral counselor, helps others overcome unproductive mindsets and see new opportunities. Her personal mission – to “enlighten, inspire and empower you” – is the tagline of her national talk-radio show.

Daily Spark with Dr. Angela is a national faith talk radio show that features authors who understand the importance of faith and education. From sci-fi to health and wellness, authors share their stories, and how faith has helped them succeed in life. The internationally known, Daily Spark TV, is the sister show to the radio program.

As a Pastoral Counselor and Empowerment Coach, Dr. Angela, as she is lovingly called, takes a holistic approach. Assisting Millennial + Gen X women, Dr. Angela scaled up her Pivot for Purpose coaching program during the pandemic. Originally one-on-one, including virtual options gave more women access to next-level accountability and growth. Pivot for Purpose helps anyone looking to find better life definition or life purpose. Classes and courses are also available on spiritual development and wellness.

When asked why she keeps moving forward, Dr. Chester says, “Empowered women, empower women. We shouldn’t let an opportunity pass by where we can mentor someone, teach our fellow women what we have learned, or leave a legacy for the next generation. We all walk a smoother path thanks to a great woman who had vision and fortitude.”

Dr. Chester feels her journey as a breast cancer survivor has prepared her to lead and inspire others. As an international speaker, she engages the audience with strategies towards their own transformation.

On Instagram (@drangelachester), she stated that being included in this article was a “humbling and exciting moment.” She also took the time to congratulate her fellow women. When asked why that was important, she said, “Because it’s the right thing to do. I lose nothing giving virtual ‘cheers’ to another amazing woman. We should salute each other more; there’s room for all of us.”

An advocate for successful faith-driven women, her website ( is designed to encourage women to push past any obstacle they may face on their climb to personal success.

Dr. Angela Chester

Dr. Angela Butts Chester


FB/IG/Twitter: @drangelachester



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