New Cryptocurrency Shield Coin Aims to Offer Investor Protection in the DeFi Crypto Space

 Shield Coin (SHC), a new token launching March 26, 2022, is the first and only token to provide protection for crypto assets. Shield Coin offers all holders protection from scams through cryptosurance (insurance for crypto currencies). In addition to cryptosurance, Shield Coin offers holders consistent passive income and long-term price appreciation.

Insurance Perfected: Shield Coin has taken the insurance concept and elevated it to a whole new level. Unlike paying for a home or car insurance, Shield Coin holders gain triple value from each Shield Coin purchase. With each transaction, holders receive:

· Cryptosurance protection

· 7% BUSD reflections

· The option to maintain holdings and benefit from token appreciation or sell and invest in other crypto projects, while coverage remains active.

Reliable Passive Income: All Shield Coin holders receive a portion of the project’s 7% reflections on all transactions (buys and sells). Since cryptosurance coverage requires a purchase transaction every 30 days, holders consistently receive passive income that puts real money in their wallets and can even offset or completely eliminate the cost of insurance.

Freedom to Grow: By letting holders use and reuse their money, Shield Coin helps its holders build wealth while also strengthening the DeFi crypto space.

Beyond this, Shield Coin will launch an innovative and ambitious utility that will draw in thousands of holders in the second quarter of 2022. Shield Coin aims to be the largest project in the DeFi space, providing investor protection to anyone seeking their fortune in crypto!

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5ROI Global Cryptocurrency Exchange Reaches 3 Million Users

After only 7 months of launching and 4 months of receiving the entire infrastructure, 5ROI Global reaches 3 million users. In which, the number of users grew the most at the right time after completing the technology transfer and during the Lunar New Year of Asian countries.

Launched on 6/6/2021, as a new exchange, 5ROI Global needs a lot of effort to compete with famous giants in the industry. This is the main reason why after 3 months of operation, the CEO of 5ROI Global – Mr. David Do decided to spend huge financial resources to invest in mastering technology and completely upgrading the system. 5ROI Global has officially cooperate to buy back the entire technology infrastructure with a large exchange with a technology solution capable of handling large trading volumes of up to $15 billion a day. After completing the transfer process, 5ROI Global has achieved 2 strategic goals, which are to become a stable and secure cryptocurrency exchange and can also provide technology solutions that set up exchanges of other institutions.

“The growth of 5ROI Global users comes at a time when the cryptocurrency market is complicated. However, with the adoption of all infrastructure technology and investment in human resources, we have been and will step by step achieve our goal of becoming a multi-app financial ecosystem.” Mr. David Do shared.

In parallel with the technology upgrade, Mr. David Do and the management team also quickly researched techniques and negotiated connections with major partners to expand new features, financial loan packages, and investment funds in the field of cryptocurrencies. This is one of the steps towards diversifying financial and payment products in the future, increasing the global coverage of 5ROI Global.

5ROI Global still pursues its original goal, supporting startups to access capital and a global community of investors through listing potential projects, consulting, implementing marketing, PR, and IEO programs,… thereby contributing to the development of the worldwide cryptocurrency market.

The milestone of 3 million users in a short time shows the determination of the 5ROI Global team to step by step realize the goal of becoming a multi-app financial ecosystem. Let’s welcome the upcoming strong steps of 5ROI Global.

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R223 Cryptocurrency In The Process Of Revolutionizing The Real Estate Industry

The company is equipped with a team of international industry experts with proven ability to create long-term businesses and generate revenue. The R223 was designed with the goal of creating an advanced economic infrastructure based on the best blockchain network in the market, the Ethereum Blockchain – offering solutions for the real estate properties recovery and restoration in Mexico, Latin America and the world over.

R223 is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum platform. These tokens are essentially smart contracts that use a high security standard interface that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Since its inception R223 has witnessed an exponential worldwide interest from investors and cryptocurrency experts around the globe. The dedication of the R223 team and advisors is reflected on how successful the startup has grown; achieving each milestone as it goes.

“Thanks to the R223 project we have been able to accelerate, recover and restore our real estate projects, allowing investment from all over the world and providing all kinds of benefits to holders.” -Oscar Barbadillo Mier / Founder R223

“We have created the best cryptocurrency in Latin America and the best in the world, thanks to the combination of the real estate market and the power of technology, cryptocurrencies and finance.” -Gonzalo Araújo / Founder R223

The R223 Coin is currently in Ethereum, investors can see how many, how much, and more information in the etherscan browser:

The founding partners of R223 own solid assets valued at more than 400 million dollars, such as land, mining projects, hotels, among others. Also, their founding partners are proud to announce that their most iconic asset in Mexico City is already in operation and generating revenue.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies where individuals need an investment round to acquire assets or start a project, the R223 is different. The uniqueness and main value added of R223 is that it was born with the ownership and rights of use of a large number of lands, properties and other assets.

