Colorado Small Business Owner Steps Up to Invest in Employees Amid Inflation

 Mark Harrill, owner of All American Heating, in Fairplay, Colorado, announced Monday that each employee at All American will receive a $3 per hour pay increase to help weather the rising cost of living in the Colorado mountains. The move will inject almost $120,000 into the local economy in Summit and Park Counties and ensure that each employee is now paid what World Population Review and MIT consider the average required hourly wage to afford a two-bedroom apartment in the State of Colorado.

Numerous studies show that employees making a living wage are more satisfied in their daily employment and are less likely to leave. But Harrill’s biggest reason for making this change is not to reduce turnover – although that is a benefit in today’s labor shortage. He wants to make sure he takes care of his people and does the right thing. Harrill believes this is the path forward for business owners – that we are seeing a sea change in the American labor market, and he wants to help set the standard by valuing his people and providing a stable and healthy work environment. Much like Dan Price of Gravity Payments, Harrill believes in the importance of being a socially-conscious business, paying people what they are worth, and generally treating people the way they should be treated. That happy employees provide better customer service is a bonus side-effect.

A 30-year veteran of corporate environments in marketing, IT, and e-commerce in a variety of industries, Harrill wants All American Heating to be a different kind of company than those he’s experienced in the past.

“I want my employees to feel like they are part of something special – a company that does things the right way. I want them to know how important each and every person is to me, and how much I want them to succeed. I also want to be the best in the area at what we do, and do that by providing top-level service, doing great work, and treating our customers with respect.”

Living and working in an affluent community like Breckenridge and the surrounding ski areas can be challenging for permanent residents. A large portion of the residences in the area are second or vacation homes with out-of-state owners who are well-off. In addition, the region relies heavily on tourism in ski season and for hiking and other outdoor activities in the summer for revenue. Certainly, this is a beautiful and majestic area, but these factors have two effects: they drive up the cost of living, and they make it difficult to find affordable housing.

Harrill hopes to combat these effects by taking the initiative and making the investment in his employees, enabling them to live in the area in which they work, and by helping the City of Breckenridge maintain and upgrade hydronic heating systems in city or county-owned affordable housing developments.

“It could go either way,” says Harrill. “It could work out great for everyone involved, or it could break me. I am putting myself out there to walk the talk and to show that our company believes in our employees and in our community.”

All American Heating currently has positions open for experienced HVAC Service Technicians and Installers, Master Plumbers, and Customer Service Representatives.

All American Heating, Inc. is a full-service, locally-owned, HVAC company and NATE-certified Mechanical Contractor located in Fairplay, Colorado, serving Summit County and Park County with the highest standards and integrity since 2003. We handle all types of plumbing services, hydronic heating, and HVAC projects. Our staff of factory-trained, professional technicians specializes in providing top-quality plumbing and heating system designs, installations, repairs, and service. All American Heating is your honest, fair, and dependable home HVAC and plumbing services provider, and is at your service.

All American Heating, Inc.

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CareerWise Colorado Graduates Second Youth-Apprenticeship Cohort

CareerWise Colorado, a youth apprenticeship nonprofit at the intersection of education and industry, today celebrates its second completed cohort of apprentices.

The CareerWise youth apprenticeship model creates a framework for employers to hire students beginning in high school to work alongside seasoned professionals doing meaningful work. Over the course of multiple years, apprentices are prepared to step into entry-level positions in high-growth, high-wage careers.

“Today we honor our apprentices who have become young professionals,” said Meaghan Sullivan, CareerWise’s chief program officer. “Apprenticeship is always rigorous—students are in the classroom and working in fields like financial services, health care and IT. But we’re especially proud of this cohort’s resiliency and adaptability through the pandemic.”

During the pandemic, 67 percent of CareerWise’s youth apprentices remained at work in virtual or modified-for-safety environments.

“It was never a question if we would keep our apprentices on the job, even as unemployment skyrocketed all around us,” said Jim Kepler, president of Intertech Plastics, a youth apprentice employer. “Apprenticeship is both a long- and short-term strategy for Intertech. It creates a pipeline of the diverse talent we’ll need to remain competitive in the future and helps us build capacity and an inclusive culture of mentorship today.”

CareerWise connects employers with applicants on its hiring hub and employers interview applicants through a competitive process as with any other employees. CareerWise’s platform delivers performance and account management for employers, apprentices and educators, as well as training for supervisors and apprentices.

“My CareerWise apprenticeship enabled me to start working with a Fortune 500 Company when I was 16,” said Victoria Long. Long apprenticed with Arrow Electronics in the business operations pathway. “Not only did I learn valuable business skills, I grew a really strong professional network and learned how to be a professional way before my peers have.”

CareerWise is talking to employers now who may be interested in hiring apprentices this fall. For more information, contact Diedra Espinoza at

Media Contact:
Interviews with apprentices and employers, photography and b-roll available upon request.

Jason Jansky, CareerWise
(303) 748-3300

Colorado City, AZ Author Publishes Novel

Their Very Good Lives, a new book by Myra King, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

Following the journey of Genovia, Anthony, Aksel, and many other characters, all of their personal struggles are revealed and shows how they recover from them. As their common enemy is dead, everyone feels at peace.

About the Author

Myra King currently lives in Arizona where she is finishing her Bachelor’s degree in business administration. She enjoys composing music, art pieces, and writing short stories and novels.

Their Very Good Lives is a 122-page paperback with a retail price of $13.00. The ISBN is 978-1-6470-2352-2. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information, or to request a review copy, please go to our virtual pressroom at or our online bookstore