Hong Kong – Castle Peak Hospital announced safety incident of hospital facilities

Castle Peak Hospital announced safety incident of hospital facilities


The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:

     The spokesman for Castle Peak Hospital (CPH) made the following announcement today (April 8) regarding a safety incident of hospital facilities:

     A multi-purpose room in a ward in Block A of CPH has been temporarily suspended from use for repair work due to spalling concrete since the end of last month. This morning, a staff member of the Term Maintenance Contractor informed the ward about the completion of work, but the ward staff found abnormality in the ceiling and notified the Facility Management Unit of CPH. It was found during the inspection that some mortar for repairing the concrete were detached from the repair site and fell on the false ceiling. Immediate re-enclosure and repair of the site were arranged. The incident did not involve structural safety of the building. No patients or staff were injured in the incident and patient service was not affected.

     Apart from the quality of works, the Hospital also discovered that the Term Maintenance Contractor did not notify the Term Maintenance Surveyor for acceptance check before informing the ward for the completion of work. The Term Maintenance Contractor is required to carry out their works strictly according to required standards. The Term Maintenance Surveyor of the Hospital will investigate the cause of the incident in various aspects, such as workmanship, materials, methods and supervision. The Hospital has also arranged a comprehensive inspection of the repair works handled by the same Term Maintenance Contractor to ensure safety.

     The hospital has reported the incident to the Hospital Authority Head Office via the Advance Incident Reporting System.

Hong Kong – Murder in Castle Peak

Murder in Castle Peak


     Police are investigating a murder case in Castle Peak last night (August 5) in which a 70-year-old man died.

     At about 8.50pm last night, Police received a report from a pedestrian that a man was found injured and collapsed on Hoi Chu Road.

     Police officers sped to the scene and found the 70-year-old man sustaining multiple injuries to his body. He was certified dead at scene.

     Meanwhile, Police officers found a 30-year-old suspicious man on Hang Kwai Street. When officers attempted to intercept him for investigation, he fled away immediately. Police officers have reasons to believe that the man has just committed a serious and violent crime and attempted to evade an arrest. With no other alternatives, police officers gave verbal warnings and presented pistols. Police officers subsequently subdued the man on Hoi Wing Road. The man sustained neck and hands injuries and was sent to Tuen Mun Hospital in conscious state.

     Initial investigation revealed that the 30-year-old man assaulted the deceased with sharp objects. Police arrested the 30-year-old man for murder. He is being detained for enquiries.

     A folding knife, a dagger and an axe in suspected connection with the case were seized inside the backpack of the 30-year-old man.

     Post-mortem examinations will be conducted later to ascertain the cause of death of the deceased.

     Active investigation by the District Crime Squad 2 of Tuen Mun District is underway.

     Anyone who saw the case or has any information to offer is urged to contact investigating officers on 3661 5718 or 9020 6557.

Belcourt Castle in the Gilded Age and Beyond

Belcourt Castle has been one of the crown jewels of world- famous Bellevue Avenue in Newport, Rhode Island. Author Harle Tinney knows the house like the palm of her hand, because she resided there longer than any other owner including the Belmonts who built it, Harold Vanderbilt, Defender of the America’s Cup, and the Lorillards who began the Newport Jazz Festival. Harle is the last survivor of the Tinney Family who bravely saved Belcourt from the wrecker’s ball in 1956.
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The author, Harle Tinney, lived in an overlooked history of the City of Newport during the mid-twentieth century. She sold Belcourt, the building, in 2012 and has become an entertaining knowledgeable lecturer. A long-awaited autobiography about her years living a fairy tale life and love which kept Belcourt Castle alive for the present generation is romanticized in a motion picture called “Newport Castle” by the Providence Lyceum. which will be released by the film makers Karen and Michael Iacobbo.
Enjoy reading about Newport’s evolution from the post-war decline in Newport Society to its re-gilded Age of tourism in Mrs. Tinney’s memories of her elegant castle.
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Belcourt Castle: Milestones and Memories
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Harle Tinney is an accomplished artist, lecturer, historian, musician, actress, and antiquarian. Currently living in Middletown, Rhode Island, she remains Belcourt’s longest resident.