An extra value added is its immediate usability. If the coin investor wants to participate as shareholder in their Real Estate projects, they are provided with the possibility to purchase stocks with R223.


Cryptocurrency Exchange Paybis Rolls Out Instant Bank Payments Globally, Cuts Fees to 0.99%

Paybis introduces instant bank payments solution for UK and EU; adds support for local bank payments in the US and SWIFT USD for international clients. 

Edinburgh, Scotland, 7 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Global cryptocurrency exchange Paybis is introducing several new payment options for its international customers. Paybis users will now be able to purchase cryptocurrencies using the United Kingdom’s (UK) Faster Payments system and the European Union’s (EU) Single European Payment Area (SEPA) for instant GBP and EUR deposits respectively. The exchange has also launched local bank payments in the United States (US) as well as SWIFT USD to allow international payments.

A Worldwide Solution for the Best Price

These additions are part of Paybis’ mission to help its customers participate in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world by cutting costs and lowering the barrier to entry. Accordingly, as part of the launch of new payment options, Paybis is reducing its fee for cryptocurrency purchases to 0.99% from 2.99%, as well as increasing spending limits for all customers, from 200,000 USD in single-purchases, to 1,000,000 USD. 

Paybis on the Move 

Paybis has been busy developing its cryptocurrency exchange services since its founding in 2014. The global cryptocurrency exchange has added several features, including a blog to help its users keep up with the rapidly-developing crypto-world, a referrals & affiliate program which rewards users who refer new traders and a news section so its users can keep up with the exchange’s developments. 

Paybis has also introduced crypto-price tracking pages that anyone can use to check prices in realtime. Moreover a customer can check bitcoin price or any other crypto price in more than 90 different local currencies. Moreover, Paybis has added crypto-calculator pages, enabling visitors and customers to easily calculate the value of one of the 400 crypto-assets in several different currencies. All of these features are intended to ensure customers can buy bitcoin and other currencies easily and efficiently. In March 2021, the exchange also announced it is preparing to offer support for New York customers, which would bring the total number of US states it serves to 49. 

About Paybis

Paybis is a cryptocurrency exchange that enables the user-friendly purchasing of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via a diverse variety of payment methods, including debit and credit cards, instant bank payments in the UK and EU, local bank payments in the US, and SWIFT USD for international clients. The exchange also provides support for over 50 local currencies, in 180 countries. Also included in its reach are 48 US states. Paybis doesn’t take custody of clients’ funds, which means users are always in control.

Finally, Paybis also obtained a temporary cryptoasset registration from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), allowing it to operate in the regulator’s jurisdiction pending assessment of suitability for being granted a permanent license. The FCA guidance and regulatory framework is focused on preventing illicit activities in the crypto-space and encouraging a safe trading environment to foster the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Check out Paybis for more information on their suite of cryptocurrency exchange projects. 

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DMZ cryptocurrency is an alternate sort of advanced cash for individuals who wish to live in a peaceful and DeMilitarized zone

A neutral ground, DMZ or DZ is a region wherein deals or arrangements between countries, military powers or fighting gatherings prohibit army bases, exercises, or faculty. A DMZ may now and then frame a true worldwide line, like the 38th equal among North and South Korea. It is any region, spot, or situation in which clashes or threats are held in suspension. 

We picked the name DMZ, since it’s in absolute harmony where individuals of various perspectives and shades reside next to each other in amicability without the need to hurt one another. So in the event that you feel like we feel about making a superior world to live in and to leave our kids, then, at that point join our quiet revolt.

DMZ World Fund will be an asset to help protect Earth’s assets, support survivors of war and psychological oppression and to cultivate world league and collaboration to make an overall DeMilitarized Zone. Yearly donations will be made to public and global NGOs that share our objectives. 

Investing in DMZ Tokens is possible and convenient. A digital wallet is required to own and hold DMZ Tokens. Since it was created on the Ethereum blockchain, any ethereum wallet will do. MyEtherWallet is recommended. The supply of DMZ tokens is limited to only 11000000 

Be one of the only people on Earth to own a DMZ! 3 tokens to referrer & referred. 

DMZ aims and hopes to become a top 10 crypto and get listed on Coinbase and other top rated exchanges in the next 5-10 years. 

Be a part of this special cause. Visit us today! 

DMZ Cryptocurrency 

900 Commonwealth Place, Suite 200 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

23464, USA.