“The Adventures of Danny Fish and Danny Rabbit” by Verna Clement will be Showcased at the 2023 Frankfurt Book Fair

The Adventures of Danny Fish and Danny Rabbit teaches little readers about the importance of friendship, loyalty, and magic through its remarkable characters, who demonstrate the true essence of supporting one another through thick and thin.

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ReadersMagnet will feature “The Adventures of Danny Fish and Danny Rabbit: Best Friends Forever” by Verna Clement at the 2023 Frankfurt Book Fair this coming October 18-22, 2023.

The childrens book The Adventures of Danny Fish and Danny Rabbit: Best Friends Forever by Verna Clement will be displayed by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at the 2023 Frankfurt Book Fair. The book trade fair will occur on October 18-22, 2023, at the Frankfurt Trade Fair grounds, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The Frankfurt Book Fair, which is also known as Frankfurter Buchmesse, has attracted over 7,500 exhibitors from 100+ countries over the past 70 years. Since its conception, it has become a must-visit event for book lovers and writers alike.

The Adventures of Danny Fish and Danny Rabbit: Best Friends Forever is a wonderful childrens book filled with valuable life lessons and values that even adults can relate to. In this book, Verna Clement tells the story of a fish and a rabbit who meet unexpectedly in an ocean and find a strong bond through shared experiences and fun.

As the story goes, a fish and a rabbit, who share the same name and discover that they each have magical powers, embark on an adventure together. Along the way, they encounter challenges and have fun, but their journey ultimately helps other needy animals.

The Adventures of Danny Fish and Danny Rabbit is an essential read for kids aged 6-10. It will teach little readers about the importance of friendship, loyalty, and magic through its remarkable characters, who demonstrate the true essence of supporting one another through thick and thin. With her delightful book, Clement takes her readers on a magical journey full of endless possibilities and exciting adventures.

Order a copy of The Adventures of Danny Fish and Danny Rabbit: Best Friends Forever by Verna Clement on Amazon. Learn more about Verna and her works by visiting her website at https://dannyfishdannyrabbit.com/. Visit the ReadersMagnet exhibit at the 2023 Frankfurt Book Fair to check out the books display.

Verna Clement grew up in the Caribbean Islands. She inherited her fathers love of storytelling. After a successful entrepreneurial business in Trinidad, Verna started a new life as a nanny and author in New York City. She is fulfilling her dreams of writing magical adventure Stories to entertain and educate children on themes of friendship and loyalty.

The Adventures of Danny Fish and Danny Rabbit: Best Friends Forever
Author: Verna Clement
Genre: Childrens Book
Publisher: Self-Publishing
Published date: April 10, 2023

Alexander Danny Joyeux Discusses the Dangers of Living a Sedentary Lifestyle in His Book “Diabetic Denial: The Long Journey Home”

Alexander Danny Joyeux was previously mired in the labyrinth of an unhealthy lifestyle, a foolhardy attitude, and, eventually, an incurable sickness. In a book about his challenges and strategies for surviving type 2 diabetes, he calls for vigilance, and encouragement. His memoir, “Diabetic Denial: The Long Journey Home,” is presented by Joyeux.
Diabetes is a long-term medical condition in which blood sugar (glucose) levels increase. Insulin is a hormone generated by the pancreas that helps glucose flow from the circulation into our cells, where it is used for energy. The cells in people with type 2 diabetes don’t respond to insulin as well as they should. As the disease worsens, the body may be unable to produce enough insulin. High blood glucose levels caused by uncontrolled type 2 diabetes can produce a range of symptoms as well as deadly adverse effects.
“Diabetic Denial” is a motivational and inspirational memoir about diabetes and how it affects the patient. Joyeux, who was previously endangered by his poor choices, has come out to provide awareness of the conditions under which a person may get diabetes and how denial can lead to more detrimental situations. The illness has long-term harmful consequences. On the other hand, it can be prevented if the patient commits to a healthy lifestyle. And with the help of their friends and family, they may achieve stability. The book also includes nutritious meals that, if followed consistently, will assist in the patient’s rehabilitation.
“I hope my story will aid in the awareness and commitment in combatting this issue. I want all to know you are not alone in this struggle, as it requires a lifetime of ups and downs in the pursuit of regulating a healthy lifestyle. Millions find it hard to combat and feel as though life dealt them some bad fate, but I am here to tell it was not so. I hope my story inspires you to make the changes that are necessary, so you can live a full productive and as natural a life as any other human being on the planet,” Joyeux writes.
Buy the book at: https://youronlinepublicist.com/product/diabetic-denial-the-long-journey-home-by-alexander-danny-joyeux/
Diabetic Denial: The Long Journey Home
Author: Alexander Danny Joyeux
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: August 2021
Book Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting › Diseases & Physical Ailments
About the Author:
Alexander D Joyeux born in the City of laborie, Saint Lucia: a tiny island nation in the West Indies, formerly a British Colony, came to America at two years of age, raised in Daly City, CA. Father of two daughters, works as a network engineer for Avaya, Graduate of Golden Gate University; awarded Masters of Science in Information Technology Management and Concentration in HealthCare Management.

Danny Harmer named HERoes Executive Role Model

Danny is the Co-Executive Sponsor of our Pride Community, Executive Representative on the Global Inclusion Committee and Co-Executive Sponsor of our Domestic Abuse Working Group, which introduced training last year to support customers and colleagues.

Danny also writes articles and speaks at events on issues such as menopause, caring and working parents. She mentors several women, and is a past Master of the Guild of HR Professionals.

Danny Harmer said, “I am very flattered to be named in the HERoes Women Executives Role Models List especially alongside such brilliant women.

“It’s so important that we can work in an inclusive environment that lets everyone pursue their potential, particularly as offices reopen and organisations explore new ways of working. If we foster diverse teams and a fabulous culture, everyone will benefit.” 

HERoes Women Role Model Lists

The global HERoes Women Role Model Lists showcase leaders across multiple sectors and industries who champion women in business and drive change for gender diversity in the workplace across the world.

Those on the HERoes Role Model Lists have not only achieved success in their own careers but actively drive for more inclusive workplaces.



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