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 “Don’t be fooled by all the house-flipping reality TV shows,” says Entrepreneur and DIY Design Expert, Kalyn Matthews who knows the thrill, and fear, of risking everything to buy, gut, decorate and sell a house. “You can turn a profit but the process isn’t as easy as the professionals make it look in a thirty-minute TV segment.” Featured this month in House Beautiful, Matthews is described as someone who trusts her design instincts. Powered by creativity, determination, and some help from her brothers, she renovated and designed a dilapidated Philadelphia rowhouse turning it into a colorful, warm and inviting home.

Combining a passion for home renovation and design, Kalyn Matthews risked her finances in May 2019 to buy an undervalued property in the Germantown section of Philly. The market was extremely competitive and Kalyn didn’t qualify for a loan. So her only option? Cash out her 401K to buy the property.

From patching and waterproofing the basement walls to laying tile and redoing a fireplace, the renovation project became less of a flip and more of a design labor of love. Except for the raccoon under the porch roof which only raised the question of how much must she pay to get rid of it. Always ready for a treasure hunt, Kalyn primarily decorated with thrifted and salvaged items as well as DIY projects to keep the project under budget while still preserving the home’s nostalgic elements. Two years after purchase, the house was sold in July for a profit that will be reinvested in Kalyn’s design business, Righteous Spaces.

Advice for the wannabe house flipper?

“Don’t get your hands dirty until you’ve learned about your real estate market, construction, and how much damage your project could do to your wallet,” says Kalyn Matthews, Principal Designer at Philadelphia-based Righteous Spaces.

Biggest lesson learned?

“I could do more than I thought I could, and this project just confirms my strong belief that good design is possible at any price point,” adds Matthews.

For more information, including before and after pictures of Kalyn’s renovation, see

Philadelphia-based DIY Design Expert Kalyn Matthews is available upon request for interviews. Please let me know if you’d like to speak with Kalyn!

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About Kalyn Matthews

Kalyn is a Philadelphia based Interior Designer known for joy-filled, soulful spaces that she brings alive with vintage notes and surprising elements. Featured in House Beautiful, September 2021 for her grit and determination in flipping a Philadelphia home, she is known for creating beautiful, livable environments that are fresh and vibrant, while still honoring the architecture and era of the property. Kalyn’s expertise in shopping the scrap lumber yards and decorating with what she finds in thrift stores, flea markets, or resale shops as well as the client’s home, allows her to design on a budget while creating a unique and personalized space. A former flight attendant for over two decades, and an experienced Home Stager, Kalyn Matthews is the Principal Designer at Righteous Spaces in Philadelphia.

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Which home improvements add most value to your property?

Spending on home improvements makes your home a more enjoyable space, enhances it’s visual appeal and increases the long-term value of your property. On average, home improvements will add 10% to your property, however, more extensive works, such as conservatories could add up to 108% to your home’s value.

We take a look at the different return on investment from various home improvements.

A conservatory increases the amount of indoor space your home has – however, is often at the expense of reduced garden space. Unlike an extension, building a conservatory does not required planning permissions (as long as no more than 50% of the original land is covered). Equally, when building a conservatory, you will be exempt from any building regulations, as long as half of the new wall and 3/4 of the roof is either glazed, or a similar translucent material.

The average cost of a conservatory is £5,300.
The average return of investment is £5,750 – that’s an impressive 108% increase in value.

Gardens are often neglected by homeowners – especially in winter months – where the front garden is subject to overgrown grass and unmaintained plants. However, the front garden is the first thing a potential buyer will see when viewing your home, so an unkept lawn will surely detract potential buyers. Instead, a well looked after garden will give your home a welcoming feel.

The average cost of garden works is £4,550.
The average return on investment is £4,000 – that’s an 88% increase in value.

Home Exterior
Similar to your home’s garden, your property’s exterior is one of the least maintained and updated areas of a home. Cracked render, dirty windows, unpainted woodwork, chipped doorframes and broken roof tiles all add up to a worn-out and dull looking home. 

However, your home’s exterior is one of the first things a potential buyer will see, therefore, it’s important to make sure it looks it’s best. Spending a bit of time and money on decorating and repairing any exterior damages could make a big difference in the appearance and value of your property.

The average cost of exterior works is £6,000.
The average return on investment is £4,500 – that’s a whopping 75% increase in value.

The kitchen has long been regarded as the most important room in a home – and is often the first thing buyers will look to renovate, in order to add their own personal stamp on a property. Therefore, providing a thoughtful, attractive and functional kitchen space is ideal for attracting buyers and adding value to your property.

According to HSBC, a new kitchen will add at least £5,000 to a home’s price tag.

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