Diane Olive Shares Life-Saving Information in Her Book “Natural Ways for Healing Mites and Morgellons: Information on Itchy & Irritated Skin”

Witness the incredible healing journey of the author after suffering from Morgellons disease.

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Diane is so helpful. I called her several times with questions. The information in the book is fantastic. The book covers how to clean up your outer environment, and how to strengthen your inner environment to help you overcome mites or Morgellons. Amazon Review

Diane Olives Natural Ways for Healing Mites and Morgellons: Information on Itchy & Irritated Skin was displayed by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at the 2023 LibLearnX: The Library Learning Experience, which was held on January 27-30, 2023, at New Orleans Earnest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Natural Ways for Healing Mites and Morgellons contains helpful tips for healing itching and irritated skin caused by mites and Morgellons disease.

Morgellons disease is a type of delusional parasitosis where patients report that their skin contains parasites, fibers, toxins, or other foreign objects. People who are diagnosed with this disease may often experience a sensation of crawling, biting, or stinging. They may also have self-inflicted wounds whenever they attempt to remove whatever feels uncomfortable in their skin.

The author was also a victim of this horrifying disease, and doctors were unable to help her. Being in that miserable situation made Diane desperately seeking for treatment. Fortunately, her great knowledge of health and herbs contributed an important factor in completing her journey to full recovery.

This book outlines a plan that includes the best diet, vitamins, and herbs that can help ward off mites and other natural ways to eliminate mites from homes and cars. Diane also emphasizes the power of prayer and spirituality to heal a disease.

Anyone interested in learning to heal from mites and Morgellons should get a copy of Diane Olives Natural Ways for Healing Mites and Morgellons: Information on Itchy & Irritated Skin. Copies are available on Amazon. To know more about the author and her works, visit https://genesallnaturalproducts.com/.

Natural Ways for Healing Mites and Morgellons: Information on Itchy & Irritated Skin
Author | Diane Olive
Published Date | January 9, 2015
Publisher | Self-Published
Genre | Health, Disease, Medical, Spiritual

Author Bio

Diane Olive was born in Chicago, Illinois, on March 8, 1959. She resides in Encinitas, California, with her husband, John. Contracting Morgellons disease was the second time Diane became extremely ill and had to learn to heal herself since medical doctors in both instances did not treat the illness properly. The first time Diane became sick, she was forced to heal herself of candida, food allergies, and celiac disease. Following this illness, Diane wrote her first book, Think Before You Eat, which explains why eating healthy foods is essential for the health of the body. Diane is certified in Health from Rosemont College, Pennsylvania, and has a BA in Fine Arts from California State University, Northridge. Her interest in health, art, and serving God has inspired her to study about diet, herbs, and human values, and spirituality.

Diane Fobes’s Book, “Grandma is on the Spectrum,” is an Informative Read About How She and Other Seniors We Might Know Have Missed a Diagnosis That Effects Their Lives

 Fulton Books author Diane Fobes, a grandmother and lifelong learner who looks forward to traveling and helping other seniors on the spectrum, has completed her most recent book, “Grandma is on the Spectrum”: a captivating account that discusses why a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder did not occur until later in her life, and some things you can do to help the seniors in your life who might also be.

“When people mention autism, they often mean children or young adults and the programs that support them,” writes Diane Fobes. “However, one does not suddenly stop being autistic. We just grow better at avoiding our trigger areas and developing covering skills.” Now that we are facing different challenges as older autistics, we still need your help.

“In this captivating and informative book, the author, Diane Fobes, starts with a very open biography explaining her undiagnosed life and how she missed her diagnosis until she was sixty-five. Then she talks about some ideas on helping our seniors on the spectrum, and gives support to the mothers (and fathers) who are raising a new generation of children and young adults on the spectrum, as well as those discovering that they might have senior relatives who are on the spectrum as well.”

Published by Fulton Books, Diane Fobes’s book explores how being diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum has affected her life as a senior, and how her later diagnosis helped to make sense of much of her past. Detailing the understanding and answers that came from her diagnosis, Fobes aims to help other seniors facing a potential diagnosis and provide guidance for families navigating this new reality.

Readers who wish to experience this enjoyable and informative work can purchase “Grandma is on the Spectrum” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

Please direct all media inquiries to Author Support via email at support@fultonbooks.com or via telephone at 877-210-0816.

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